Monday, September 30, 2013

State of the Wall: 9-30-13 (And October 2013 Trailer!)

Well, time again to see what's coming up in the next two months and general other updates!

More details under the cut!

Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
10/7 – The Thing from Another World: Climate of Fear #1-2
10/14 – The Thing from Another World: Climate of Fear #3-4
10/21 – Spider-Man: Crossfire
10/28 – Surprise Review and the Finale of the "Ghost of the Machine" storyline.
11/4 – Showcase #4
11/11 – Tales to Astonish #27
11/18 – Showcase #22
11/25 – Journey into Mystery #83

As always, the reviews are subject to change, but obviously there are a few things to discuss. Yes, as always, I'm keeping the storyline finale's review a secret until it hits. And we've got Secret Origins Month and while currently I don't plan on doing a team book this year, that might change - the ones I decided to do this time were to get us speeding forward for a few other things for next year (COUGHAVENGERSCOUGH). That being said, if something gets replaced, it'll probably be one of the two Showcase reviews if I decide to end up doing a team book instead. You probably also noticed the potential extra episode. The date should be significant to any Doctor Who fans out there. Given it's the 50th anniversary and I've recently been made aware of several certain Doctor Who comics, I MIGHT try to do an extra review on November 23rd, but no promises.

Which brings us to an important thing to talk about concerning future storyline stuff. Some of you may have felt that the Ghost of the Machine storyline was too short, especially after last year it took up pretty much all of the summer through to February. Well, it has come to my attention just how stressful and how much extra work doing storylines really is to me, especially when trying to get side projects finished. As such, I'm going to try something different for the next year or two.

Previously, storyline finales occur in mid-February in honor of when I started the blog. Instead, while I will continue to try to do a double feature in mid-February, storylines will end in October in honor of when the videos started and because, well, Halloween. And indeed the next two storylines I have planned will continue to be horror-themed and I look forward to trying out some new stuff that I've been hinting at. I think the thing that's killed me in previous storylines was that I'd try to do a double feature AND a storyline finale, which just was too much for me to do alone, especially now that I'm adding more people to the cast besides myself. Longbox of the Damned, while strenuous to do 31 additional videos, are actually fairly easy to put together considering how short they are and because I have such a head start on them, so October SHOULD be easier on me as long as I can continue to plan ahead (all but one or two scripts of the Ghost of the Machine storyline were written well in advance). Storylines will take a back seat until 2014 after this one ends, giving me time to complete some other projects before I try to push forward another one.

The name of the next storyline will be announced once "Ghost of the Machine" concludes.

Batman 1966 Crossover with Blockbuster Buster

Can you believe I completely forgot to put this up on the blog? And because I didn't want it to get lost in the shuffle of upcoming Longbox posts, here's the crossover and the bloopers from it!

Aaand bloopers and behind-the-scenes pictures!

Well, it's finally time to just do this: I am releasing Lightbringer to the public domain.

I've been reluctant to do this for a while, partially out of a desire to go back to it, partially because a friend of mine said I shouldn't in case someone else gets it big and starts making money off of it, but I can't sit and wait for that to happen. If no one's working on it, then nothing will happen with the character. I started Lightbringer because I was an angry, opinionated 17-18 year-old who really wanted to make comic books and saw webcomics as the best way to do that. I was a crappy writer and a crappier artist who didn't understand how a lot of comic books actually WORK, but it got people interested and excited to some degree. I tried to keep up with it as my interests and focus shifted towards more criticism instead of writing and my schedule became much more hampered by other projects that I needed to do in order to get money, but the passion just isn't there like it once was.

I still wanted to do right by the character, especially since the artist at the time, Sergio, still wanted to work on it, so I asked people if they were interested in writing and I got plenty of submissions... which I never found time to sit down and read. I'm glancing through most of them now, mostly because I feel bad that I never got back to these people. It's my own fault for opening the floodgates when I wasn't ready for it, so my sincerest apologies go out to all the people who submitted pitches or were really enthusiastic about it. I hope you still are and are trying to do interesting things with your own writing and artwork. And hopefully now you'll have the opportunity to do so with Lightbringer if you so desire with my full blessing.

Now what does me releasing it to the public domain MEAN exactly? Well, it means the character and the pages that I produced (you'd have to check with the other artists' themselves for permission to use their artwork, since I'm only releasing MY work into the public domain) are free to be printed, reused, and altered by people any way they see fit. If you want to create your own story and use all the characters in Lightbringer with it, even horribly mutilate them as some kind of catharsis for hating me for some reason and then print it for money... yep, that's completely within your right. If you want to tell new stories with Lightbringer and the characters, you're free to do so as well. That being said, once YOU create something with it, that's yours to do with as you see fit. No one else can reproduce YOUR work with the character, since you've basically created something new and original by your hands. It just means that if someone else wants to make their own interpretation of the character, they can do that, too, as long as the work they're doing with it is their own.

What does that mean for the actual Lightbringer webcomic page? Eh, probably just going to leave it to die on its own if it hasn't already. By this point, Sergio has long since moved on with his own work, including his current webcomic Thirteenth Child, so he probably won't be available to work on it if you were still hoping to do so.

I'm still proud of what I did with Lightbringer, even though most of it is bad. It taught me new tools to use in art programs, the harsh criticism I received helped get me on track for producing slightly better stuff and, at least, taught me more about the medium and eventually into criticism as a profession. A lot of ideas that I have for Lightbringer's future I may end up using in Atop the Fourth Wall itself, but otherwise if you ask me about some of the stuff I had planned or at least ideas I had, I'll answer them.

