Friday, April 4, 2014

State of the Wall: 4-4-14

As always, here's the current state of things on the show!

Check below the cut for the list of upcoming episodes and more!

Upcoming Episodes
4/7 – SCI-Spy #5
4/14 – Red Hood and the Outlaws #1
4/21 – Athena #2
4/28 – Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey #1
5/5 – Zolastraya and the Bard #1
5/12 – PSA Hell: Superman: For the Animals #1
5/19 – Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos #2
5/26 – Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie #1

As always, the schedule is subject to change if real-life events should force it or if I just change my mind. The storyline should be resuming some time in April. When? YOU'LL HAVE TO WATCH EVERY VIDEO UNTIL THE END TO FIND OUT! ...But most likely closer to the end of the month. I have to get my taxes together, plus stuff featured below, so that takes time from editing and whatnot.

History of Power Rangers
Here's the good news: it will definitely come out after this point! ...Yeah, here's the thing I've been holding out on. See, my contract as a member of Saban's Power Force stipulates that any videos I release featuring Power Rangers footage requires that said footage come from a legitimate source, in other words the DVDs. As such, I've been waiting on the release of Operation Overdrive on DVD so I can get the footage from there. I'm still not done with the script, but there hasn't been any rush to complete it because I couldn't make the video anyway. Fortunately, said DVDs have arrived, so they can DEFINITELY be released now. Current progress is about 4 or 5 episodes into Overdrive. Still no signs of improvement in the series. And yes, I've seen Once a Ranger (not counting those in my 4 or 5 episodes in marker). That's a not sign of improvement.

On that note, I'm still getting requests of "are you continuing this series?" The answer is always YES. I started this damn thing and I'm going to finish it. The only things that will keep me from finishing it is death or prison. Trust me, if I decided to stop doing it, I would make a big damn show out of it. But let me throw something else out there: History of Power Rangers is a side series, which means it doesn't get my full attention every week because I've got an actual weekly show to put out and THAT takes priority.

I want this damn thing done and over with and I wanted it over and done with last year. So let me throw out an idea: would people prefer I take, like, a month off of AT4W (post-300th episode in June) and just finally do all the series that I can and put them out weekly? I can probably marathon each season in a two days, writing as I go, record, and edit in two days each, and release them in place of AT4W. Would that be something people preferred I do so this doesn't continue to be an annual event?

AT4W Website
Progress! Mainly that a very rough idea of how the website will look has been put together as well as a general color scheme. We're hoping to have the website finished and launched in May, though of course I'll keep everyone up to speed on important updates. The important thing about the site is mostly for the purposes of archive-binging or watching old episodes. New stuff will always premiere on the front page and hopefully you'll be able to find any video you want to see with a minimum of effort.

DVD Volume 2 Update
The bad news is that no filming has commenced yet for the DVD, so it's not coming out when I wanted it to. That makes me a sad bunny because I don't get the extra money for taxes that I wanted. The good news on that front is that means I shouldn't be directly competing with the Cinema Snob DVD that's been released right now. I'm still really, REEEAAAALLY hoping for the DVD to be ready by Midwest Media Expo later in April, but we'll see. DVD contents have not changed since the last State of the Wall post - 2 new AT4Ws, 2 riffs, and 3 new Longbox of the Damned videos.

On the subject of Volume 1, though, shortly after I announced the Amazon deal with Kunaki, there was apparently some snafu with Amazon and they've taken down the option of ordering it there. It annoys me that they did so, buuut hey, maybe they'll fix it all soon enough (they keep claiming they will).

Pokémon Omicron
You may have noticed that the flow of episodes has slowed. Mostly that's because I haven't had a good time to do another stream, so right now I'm sitting on about six remaining episodes that are edited and I need to get to work editing some more. I don't want to run out and have another situation like with History of Power Rangers where it's months (or sometimes years) without material. That's just not a good way of doing business.

