Wednesday, September 11, 2013

VLOG 9-10-13: The Conjuring

Linkara and Liz see the Conjuring! ‎


Unknown said...

I don't know if anyone else has posted this or not because you haven't approved any comments yet, but The Conjuring is based on an investigation by real life "paranormal investigators" The Warrens.

The upside down cross thing was presented by the Warrens, most likely. They were deeply religious, and deeply Catholic. None of their evidence has ever held up to real investigation. They also refuse to let anyone actually analyze too closely any of the evidence.

The doll from the beginning of the movie is real. Only it's a giant Raggedy Anne doll. The movie went with a creepier looking doll.

The thing that pisses me off the most about the Warrens, is their claim that you have to have a strong belief in the Christian religion in order to understand their evidence.

I liked the movie too. I just really hate the real life people the paranormal investigators are based on.

Joshua Ford said...

There was a scene when Lorraine and Ed were researching the property, and came across the witch's name (Bathsheba). I'm glad you guys liked the movie, in fact it may be my favorite movie of the year so far. Oh, and did you catch the reference to the Amityville Horror they made before the credits? The Warrens (the demonologists) are actually the ones that conducted the investigation on the real-life incident.

Joshua Ford said...

Also, anyone else get the feeling that Leo DiCaprio is just really, REALLY trying too hard to get an Oscar these days?

Anonymous said...

...Bathsheba was the wife of Uriah the Hittite, a faithful soldier in the service of King David. David fell in lust with Bathsheba and effectively forced her to commit adultery with him; they conceived a child, and in an attempt to cover his sin, David wound up having poor Uriah killed so he could marry Bathsheba. The full story is longer and more tragic (especially for Uriah), but that's the gist of it. It's not a demon's name, not even in Kabbalah or Catholic demonology.

Also, the real villains in the Salem trials were the girls who lobbed accusations at their innocent neighbors. It was less a matter of man vs. woman or religion vs. freedom, and more a matter of teenage girls vs. adult women -- youthful rebellion run amok.

Megan said...

St. Peter was the one crucified upside-down.

Hurray, someone else that's seen "The Changeling!" :D

This movie is still in theaters here-maybe I'll give it a watch this weekend.

To expand on what the Anon above me said about Bathsheba-she was the mother of King Solomon.

You guys might have confused her with Jezebel, who was a very evil woman. *Maniacal grin* She got eaten by dogs!

LucasChad said...

Haven't seen it yet, but I'm hoping that my local theater re-release it just in time for Halloween. I think this is the kind of movie that should be seen in October as a great alternative for all those sequels and remakes that keep infecting the genre.

As for your crossovers, I don't always watch them unless it's with someone I like and/or it's anything interesting for me to watch. Plus, I don't watch your crossovers thinking about continuity with your show.

Also, looking forward to Longbox of the Damned.

Shane McAndrew said...

Here's the two videos about "Annebelle The Doll."

Anyway I'm glad you & Liz enjoyed this movie as much I did(I saw it b/c Brad's & Brian's "Midnight Screening" review of it!

Volvagia said...

Anonymous 5:47: Really? So, Salem was more like the South Park molestation accusation episode than anything else? Huh.

Djiinnrae said...

I can't wait to see this film. It's a pity that the theater around here only seems to keep junk playing for an unreasonably long time, so I'll have to wait to get it on DVD. I doubt I'll regret it.

I love the haunted house movies that have "good" ghosts in there along with the evil spirits. It also sounds nice that the end credits are kind of "Argo" style; I REALLY liked the photos in the end of that movie.

But yeah, with the 90's Kid thing my first reaction was "90's Kid, NOOOOOO!" but then I thought "no, there's no way that he's been bumped-off... there's still SO much more bad 90's media for him to weigh in on. Nobody would dare destroy 90's Kid." He's been too far infused with The Radical for the universe to allow him to die. He is effectively "2 kool 2b skooled" by death.