Still, I'm hoping that some of you out there will produce something more with it than I ever did and I wish all of you the best of luck. ^_^

Revolution of the Mask
Speaking of comics I'm actually still working on, believe it or not Issues 3 and 4 of Revolution of the Mask are DONE. Completed! Fully! Sooo, why am I not posting a link to them yet? Mostly it's because I haven't figured out where to put them. Brain Scan Studios seems to have all but dissolved, meaning I can pretty much put them anywhere, but I wouldn't mind hearing some suggestions where I can send them off, especially if I wanted to have physical copies, since that's something a lot of people have expressed interest in. I'm still proceeding with Revolution despite everything else and I hope you enjoy the direction where things go in the next two issues.

Longbox of the Damned
Longbox of the Damned begins tomorrow at 7 AM and continues every day through October!

History of Power Rangers
Because of the change in storyline stuff, I'm going to have free time starting in November to work on History of Power Rangers again, so hopefully we'll have a new episode to cover Operation Overdrive come November/December. As always, no promises and things may end up delaying me for one reason or another. This one's going to be a slog, anyway, I can assure you.

I WILL be attending Youmacon this year! Right now I'm just waiting on final confirmation of stuff, but my hope is to have a big damn celebration this time, since I'll be celebrating Atop the Fourth Wall's 5th anniversary! If things go according to plan, I'll have giveaways, a fun game or two, Q&A, and a few other things I'm thinking up to do for the big celebration. And if things don't go how I'd like, well you'll get a live show, at least.

I'm going back to Youtube!

WAIT! WAIT! Before you post anything, let's get some things out of the way that I'm sure you're going to be asking.
-NO, I am NOT leaving or Channel Awesome.
-NO, I am NOT leaving Blip.
-NO, I am NOT posting new episodes/videos on Youtube.

Here's what's happening: people have been uploading my videos without my permission to youtube for quite a while. This steals revenue and potentially new fans from me that could be obtained through youtube if they were coming to TGWTG, the blog, or my Blip channel. However, people DO go to youtube for the videos for legitimate reasons, primarily that there's something in their browser/connection speed/advertisements/flash player/etc. that causes issues with them trying to watch it on blip. I am sympathetic to this, but there's not really much I can do seeing as I am not the man who programmed Blip's players nor do I know anything about programming or computer fixes in general other than doing Google searches and hoping I don't break something.

For all these reasons, I've decided to start uploading videos to my youtube page again. HOWEVER, ad revenue that I get from Blip is still more than I get from youtube and thus is my primary source of income. And because I need to eat and have a place to live, the focus of my videos will still be on Blip. Basically, my youtube page is going to become my syndication channel. Starting tomorrow, I'll begin uploading last year's Longbox of the Damned on a daily basis and then following that History of Power Rangers and older episodes of Atop the Fourth Wall (the first 20 or so episodes are already on there) will begin appearing weekly (thinking of two old episodes per week until a certain point, then weekly to make sure they're not up simultaneously). Older Atop the Fourth Walls may end up getting edited slightly if a legitimate copyright claim IS made, but I'll try to make it seamless or if it's like end credits music I'll just replace it with the theme song. Videos WILL be monetized over there and no, I do not know if the "Skip Ad" button prevents me from getting revenue, same as for Blip videos (I've never had a Skip button appear on Blip ads, myself).

What's kept me from doing something like this in the past is copyright claims. Youtube is filled to the brim with Bots that patrol youtube, look for a screenshot or something from a copyrighted movie/tv show/song/etc. and flag it for removal regardless of length or Fair Use for the purposes of a review. From experience with talking to LittleKuriboh and his issues with trying to keep Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged on youtube that trying to deal with it can be a stressful process that keeps you from getting actual work done. And in my case, this IS my job and I don't want to spend all day fighting robots. However, what I've heard is that if you join a Youtube Network, then copyright claims cannot be made by a Bot - it has to be by an actual human being. This is how Angry Joe, Cinemassacre, and several other channels that feature copyrighted clips operate and it seems to be going well for them.

As such, I have joined a Youtube Network. I don't know if they want to announce my joining yet, so I'm not saying what network it is until they give me the go-ahead. However, because I'm going to start uploading videos again tomorrow, I felt it a good idea to let people know that this is happening.

The Channel is this one: The Tubes of You Link

And if anyone can let me know how to change the username for it (Reuisu is an old handle of mine and I'd prefer to make it something like AT4W-Official or something), please let me know.

Also: I won't be following comments on youtube pages. Moderating the blog's comments makes sense because I get an e-mail that ensures I can read every one and I try to follow TGWTG comments for at least a week when a new video goes up there, but it's impossible for me to keep track of so many when it comes to youtube, as well. And let's face it: Youtube's comment sections will be a hive of scum and villainy the likes of which no one has seen before, so I say if you want to comment to me, bring it over to here, Tumblr, or twitter.


Lotus Prince said...

She has a glitchy voice, and her enemy is the "king of worms".

"L-l-look at you, hacker. A p-p-pathetic creature of meat and bone, panting and sweating as you r-run through my corridors-s. H-h-how can you challenge a perfect, immortal machine?"

Adam Burchfield said...

That trailer, sweet mother of mercy I haven't been this terrified since I first watched Marble Hornets...Umm, could maybe your next storyline be about 90s kid's origin? Or something less pants shittingly terrifying?

David Herbert said...

The printer I use, Ka-Blam! is print on demand and has an online store so you could only print as many comics as you need. The only problem is their page sizes are not the norm for comics and if you don't format it properly, they automatically stretch.

Cat C said...

I keep thinking of GLADoS. Am super excited for the resolution.

If you do the extra review, will you be dressed as 7th Doctor then? Still my favorite doc!

Completely understand about the storylines, you've been pushing yourself really hard with so many things, the dvds, it feels like you had even more cons this year, do what you feel you need to.

I did see the cross-over at, LOVE IT. Though is what happened to 90s kid cannon?? Loved the jacket Insano had.