AT4W Episode Guide
Unfortunately, not much progress to report in that area for the time being. There's enough of a demand for it, so I'm proceeding with the project, it's just that rewatching, writing down thoughts and ruminations, and etc. is time-consuming and I'm trying to focus my efforts on other stuff at the moment, like the DVD or the impending storyline. I still want the project to go forward, and I'll probably be devoting more time to it later once the second DVD is out. The good news is that there IS progress, since Al has been working on the "Classicards" as he calls them, with new title cards for older episodes from before he was my title card artist. You can check them out at his DeviantArt HERE.

Revolution of the Mask
I feel like this update is mostly just "I've been busy, that's why there's no progress," which just seems like an odd oxymoron. It IS true, though. I am WORKING on things. I am spending my time on these things. And as I said last time - issues 3 and 4 of Revolution of the Mask are DONE. Finito. Ready to be released. It's just my "lazy" ass that hasn't gotten around to finally publishing the things. I'm definitely thinking they will be printed in limited numbers and sold at conventions, though, so for those interested in having physical copies, hooray!

The Road to 300
Atop the Fourth Wall is starting to approach it's 300th episode! I think I might actually be the first among my compatriots to have a continuous series actually reach the 300th episode. And naturally I'm not saying what it is, but I will say it's something highly-requested. Like with the 200th episode, I wouldn't mind some ideas for ways to get the fans involved and excited over it.

One idea that my brother has been pushing is a live stream (and possibly a fundraiser for certain future projects, but I'm getting quiet about THAT right now), which I'm actually very much in favor of. He thinks it should just be me, him, and some friends BSing around and doing improve games to entertain and whatnot (with the aforementioned fundraising). I am more in favor of a general celebration stream, possibly with prerecorded bumpers and, more importantly, an Atop the Fourth Wall Viewer's choice kind of thing. I used to LOVE Viewer's Choice stuff on TV - I remember Star Trek, for one of its big anniversary years, held a marathon of the Top 10 Next Generation episodes as voted by fans and I'd be in favor of that, as well. My brother thinks people don't want to watch stuff they can already view on the web, but I'd like to hear all of your thoughts to see if it's something you guys would be interested in (particularly if, perhaps, we premiere the 300th episode (or a new episode) to you on the same day).

Convention season is coming up! Yaaay! As I said, I'm hoping to have the second DVD ready by Midwest Media Expo, but if not by then, then definitely by Animinneapolis. At the very least, I'll still have copies of the first DVD, plushie cybermats, badges, and prints ready for MME. As always, just remember that if there's a convention you want me to attend, you need to get the convention to invite me - I just don't have the money or time to go to conventions simply for my own enjoyment (aside from a local one or two that are more business trips for me to find new material to review). There may be another convention or two to announce later, but here's the definite list right now:

Midwest Media Expo
April 25-27
Detroit, Michigan

May 23-25
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Anime Midwest
July 4-6
Rosemont, Illinois

July 18-20
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

September 19-21
Orlando, FL


Carrie said...

I wouldn't mind you taking some time off from atop the 4th wall to finish off the power rangers series.

Noj776 said...

I would seriously like it if you took a month off of Atop the Fourth Wall and finished HOPR. Its been along time coming and I personally really love the series.

Robert Neumann said...

In regards to placing AT4W on hiatus and finishing up HOPR, I am all for it. I have certainly enjoyed having a new weekly episode of the show since I found it way back in 2008, but the HOPR series has been going on far longer than I believe anybody, likely yourself, really expected it to.

Aaron Wiles said...

Hey Lewis, take your time on History of Power Rangers and continue to Stand proud Atop The Fourth Wall, I'm happy with what you have done so far the only thing I would love to see you do Power Rangers wise is to talk about the 20th Anniversary Episode that's coming out later this year, Keep Up the Good Work Dude, BTW I can't wait till the Longbox opens Again in October !!!!

Anonymous said...

Upcoming Episodes

A SCI-Spy and PSA Hell are exciting enough but Red Hood too!? Are you trying to spoil us? I've got to remember the popcorn. Also I really want a joke about the cloak person that just shows up randomly in one panel.

