Thursday, April 24, 2014

Midwest Media Expo Schedule

Hey, everyone! So I'm at Midwest Media Expo this weekend, so for anyone else who's going to be attending, here's the schedule!

Friday, April 25th
Main Events 1 (Renaissance Ballroom - Cabot)
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
I'll be doing a live show! What will I review? Come to it and found out! I'll also show the episode for next week, make a MAJOR announcement, and film some stuff for an upcoming episode!

Autographs (4th Floor West Foyer)
9:00 PM - 11:00 PM
I'll be selling merch and signing autographs!

Saturday, April 26th
Autographs (4th Floor West Foyer)
4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
I'll be selling merch and signing autographs! Again!

Main Events 1 (Renaissance Ballroom - Cabot)
10:30 PM - 12:00 AM
I'm doing my very first 18+ panel! Will I swear a whole lot? MAYBE! What will definitely be happening is that I'll be showing off one of the videos of the upcoming Atop the Fourth Wall volume 2 DVD! It features porn! And lots of people angry about porn! Also: more people filmed for an upcoming episode!

Other things of note:
-I'll probably be attending Team Four Star's panels (not really on them, just watching)
-I theoretically will have a booth in the vendor's room, so if you can't otherwise make the autograph signings, head to that to get stuff signed or to buy stuff!
-I'm bringing my Pokémon X/Y trainer cosplay and my Suburban Knights costume!
-I will be distributing Pokémon on Pokémon X and Y! Specifically I'll be giving away all Johto and Hoenn starters, females, in different pokéballs! That's right, if you wanted, say, a Cyndaquil in a Premiere Ball, I'll be giving it away! NOTE: I'm still in the process of breeding them and it takes forever to get a female out of it (since it's only a 12% chance), so I may not have the SPECIFIC one you wanted, but I'll be working on it to try to get as many as I can (limit 1 per person).

Looking forward to seeing everyone there! ‎


Rue Ryuzaki said...

More reason why I need to find a way to make taking trips to cons a lil easier.

Anonymous said...

So there's been a verizon more everything commercial playing a lot on your site which, halfway through it, shows the most 90's pants ever that are so loaded with pockets that I'm pretty sure they're from Liefeld's fashion company.

Is this intentional? Does Rob Liefeld have a clothing line? Can I pick up some shirts that consist of nothing but belts in OctXL size? If not, why is your site advertizing them?

S.Picazo said...

And here I am... living all the way over in Mexico... I've got the con envy so bad you guys

Tia Wheeler said...

Since I know that you won't get this message until after you get back so here goes:

Have fun at the convention, Mr. Lovhaug!

Welcome back, did you have a good trip?