If anyone wants to try Lightbringer as a webcomic again, I do believe the website has options to post comics. I've got fan fiction there but sadly I've not been to the site in awhile, I do know it's still up and doing fine, just timing and all. Also, in case anyone is interested in more adult web comic hosting, PaperDemon does have an 'adult' section, RedCurtain, not quite a mirror but you can be on PaperDemon and see no adult rated art/writing/works/etc. I've always liked the separation they have.

I feel bad for never getting to the first two issues of Revolution of the Mask before Brain Scan fell apart. Do hope you're able to find a distributor for it.

Yay LotD!!! So excited for this year. Was funny, was recently going through my and my husband's amazon wishlist, half of the actually comics are ones from the Longbox.

That makes sense about Youtube. Don't think you can change usernames, because Lotus Prince has been wanting to change his for awhile (it's still Valgaav19). Youtube DOES have an annoying habit of trying to make you link yourself if you have any G+ set up. I keep that stuff very separate but it prompts me every few days to change it and recently even if you don't change it, it can link it anyway, it's kind of a pain. It is good to know that you've got some safety from the bots this way.

Whoa, this was a long comment.

KamenRiderGumo said...

Yes; the "Skip Ad" button on YouTube DOES prevent you from receiving ad revenue. As annoying as they can be, that's why I don't skip YouTube ads (unless they're lose 15-minute ones that are longer than the video I'm trying to watch....)

Anonymous said...

End of (the story)line./schedule:

Oh boy... This should be terri... I mean interesting...

I look forward to what's coming putting something out on the 23rd or not, regardless.


... (Shrug) As long as you can chip some of it away, since it's pretty clear that 'up to Samurai' isn't happening, I'll be happy with whatever you can get done.

Fiery Little One

NinjaZaku said...

that wasn't terrifying at seriousness, however. It seems that Nimue is having some serious Jekyll/Hyde issues with the King of Worms. Ghost in the Machine indeed.

Anonymous said...

It's kinda appropriate that you're going to start watching Operation Overdrive after Halloween because there's a Halloween two-parter in there that has nothing to do with Halloween whatsoever. As for the actual show however, yeesh... chills.

ShadesofNier said...

"I don't want to spend all day fighting robots."

Because this isn't AT ALL most of AT4W's storylines XD

To be serious, my question would be about Youtube. Does that mean that now, like the nostalgia critic episodes, Blip is going to jump on every video that contains your theme song to block it or not yet ? I know it's legitimate because, after all, it's work that you are only paid for through how many views you do, but blip falls on fansubbers as much as they fall on ripped of videos. I think Rob Walker said that it's possible to warn blip of the mistake so I'm only asking to not be suprised if it happens.

DMaster said...

Huh. We...are covering the Silver Age ones NOW. 'kay...

I was under the impression we're building up to the Justice Society since they were DC's first premiere super team. If we're covering Barry & Hal now...what are we working on next year? There might be many, MANY members to cover of either the Society or the League, but we surely can't just skip like half of them without giving them a bit of time in the sun.

I dunno, just seems a bit...dismissive.

As for Marvel: After this, according to Wikipedia, the Wasp is the only other founding member of the Avengers we won't have covered. Are we going to cover her next year and then finally the Avengers, or is someone else like Hawkeye going to factor in first?

As for the trailer: ...eep...

Poki#3 said...

Long time viewer, first time caller... commenter.

Storylines: Did you consider moving the storylines so that they won't interfere with any bigger projects like LBotD, Feature-length videos, Anniversary videos or heavy con season? LBotD might be lighter like you say (though your voice probably thinks otherwise due to all that laughing) but it's still a, thing. Plus it might be strange to have a storyline finale while simultaneously watching a spinoff show. These are just my initial feelings on this, we'll see how it works out next month.

Youtube: If the add is a "TrueView" video add (regardless of preroll or post-video) it can be skipped and it is then NOT monetized. Only video adds that are watched fully are monetized. Advertisers don't even have to pay for adds that people skipped if I'm understanding correctly. Some adds will not be TrueView though and those are not skippable. I don't know what's the situation with text adds on the bottom of videos, or any other adds to the sides. I advise you take 30 minutes one day, go to your YouTube profile and check the monetization tab. YouTube has some text and video resources that might answer most of your questions.

Also, while you can't change your username and thus channel link, if you link the page with Google Plus you can change the name that will be displayed. (and it doesn't have to be your real name) Personally, I avoid linking to Google+ like the plague despite the nagging, but that's just me.

Keep up the good work.

PS: Where's the next History of Po*SLAP*

DMaster said...

Whoopsy, almost forgot. I never got around to picking up the first two issues of Revolution of the Mask myself. I just checked Brain Scan, and...I can't find them. How can I get to those two issues now? Do I need to wait for #3 & #4 to become available wherever first?

DMaster said...

And in case anyone's wondering about who would be left for DC's main teams, assuming we DID somehow cover them all (which, for the record, I know is an extreme):

the Atom (Al Pratt)
Black Canary (Dinah Drake)
Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson)
Hawkman (Carter Hall)
Hourman (Rex Tyler)
Johnny Thunderbolt (John L. Thunder & Yz)
Mister Terrific (Terry Sloan)
Sandman (Wesley Dodds)
the Spectre (Jim Corrigan)
Starman (Ted Knight)
Wildcat (Ted Grant)

Aquaman (Arthur Curry)
Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz)
Silver Age Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman (presumably a brief onceover of changes made would be warranted)

PopCultureOtaku said...

::Rubs hands in anticipation of this month::
Seriously with the storyline and longbox of the damn return. I said before I missed the last three days last year due to hurricane sandy. That makes me being able to hopefully catch all 31 without interruption because of some outside thing. Interesting to see what forth week in october review will be. :) I do hope you do doctor who extra one for 50th anniversary. I understand if you to busy to. I'm trying to think what spider-man crossfire was.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why you even bother reviewing Ant-Man's first appearance. He really isn't that popular or well known (hasn't had a solo in years) and I'm sure nobody would mind if you just skipped him and went straight to Avengers, or did Wolverine or some other famous character.
Not only that, but Hank Pym's 1st appearance is REALLY short, and he isn't even a superhero.
Also Hank Pym has never shown up in any of your reviews, only the Ultimate version.