History of Power Rangers

Oh, okay the waiting makes sense now...sort of...what's being a member of Saban's Power Force mean? Don't suspend AT4W, just stick to releasing HOPR when you can, preferably soon and frequently.

Pokémon Omicron

Just stick to releasing one episode at a time until you build up another backlog of videos you can release.

Road to 300

I remember it as a TNG marathon and I always found it funny that Best of Both Worlds Part 1 was #2 and Part 2 was #1. I think a countdown would be neat with you talking about more the behind the scenes instead of the comic again, unless you have new jokes for the issue.

Hector Nuno said...

Just a suggestion for your 300th episode of AT4W: Frank Miller's 300.

Just think about it, it would be so fitting and perfect.

Jamibu A.K.A. Zen119 said...

I think you should still continue AT4W and take your time with HOPR. But I'm fine with what the majority votes for.

Joshua Ford said...

*see's Red Hood and the Outlaws on the list* Hoo boy, looking forward to that. I read the entire series (in the store) and...ugh, even when James Tynion took it over (very solid writer btw, Talon was pretty good IMO) that series was salvageable.

Anonymous said...

Just to finally get the series out of the way, and I personally want to hear your opinions on future seasons, I wouldn't mind you taking time off to finish HOPR. While I do love your usual videos, completing HOPR as best as you can for now would probably be the best option as it'll eventually remove a decent amount of work off your usual workload. Plus...well, I really love the series. XD

Michael Rodriguez said...

I wouldn't mind a temporary break from AT4W in order to finish off HOPR. And I'm sure it'll be a major burden off of your back if you did so.

But in the end, the choice is yours, and I won't mind either way.

Cassie said...

Personally I love the HOPR and I wouldn't say no to a month of it (Maybe make it a yearly thing till you have all the series down?) but it's ultimatly up to you :3 and for the 300 episdoe....maybe do a live MST3K of a couple of fan favorate episdoes? just an idea

Anonymous said...

Well, Lewis, perhaps a break from AT4W would in turn help improve the show. I'm not saying anything bad about it, it's still a great show and I look forward to it every week. However, you have been going at it six years straight, which is very commendable, but I think a break would be healthy. AVGN and Nostalgia Critic reviews have since improved when James and Doug took small breaks and decided to cut down on the number of reviews they released. In the long run, I'd say, sure, the comics can stay on the shelf for a month, and when you come back, AT4W will be better than ever.

Some Gamer Dude said...

I only follow you for HotPR now, I got quite bored of AT4W a very long time ago, so I'm all for a break.

Peter W Dawson said...

The hiatus might not be a bad idea for your sanity. You've done sort of hiatuses before, like with March of the Titans, though granted those were still AT4W episodes...

If you're looking for some kind of fan participation for episode 300 getting people to send in sound files for something like a crowd might not be a bad idea (worked for Team Four Star's Namekmania didn't it?), since while not everyone might have a reliable camera to do something video related sound usually isn't as much of an issue (USUALLY) and plus crowd sounds can be used in multiple ways, including creepy if you want a horror element.

Anonymous said...

I'd recommend taking the time off AT4W once you've gotten at least half of the next part of the story arc finished. That way you can leave it on a cliffhanger, take time for whatever readjustments are necessary for story, and HOPR will correspondingly arrive.

DefectiveType40 said...

Ohohohohoho, got some great material lined up for the next couple of months. Been waiting for you to tackle Red Hood and the Outlaws. I even bought the first issue myself... and the thing that made me most angry was that I bought it digitally. So I can't get rid of it. Or destroy it.

I think I'd be okay with you taking a month off from AT4W. It has been a loooooong time since the last HOPR. And I have a friend who I'm sure would be happy to see another installment soon. Just make sure the 300th AT4W is awesome enough to make up for the absence.


Kaze Koichi said...

