Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Let's Play Pokémon Omicron: Episodes 17 and 18

In this episode, Linkara gets an egg for breakfast!

In this episode, Linkara does not say boner. ‎


LucasChad said...

I actually do understand the mythos of Mothra because I've seen every appearance she was in. I don't know if you've seen them, but the Rebirth of Mothra was a fun trilogy of films to watch even though they're strictly made for kids.

With all that running around waiting for the egg to get hatched, I was expecting a fast motion running montage set to Yakety Sax. I know! I KNOW! DONE TO DEATH! But maybe a different song would've suffice. Maybe a look at the Cinema Snob episodes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and I Spit On Your Grave (Part 1) would give you inspiration.

My theory about the different fishermen telling you to shape up that they might be the clones of Richard Simmons. Maybe they wanted you to battle to the oldies.

Rue Ryuzaki said...

Mothra/godzilla references were awesome make as many as you want.

I wonder if Linkcario could become a actual character for AT4W? Ok I know its a stretch to get you to pull that cosplay off, but it qould be a interesting attempt lol.

I don't know why the chat love to hear you say boner, but getting a dose of fat grandma & Moarte was worth it.

Cory of PRIVATE Corp said...

So with all of this talk of boners, this reminds me a bit of a peeve when it comes to the game Uncle. The whole point is to make someone say that out of submission, meaning that saying the word makes you lose. So why is it that when people are saying it when they are submitting people and getting them to say it? You lose when you say that word! I don't now, it's a stupid game with a stupid rule.

Although here it's funny, probably because of how today words have become. :P

And speaking of, with all these fishermen, I wonder if anyone in the chat thought about the WonderBuner. Or would that be too easy of a joke to make? At least it'll be different from all of the fishermen repeating the same thing over and over again.

Also I thought that Arceus was born from an egg. It is in various Pokedex entries that it was born from a egg and then created the universe before creating Dialga, Palkia and Giratina, and then sit around waiting for a trainer to come capture it, take it to Johto and then get either Dialga or Palkia.

They call you Doctor Love? So you got the cure we're thinking of? (I'm not the only one to wax lyrical, even if my knowledge is limited)

SrazySnake said...

Linkara- love your pokemon Omicronn LPs!

...However, as much as I enjoy it-
the LP isn't without some nagging issues regarding overall execution.... therefore I hope you try to improve them with these 3 things in mind.

1. Grinding off-screen plz;;;
episode 17 was just battling all the trainers on the wooden bridge tryig to lvl up...
It wasn't the height of entertainment sorry to say.

2. some fast forwarding/skip-o-matic should be also utilized some more-
I cannnot imagine watching 1-2minutes of the same footage of you just trying to get to poke'centre for healinng everytime;;;;;; seriously. []

3. Lastly, I haven't noticed it with your regular comicbook reviews- prolly because they're fun and seems to be more structure

..but you seem to YELL or SHOUT real loudly now a days, its more noticeable during your LP because you're talking un-scripted.
I dunno if its just your voice.. or if it was how it always has been- but some people might think you may have some anger management issues lulz- Xd
Just keep it mind that- this 3rd point is just purely personal thinking heh.

I recommend you watch Paw's LPs of the 'Quest for Glory' series if you haven't already watched'em.

It's a real wordy game that also requires a lot of grinding, but with some nice 'Skip-O-matics' and off-screen grindings and fun jokes- it became a great series of LP.

Now, this is just recommendations - I'm not forcing you to copy Paw or something, but just food for thought- heh.

Love your reviews and LPs, peace out bro- !

WilliamPorygon said...

...But Linkara! We love it when you say "boner!"

Ruesch said...

Here's what you should have said to those many fishermen after hatching the egg:
"Shape up? What, was running around town a couple dozen times not enough for you people?"

rdfox said...

Personally, I think Battra should be a Yanma, but that's just me. (Or maybe I'm mixed up as to which monster he is--I'm thinking that's the one Battra looks like...)

Also, for future reference, since Arceus's name in the original Japanese is アルセウス, read "aruseusu," I suspect that his name is supposed to be pronounced with a soft C sound. (Or you could just watch his movie and see what the dub say...)

Will said...

You all called it Ar-kay-us in the Pokémon movie reviews, so I figure you should just stick with that. :-)

Anonymous said...

"Hey kid! Shape up!" is going to be your "You're in my way, sir," isn't it?

WaveShock007 said...

We should either White Black Grandma Plays or Moriarty plays,

Lil' Petti Lover said...

Over two weeks since the last Let's Play Pokémon Omnicron? Since you've addressed when the next HOPR will come out, I guess it's time to start asking when the next LPPO will come out :-p

If it helps, you could just release one video per week instead of two at once. That way, you can satiate our desire to see the continuing adventures of Dr. Thief Cop and have twice the timeframe to make new videos.

Lil' Petti Lover said...

Yet another week without a LPPO. Clearly you're holding on to them like you admitted to doing with History of Power Rangers!