Valter Östberg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KKDW said...

That trailer was awesomely creepy.

Anyway, got a few questions about potential future videos.

1: Would you ever consider reviewing any comics based on Gerry Anderson's many TV shows, whether good or bad, I know there are a few out there.

2: Do you think you'll review any of recent DC Villains Month issues, I've seen some get really bad reviews (The Creeper got half a star in one with the reviewer calling it one of the worst comics they'd ever read and I've seen two reviews of Joker's Daughter that give it one star, and that's the one everyone seems to want!).

3: Have you ever considered do a Top 10/11/15 video of your favourite characters, like Doug's list from a while back, whether it's favourite characters in general or just comic characters, I'd certainly like to see that. Of course the hard part would be putting them in order, speaking from experience there.

Anyway, roll on October :D

Valter Östberg said...

Yeesh! Who knew Nimue could be so creepy? And the King of Worms again, huh? Something that just came to my mind is that the King of Worms was supposed to have a face twisted with fear, but the King of Worms was an outer god like MissingNo. and MissingNo. didn't have a body, so shouldn't that apply to the King of Worms as well? Whatever the case, I just hope that a the next storyline will show where Linkara and his magic gun.

Tia Wheeler said...

Holy crap, so Nimue is possessed by something!

That can't be good, especially since Nimue controls the Comicron-1, which has just as many weapons as the Justice League's Watchtower.

harmonicajay said...

Can't wait for October. And I certainly cannot wait for November. Especially, The Flash and Green Lantern comics.

Cferra said...

Long State of the Wall. But, it's worth it. Longbox is back and it's always great to see the creepy character called Moarte. I can tell you have a LOT of fun with that character and it's a neat treat to see him from time to time.

I see you're wrapping up the original Avengers with the first appearances of Thor and Ant-Man (and by extension Wasp.) I think Ant-Man's story was made before he went full time superhero. Still, good stuff. I presume we'll see Avengers #1 next November. =)

As far as Lightbringer goes, good luck to anyone who wants to do something with the character. It should be interesting as to what people come up with. I would put him in my own comic. But, I've said before I've got a LOT of characters. Plus, it'd be weird randomly tossing him in and saying he's been around for years and we forgot about him. (Shades of The Sentry, much?)

Now then...extra review? In late November? On the 23rd? What in the name of time and space could that be, Doctor? =)

Anyway, it looks like you have a solid couple months ahead of you. A lot of work and I know you can pull it off. Take care!

Eth1994 said...

Um, I'm pretty sure it doesn't. I thought that vid-producers get paid if the first 5 seconds of the ad are played, and that's why the skip-ads-button comes after 5 seconds.

jay said...

nice job

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I figured Secret Origins month would cover the rest of the Avengers, but I didn't think you'd actually cover Ant-Man's inaugural issue instead going straight for Avengers #1. But then again it would be nice to see Hank Pym as something other than the Ultimate Universe's deranged idiot interpretation.

A review of the '66 Batman movie! MICHAEL SHEEN SQUEEL!!! This movie is such a guilty pleasure to me, I have been wanted to see it reviewed since the That Guy with the Glasses site went up! MUST WATCH NOW!!!!

Jenbrait said...

Kudos to your prop lady, that trailer was freaky!

Adam said...

Excellent preview of the Ghost in the Machine finale, Lewis. Can't wait for it plus Secret Origins month 4. =D Might I offer a suggestion? Why not cover Tales to Astonish #27 and Journey into Mystery #83 into one video. My reason behind this is that both stories are rather short. Hoping that the possible extra entry will be covering the origin of the Wasp. She is one Marvel character not to be overlooked imo.

I did catch your crossover with Blockbuster Buster in reviewing the 1966 Batman movie. I enjoy the movie mostly because of its cheesy action and pure camp value. Plus its not the worst Batman film to be put out.

Great to hear you're back on YouTube. I will definitely be subscribing to your channel to show my support.

Best of luck to you on getting to Operation Overdrive and all upcoming projects, Lewis. Keep kicking ass and taking names. =D

John Mourby said...

Most people in the comments have been comparing nimue's malfunction to Hal from 2001. But ever since she started acting wired I've been getting a serious System Shock 2 vibe. one of Spoony's favourite PC games I believe. I guess it's the glowing green light. But also her question "Are you afraid" reminds me of SHODAN's question from the SS2 trailer, "What does it feel like, to be afraid!?".

So, Have you played SS2, or is this just cool co-incidence?

PS. Off to a good start with the Longbox :-)

PPS I can't believe I didn't think to bring this up earlier (faceplam!) but have you considered 'Beasts of Burden'? As a fan of horror and books with talking animals it's pretty much one of my favourite comics ever.

LucasChad said...

In terms of changing your YT username, I think it would be appropriate to use Linkara or AT4W. If those usernames are already taken for one reason or another (you know how fans are), maybe using something recognizable from the show like a character or weapon name might work. Fortunately, I'm using a laptop that works well with Blip so I don't watch your stuff on YT anymore. I'm just being helpful!

Kaor said...

@Lotus Prince
YES. ALL OF MY F**KING YES. Man, if I were Linkara, I'd do a System Shock reference, but I don't know if he's played it before.

red said...

for tales to astonish issue 27 did u read that story because i read it it shows his powers but it is in tales to astonish 35 in which he adopts the identity of ant man

Nate said...


I know, right? Linkara has to have played SS2 before, and if not Spoony or some other guy on Channel Awesome is probably begging him to do so!