Donna McKay said...

Thank you for talking about this movie, since I love horror movies but have long since decided I like sleep better, So I will never actually see this movie. That being said, I still probably won't sleep tonight. Terrifying.
I was glad to hear the story as told by people who enjoyed the movie and can critique the movie as a fan of the genre, instead of people who are frightened by everything, or don't get frightened at all.

reservoirdogs said...


Unknown said...

i agree, more like sinister, more like the conjuring. and less like "you're next", and that god awful piece of trash.

i want to see more of the stories surrounding their room of haunted items, as well.

this movie was surprisingly good. but then again, it came out the same weekend as red 2, and RIPD, aka men in black with dead people. it was an easy choice, of which movie i went to see that week! LOL!

i am actually curious to see your thoughts on the wolverine, too.

PURPle said...

hey linkara,thanks for the funny reviews.
just the first two sentences of your last review made me lol.

Can you pleasepleaseplease review the instantly infamous LOBO #1.

I know it just came out yesterday,but this comic really deserves it and not just for the redesign,its inept on alotta levels,especially if u read interviews with the writer. I mean she basically alienated thousands of fans so Lobo can drink martinis. Is that worth it?
The weirdest thing is those are the only point is theyre so little,yet character damning,yet add nothing. That makes it,i think,the worst redesign in comics. Can you think of one worse?

(its like some changes were deliberately made to cause controversy and others they grabbed out of a hat.)

part of the problem is DC'S weird new padawan system. Basically recently DC has been hiring unremarkable writers just because scott snyder or grant morrison know them .(we're talking marguriette bennett,james tynion IV,and sholly fisch.)

Anonymous said...

Nice Vlog ,though I was shocked that Annabelle was in the movie because I heard about her a while back and she is legit smelt terrifying! Don't believe me? Go onto YouTube or Google "Annabelle the Haunted Doll" and hope you don't **** yourself in fear!

Information Geek said...

I got the trailer for The Wolf Wall Street myself. Looking it up, it's based on the memoirs of a real stockbroker and his involution in the corrupt of Wall Street and the mob infiltration.

Also, I really have no clue what Matthew and Leo are doing at the end of the trailer. I will give the trailer credit though, I have no idea what the plot is about, is a plus over pretty much a majority of other trailers that give away everything.

Anonymous said...

@ Volvagia:

Yep. Rebellious kids, gullible adults/authority figures. Like the Inquisition, the popular myth bears remarkably little resemblance to the historical reality.

Tia Wheeler said...

I don't usually watch horror movies but hearing what you two were saying about this one kind of piqued my interest.

By the way, hi Iron Liz! Hope you're doing well!

Anonymous said...

DungeonmasterJim here from Gail's board. I enjoyed the movie quite a bit, surprisingly. I thought it would suck.
The Warrens actually investigated my parents' house back in the 70's. They became good friends and we even had them over for Thanksgiving once or twice but I was too young to remember. Anyways, the movie really Hollywoodized their investigations. I've read most of their books and the most outrageous stuff from their cases was basically the least frightening stuff in the movie.
I do hope there are other movies but again, as Hollywood likes to do, the exaggeration will reach beyond the stars.

TimeTravelerJessica said...

I was working at a movie theater this summer and I hated doing theater checks in this movie. Because every other movie, I didn't feel like anyone noticed me going in to check the fire exit door and the screen, but they sure noticed me in that one! Because every time I went in, you could hear a pin drop, and I felt like my footsteps were ridiculously loud even though I was walking as quietly as possible, so I tried to go in at times that were lulls in the tension. I also had this experience with this ten-year-old boy coming to get a refill on popcorn. I could tell immediately he had been in the Conjuring because he was pale as a sheet and shaking and couldn't even speak - just held out the tub to me. I kept asking "Are you okay?" and he just shook his head. I feel like that speaks very well of the movie and very poorly of his parents for not realizing he was scared and taking him home.