Anyway, I hope a lot people read this post. That crossover was awesome!

M. L. Martin said...

To get it out there before we hit the storyline finale . . .

I don't trust the Gunslinger's computer. I wonder if the King of Worms has jumped hosts from it to Nimue once Jaeris purged and constrained his AI.

Megan said...

*Watches trailer*

Excuse me, I have to hide under the bed now.

Ruesch said...

In response to the trailer:
YES!!! I am very afraid! I practically wet myself!

Doresh said...

Mmh, I think I might use Lightbringer at an unspecified point in the future. I'm currently tinkering with a Magical Girl parody story thing that will involve super heroes (basically the Western Magical Boys and Girls of the setting) at one point. I already have a few insane hero concepts, but I think a proper hero might help XD

Oh, and is it weird to say that the 1966 Batman movie is my favorite Batman movie of all time? It's just so much fun, and Adam West is AMAZING.

KamenRiderGumo said...

I thought that, as well, but I was checking Twitter one day and several YouTube Let's Players (JoshJepson, for one) were discussing it and confirming that skipped ads do not generate revenue for the video owner.

Volvagia said...


Initial published members of the Justice Society are:

Alan Scott (Golden Age Green Lantern) - covered
Jay Garrick (Golden Age Flash) - covered
Al Pratt (Golden Age Atom)
Kent Nelson (Golden Age Doctor Fate) - Other probable next JSA target.
Carter Hall (Golden Age Hawkman) - Probable next JSA target.
Rex Tyler (Golden Age Hourman)
Jim Corrigan (The primary holder of the identity of The Spectre)

Barring changes, I'll toss a guess right now for how the next eleven would go:

2014 Week 1: Flash Comics #1 Revisit (Hawkman)
2014 Week 2: Tales to Astonish #44 (The Wasp)
2014 Week 3: More Fun Comics #73 (Aquaman)
2014 Week 4: The Avengers #1

2015 Week 1: Detective Comics #225 (Martian Manhunter)
2015 Week 2: Strange Tales #110 (Doctor Strange, building to a look at The Defenders)
2015 Week 3: Justice League of America #1
2015 Week 4: The Fantastic Four #48-50 (The Galactus trilogy, the first appearance of Uatu and The Silver Surfer, also building to a look at The Defenders)
2015 Week 5: More Fun Comics #52 (The Spectre)

2016 Week 1: Marvel Comics #1 (Namor)
2016 Week 2: Adventure Comics #48 (Hourman)
2016 Week 3: Marvel Feature #1 (First Appearance of The Defenders)
2016 Week 4: More Fun Comics #55 (Doctor Fate)

2017 Week 1: USA Comics #1 (The Whizzer (yikes)) (building toward the All-Winners Squad)
2017 Week 2: All-American Comics #19 (Golden Age Atom)
2017 Week 3: Marvel Mystery Comics #49 (Miss America)
2017 Week 4: All-Star Comics #3

2018 Week 1: Marvel Comics #1 Revisit (Golden Age Human Torch)
2018 Week 2: Military Comics #1 (The Blackhawk Squadron)
2018 Week 3: Human Torch Comics #2 (Toro)
2018 Week 4: Crack Comics #1 (Black Condor)

2019 Week 1: Human Torch Comics #2 (Toro)
2019 Week 2: Feature Comics #27 (Doll-Man)
2019 Week 3: All Winners Comics #19 (The All Winners Squad)
2019 Week 4: Police Comics #1 (first of four visits) (Phantom Lady, this time)

2020 Week 1: Marvel Spotlight #5 (Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze)
2020 Week 2: Smash Comics #14 (The Ray)
2020 Week 3: Journey Into Mystery Annual #1
2020 Week 4: National Comics #1 (Uncle Sam)
2020 Week 5: The Champions #1

2021 Week 1: Police Comics #1 (second visit: The Human Bomb)
2021 Week 2: Marvel Super-Heroes #18 (Guardians are 52 that year. Spidey was 48 when first covered.)
2021 Week 3: Flash Comics #86 (Black Canary)
2021 Week 4: Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1
2021 Week 5: Strange Adventures #180 (Animal Man)

2022 Week 1: Marvel Premiere #15 (Iron Fist)
2022 Week 2: Showcase #79 (Dolphin)
2022 Week 3: Power Man #48-50
2022 Week 4: Police Comics #1 (Visit #3, this time the original Firebrand)

2023 Week 1: Savage Tales #1 (Man-Thing)
2023 Week 2: Freedom Fighters #1
2023 Week 3: Marvel Spotlight #4 (Werewolf by Night)
2023 Week 4: More Fun Comics #73 Revisit (Green Arrow)

2024 Week 1: The Amazing Spider-Man #101 (Morbius)
2024 Week 2: Showcase #62 (Inferior 5)
2024 Week 3: Marvel Premiere #28
2024 Week 4: Detective Comics #38

GamerMage said...

Makes the phrase "arguing with myself" far more literal,doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Um Volvagia, I don't mind speculation, but your speculation is ridiculous. Why would Linkara review all those Golden Age heroes most people have never heard of (The Whizzer, really?) as part of Secret Origins Month? And Morbius, REALLY?
The whole point of Secret Origins Month is to take a look at POPULAR heroes 1st appearances, theres's tons of characters far more likely to get showcased than them, like Shazam or Wolverine.

Volvagia said...

Anonymous 4:16:

1. He handled Alan Scott and Jay Garrick first, didn't he? Even though their actual pop cultural power is, currently, slim to nil?
2. He seems to love the idea of buliding toward team books, and if he adopts this as a codified schedule and doesn't change what he's doing this year, he'll still be swimming through teams for a long time to come.

Nailed years 1-6 for both sides, but after that needs some decent sized modifications:


2020 Week 4: My Greatest Adventure #80 (Doom Patrol) instead of National Comics #1
2020 Week 5: Tales of Suspense #52 instead of The Champions #1
2021 Week 2: The Champions #1 instead of Marvel Super-Heroes #18
2021 Week 5: National Comics #1 (Uncle Sam) instead of Strange Adventures #180 (Animal Man)
2022 Week 2: Flash Comics #86 (Black Canary) instead of Showcase #79 (Dolphin)
2024 Week 3: Marvel Super-Heroes #18 instead of Marvel Premiere #28
2024 Week 4: Strange Adventures #180 (Animal Man) instead of Detective Comics #38 (Robin).

Arianne said...

I think what We briefly saw was the real Nimue pleading for help. I'm now leaning towards The King of Worms as this arc antagonist. I wonder if its Wyrm or Worms. Probable Worms. I guess We'll find out why the 90's kid took the Entity book. This month I have a feeling is going to be good.

Shanethefilmmaker said...

"Are you afraid?"

Does the phrase "Bring me my brown pants." answer your question?

Anonymous said...

Here's what's happening: people have been uploading my videos without my permission to youtube for quite a while. This steals revenue and potentially new fans from me that could be obtained through youtube if they were coming to TGWTG, the blog, or my Blip channel.

So somebody how makes a living by essentially uploading other people's creative output-is upset that other people are up loading his creative output.

Ahhh...typical TGWTG hypocrisy. So deep you'd better wear boots.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"So somebody how makes a living by essentially uploading other people's creative output-is upset that other people are up loading his creative output.

Ahhh...typical TGWTG hypocrisy. So deep you'd better wear boots."

Yes, because writing a 20-30 minute review, full of voiceover, performance, multiple takes, editing, and original content either for storyline or jokes means that it's completely the same thing as taking, say, a 2-hour movie and uploading it to the internet without any additional material or cuts whatsoever.

Ahhh... typical dumbass logic. So stupid that... well, it's just stupid and leave it at that.

Damienx247 said...

Finally Thor.... though to be honest it would be cool to have a Thor/Captain Marvel (Fawcett Comics version) double story special, but hey, I'll take what I can get. Btw, can you use Therion's cover of Mavowar's "Thor the powerhead" as outro song?

Anonymous said...

Well, this falls under pants to be darkened.

I thought the crossover you did with the Blockbuster Buster was very well done.

I'm really looking forward to the next History of Power Rangers, not so much for the Overdrive team itself but for Once a Ranger. If I might suggest, if you're having trouble getting through the series why don't you do what the Nostalgia Critic did with Avatar: The Last Airbender and just focus on watching an episode a day? Best case scenario: you get through the seasons faster. Worse case scenario: you watch a few episodes faster.

Shanethefilmmaker said...

Oh my god I just realized, there is a king of worms and not one person made a The Wall Joke.

Tardis Blue said...

So excited for all you've got going on!

Just curious, do you accept donations for Longbox of the Damned at cons like you do for AT4W? I just thought of a comic that would be an interesting addition to Longbox and, assuming you don't cover it this year, would love to donate for next October.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"So excited for all you've got going on!

Just curious, do you accept donations for Longbox of the Damned at cons like you do for AT4W? I just thought of a comic that would be an interesting addition to Longbox and, assuming you don't cover it this year, would love to donate for next October."

Of course! ^_^

Cory of PRIVATE Corp said...

Well things are getting interesting this October and November. I can't wait to see what's coming out in the coming days and weeks!

So if Lightbringer is going into the public domain. that means the other characters will be going, too. Sweet! I might take a look at some of your characters and see what I can do to put my own spin on them. Sorry if it didn't continue on, but I know that there are good fans that will do Lightbringer and others good.

As for YouTube, I'm not sure about name changing as I do want to do that myself, but really the only thing that you could change is the name of your channel, not your original name for the site. And as others said, you'll occasionally be asked to change your name to link to Google+. It's annoying, but it doesn't happen all that often and it's really easy to skip through.

Tyler said...

So is this that Thing squeal to last years Thing squeal you talked about last year?

Anonymous said...

RE: Volvagia
Yeah, but Jay Garrick and Allan Scott are the original Flash and Green Lantern, names everyone recognizes, unlike the Whizzer or the Human Bomb, which have no famous successors. He just wanted to talk about how the mythos started since without them there would be no Silver age counterparts, if the Whizzer didn't exist nothing would have changed (except maybe that story where he's Quicksilver's father, which was retconned anyway).
Not to mention that Morbius and Werewolf by Night are neither heroes nor popular.

Xel Unknown said...

The "HELP ME!" at the end there is the icing on the cake of awesome for this set up. I mean yes... I fear... But most of all I fear for the AI's wellbeing. I fear for what horrors it must feel like to be going though losing one's mind and might end up killing the people it enjoys to be around.

FugueforFrog said...

More Thing and Clone saga should be fun.

Regarding Secret Origins Month: interesting we move into the silver age and bring Hal and Barry in after their gold-age counterparts. Regarding Tales to Astonish 27...I'm a bit surprise you go with this comic considering that for the most part its more or less a "weird science" comic instead of a hero origin. Yeah Pym becomes Ant-Man (and we get more about his true story in the issue Wasp arrives, which should be next year) but he does actually put on a costume a few issues after this which is probably when you'd want to start his depiction of "Pym the hero"...but since he did go into the ant-hill first...sort of do wonder if you are going to at least go into the whole aspect of Marvel's "weird science/giant monster" phase before starting the comic since it is sort of important with how Stan Lee just takes this one random comic that was of the weird-science period (even if after FF#1) and "makes him" a hero. Also a bit surprised you're doing the Thor origin after the movie's release that November...but then again a lot of the early Thor comics are rather infamous prior to Kirby just deciding to make it all about Asgard and whatnot. I'd say it is fodder for AT4W (and a lot of the early Ant-Man comics) but its' still the Silver Age so that sort of thing is expected. (even with weird moments like...Jane Foster's image of being a maid cleaning Thor's hammer...wrap your head around that)

Anonymous said...

I Thnk people forget that for HOPR Lewis already watch and written OO acript, he just hasn;t film it yet. correct me if i'm wrong, but didn;t you said you watch the next series and written both episodes, watching them back to back? cause i rememebr whe you where talking about time force you where already on ninja storm or wild force.

I would reverb, and add an echo to her vocie, make it deep then high then normal. it will be very SHODAN but worth it I Think.

Ming said...

-- Wow, this is definitely scary -- more so than the Entity Saga finale trailer. Between the finale for the Madness of Nimue saga and Longbox of the Damned, October is going to be exciting.

-- A whole list of Silver Age theme comics. I'm more interested in the "potential" extra episode.

-- Loved your crossover with the Blockbuster Buster. I think the 60s Batman TV show and movie with Adam West is so bad it's good. I'll gladly watch the 60s Batman instead of Batman and Robin . . .

Anonymous said...

I dont think that surprise review will be pr or dr who related this time how much you all wanna bet its 2001 a space odyssey

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"I Thnk people forget that for HOPR Lewis already watch and written OO acript, he just hasn;t film it yet. correct me if i'm wrong, but didn;t you said you watch the next series and written both episodes, watching them back to back? cause i rememebr whe you where talking about time force you where already on ninja storm or wild force."

Because of how long everything was taking, I dropped that policy, so I've only seen two or three episodes of Overdrive and have only written a few notes.

Volvagia said...

Anonymous: You're probably right on that.

Okay. I'll change 2017-2024 substantially to account for a lot of the "obscurity quotient":

2017 Week 1: Tales of Suspense #52 (Black Widow)
2017 Week 2: Military Comics #1 (Blackhawk Squadron)
2017 Week 3: Fantastic Four #52 (Black Panther)
2017 Week 4: Detective Comics #38 (Robin)

2018 Week 1: Marvel Comics #1 Revisit (Golden Age Human Torch)
2018 Week 2: All-American Comics #19 (Golden Age Atom)
2018 Week 3: Marvel Super-Heroes #18 (Guardians of the Galaxy)
2018 Week 4: All-Star Comics #3 (Justice Society of America)

2019 Week 1: The Incredible Hulk #181 (Wolverine, first year he can possibly be covered (if we're using 45 years as the buffer mark))
2019 Week 2: Showcase #31 (Silver Age Atom)
2019 Week 3: The X-Men #7 (Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver)
2019 Week 4: My Greatest Adventure #80 (Doom Patrol)

2020 Week 1: Claws of the Cat #1 (Greer Grant Nelson Origin #1, The Cat)
2020 Week 2: Detective Comics #233 (Kathy Kane)
2020 Week 3: Giant-Size Creatures #1 (Greer Grant Nelson Origin #2, Tigra)
2020 Week 4: Batman #139 (Bette Kane)
2020 Week 5: The Avengers #83 (Valkyrie) (Yes, an all female year)

2021 Week 1: Detective Comics #359 (Barbara Gordon, polishing off the previous year's build up)
2021 Week 2: Journey Into Mystery Annual #1 (Hercules)
2021 Week 3: The Doom Patrol #99 (Beast Boy)
2021 Week 4: Captain America #117 (Falcon)
2021 Week 5: Police Comics #1 (Plastic Man)

2022 Week 1: Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1
2022 Week 2: Strange Adventures #180 (Animal Man)
2022 Week 3: The Ghost Rider #1 (Phantom Rider, Carter Slade)
2022 Week 4: All Star Comics #58 (Power Girl)

2023 Week 1: Marvel Spotlight #5 (Johnny Blaze, The Ghost Rider)
2023 Week 2: Flash Comics #86 (Black Canary)
2023 Week 3: Marvel Premiere #15 (Iron Fist)
2023 Week 4: More Fun Comics #73 Revisit (Green Arrow)

2024 Week 1: Marvel Premiere #19 and 21 (Colleen Wing & Misty Knight)
2024 Week 2: Green Lantern #87 (John Stewart)
2024 Week 3: Power Man #48-50 (Luke Cage and Iron Fist first team up)
2024 Week 4: Black Lightning #1

Lewis Lovhaug said...

Volvagia, in the future, I'd appreciate it if you didn't post long lists like that. I get you want to share your predictions, but it can really clog up the comments section.

Volvagia said...

Oops. Sorry. I'll back off.

Ismawey said...

Linkara It's been a while, but can you give us a little bit of closure on lightbringer? I really liked the comic but at least could you give us a couple thoughts on how you would have continued it?

Anonymous said...

you dropped that? so by the friest few notes on OO its the worst stuff you've seen so far? wow. I CANNOT WAIT FOR IT :3

Jojo said...

Do you mind getting multiples for donations? I've seen the box of donated comics that sat next to you during just one autograph session at MAGfest this past year so I have to imagine you get some duplicates. Does that annoy you? Do you tell the fan that you already have a copy or just graciously accept it?

I ask because I have something I'd like to donate but worry you might already have a copy.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Do you mind getting multiples for donations? I've seen the box of donated comics that sat next to you during just one autograph session at MAGfest this past year so I have to imagine you get some duplicates. Does that annoy you? Do you tell the fan that you already have a copy or just graciously accept it?"

I usually let them know if I have a copy of it already, but I won't refuse it if they wish to give it to me. ^_^

Morgan Wick said...

Given the obscurity factor, and the fact that the JSA is more important as a whole than in its constituent parts, I'm not sure I would have bothered "building" to it. He didn't build to the Teen Titans, after all, not even doing Robin first, and All-Star Comics #3 is really a framing device for a bunch of solo tales, which admittedly you could make an argument for supporting either approach.

Also, considering what he did with Spawn I'd only do non-DC or Marvel characters if they were eventually owned by DC or Marvel.

Here's what I would have done (and sorry for having a wall of text after you told Volvagia not to have one, Lewis):
11/4 - More Fun Comics #73 (both Aquaman and Green Arrow; I don't know how long some of these stories in anthology comics are, but I was surprised Linkara didn't cover both Flash and Hawkman when he did Flash Comics #1)
11/11 - Journey Into Mystery #83
11/18 - All-Star Comics #3
11/25 - DOUBLE FEATURE: Tales to Astonish #27 and #44 (Ant-Man and Wasp)

2014 Week 1 - Detective Comics #225 (Martian Manhunter)
2014 Week 2 - Marvel Comics #1 (Namor)
2014 Week 3 - Mystery Men Comics #1 (sooner than you'd expect Blue Beetle to show up, but given Linkara's love for Jaime Reyes...)
2014 Week 4 - Avengers #1

2015 Week 1 - Showcase #4
2015 Week 2 - Avengers #4 (re-introduction of Captain America)
2015 Week 3 - Showcase #22
2015 Week 4 - Giant-Size X-Men #1

2016 Week 1 - Detective Comics #38 (Robin)
2016 Week 2 - Strange Tales #110 (Dr. Strange)
2016 Week 3 - Brave and the Bold #28 (JLA)
2016 Week 4 - Fantastic Four #48 (Galactus/Silver Surfer)

2017 Week 1 - Whiz Comics #2 (Captain Marvel - DC)
2017 Week 2 - Daredevil #1
2017 Week 3 - More Fun Comics #101 (original Superboy)
2017 Week 4 - Marvel Feature #1 (The Defenders)

2018 Week 1 - Batman #1 (Joker and Catwoman)
2018 Week 2 - Fantastic Four #5 (Dr. Doom)
2018 Week 3 - Action Comics #23 (Lex Luthor)
2018 Week 4 - The X-Men #4 (Brotherhood of Evil Mutants)

2019 Week 1 - Flash Comics #1 Revisited (Hawkman)
2019 Week 2 - Incredible Hulk #181 (Wolverine)
2019 Week 3 - Adventure Comics #247 (Legion of Super-Heroes)
2019 Week 4 - Amazing Spider-Man #129 (Punisher)

2020 Week 1 - Flash Comics #86 (Black Canary)
2020 Week 2 - Daredevil #168 (Elektra and bonus Miller Time crossover!)
2020 Week 3 - Batman #139 (Batgirl) or Detective Comics #233 (original Batwoman)
2020 Week 4 - Savage She-Hulk #1

2021 Week 1 - Police Comics #1 (Plastic Man and maybe others)
2021 Week 2 - Tales of Suspense #57 (Hawkeye)
2021 Week 3 - New Gods #1
2021 Week 4 - Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #1

2022 Week 1 - Brave and the Bold #34 (Silver Age Hawkman)
2022 Week 2 - Fantastic Four #4 (Namor's reappearance)
2022 Week 3 - DC Comics Presents #26 and/or New Teen Titans #1
2022 Week 4 - Strange Tales #135 (Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD)

2023 Week 1 - Booster Gold #1
2023 Week 2 - Marvel Comics #1 Revisited (original Human Torch)
2023 Week 3 - Blue Beetle #1 (Question, and the rebirth of the Beetle if Linkara feels like it)
2023 Week 4 - Incredible Hulk #449 (Thunderbolts)

2024 Week 1 - Adventure Comics #61 (Starman)
2024 Week 2 - What If #105 (Spider-Girl)
2024 Week 3 - Flash #112 (Elongated Man)
2024 Week 4 - New Mutants #98 (Deadpool)

2025 Week 1 - More Fun Comics #73 (Speedy)
2025 Week 2 - Human Torch Comics #2 (Toro)
2025 Week 3 - Flash #110 (Kid Flash/Wally West)
2025 Week 4 - Marvel Graphic Novel #4 (New Mutants - hey, give me a break here)

2026 Week 1 - Action Comics #252 (Supergirl)
2026 Week 2 - Avengers #57 (Vision)
2026 Week 3 - Brave and the Bold #200, Batman and the Outsiders #1, or My Greatest Adventure #80
2026 Week 4 - Fantastic Four #52 (Black Panther)

And by this point Linkara will probably start looking like his "future self". And I'm probably overlooking a bunch of ideas to boot.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Here's what I would have done (and sorry for having a wall of text after you told Volvagia not to have one, Lewis):"

Just try not to make a habit of it, please.

Volvagia said...

Morgan Wick:

1. Though he didn't build to it, the indication in that video was that he WOULD HAVE, very slowly (would have needed to get through: Flash, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Robin, Kid Flash, Speedy, Aqualad), if he wasn't doing Titans Month the following year.
2. Some of your choices are, in my perspective, too early. (45 year buffer point was a HUGE factor in my guesses.) Booster Gold before 2031? Spider-Girl before 2043? The Thunderbolts before 2042? Deadpool before 2036? And She-Hulk, under that buffer, is...oh...2025, at the earliest. If you want 2020 as an all female month, you'd probably want Black Widow (Tales of Suspense #52), instead, to counteract my third point:
3. Hawkeye before Black Widow? Part of Hawkeye's origin is that he's seduced into fighting Iron Man...BY BLACK WIDOW.
4. DC Comics Presents #26 (beyond it being three years early under my rules) is done BEFORE The Doom Patrol #99.

ShadesofNier said...

I didn't know if I should ask here or in "The Name of the Doctor : Vlog" so.... what did you think of the 50 year trailer ?

Anonymous said...

Lightbringer is now public domain?

I may just have to incorporate him into my own shared superhero universe.