What horrible fate has Linkara ready for us?
– SCI-Spy #5
Please tell me that's the last volume. It was alime a little too long.
– Red Hood and the Outlaws #1
Oh, Jason Todd, the Guy Gardner of Robins. I watched "Under the Red Hood" not so long ago, so I'm looking forward to this one.
– Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos #2
Yes! I mean, Mr. T is good and stuff, but Chuck Norris must have his turn to appear in a bad comic.
– Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie #1
Didn't you do this already?

Love AT4W. Don't care about Power Rangers. HOPR is a nice bonus, but for now excuse me, while I'll go watch Dancougar Nova.

Emily said...

I'd prefer it if you didn't take time off from AT4W for HOPR. I really enjoy HOPR, but taking time off from your main show to rush through the completion of a side project. I can understand why that idea might be appealing just to lighten your work load and to update that project, but it shouldn't be something to rush through either. I think that it's something that you'd want to enjoy the process, despite people asking you about the next video as often as they probably do and how you don't like the current season you're watching.

Ultimately, it is still your choice, but I'd be fine with you taking your time so that you enjoy the process and you don't rush through it.

Lizard-Man said...

Well, it's your decision. So long as we get the 300th episode I don't mind. Everyone needs a break now and then. But if you feel more like you just want it done and over with, that's fine too. I suppose having some Power Rangers stuff in place of the regular episodes wouldn't be too bad.

So, Red Hood huh? You've come up with something to say about it that's original then? Good, I already enjoyed one infamous comic, another one wouldn't be bad.

I suppose I can suffer through SciSpy again while I wait, especially since it's probably the last issue of it. Cross another crappy series of the list then. Looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Good God Lewis, haven't we waited long enough for the next HOPR @_@? I know you've been getting tons of people asking when the next one is coming, and until now I've personally held off because I know what it's like to be hounded to finish something when you have other obligations.. But if you are putting it to a vote... as great as AT4W is, I wouldn't mind a short hiatus if it meant quicker HOPR.(Get to RPM at least!)

Andrew Bull said...

As a simple fan all I can say is, take your time and have fun.

Xor said...

Personally, while I enjoy HOPR, I enjoy AT4W much more. If you did decide to take a break and finish HOPR, then so be it, but I don't have any problem with seeing those come out maybe once a year.

You should try going to A-kon some time. And not just because it's the only convention I typically have time to visit. Actually come to think of it, that's pretty much the only reason I can think of.

For the livestream, I'd be more interested in something more organized like a top 10 or something; with people to chat with and (presumably) your live commentary it would be much more interesting than the alternative.

Jeez, you have a lot of projects going on. When do you find time to breathe?

Anyway, just my 2 cents.

Case Aiken said...

SO... here's the thing: I love ATFW, but HOPR has (not joking here) changed my life. I like snarking on bad comics as much as the next person, but HOPR brought back my love of Power Rangers, long dormant since Zeo, and has prompted a huge amount of interest and research on the topic. It started with a simple "oh, I guess, I'll watch 'Forever Red'" and now I'm hooked. I would love to see further videos, especially RPM. Where before the series provided me a greatly appreciated readers digest version of the various seasons, the remaining ones come from a place of respect and interest in the remaining seasons, which I've now seen from this point on. I've tried to subtly encourage more attention to HOPR by viewing them regularly, as I appreciate far too well what internet encouragement can feel like. Here, now, I feel that I can state my preference without my voice coming off as whiney or eccentric. Lewis, you've done me a great service in reigniting a portion of my fandom. I'd love to see you finish it.

Plan 12 Entertainment said...

I'm okay with waiting for HOPR, the old phase "Rome wasn't built in a day".

Antiyonder said...

I'm still in the camp of willing to wait for HoPR. I mean I like both shows, and while I'll admit to liking HoPR more, AT4W is still something I look forward to just the same.

But also, I think the enjoyment and fun you've had towards HoPR is a major factor in the quality.

That said, I don't begrugde anyone voting otherwise or look down on those voting for HoPR to be finished sooner.

But if the pressure takes the fun out of Lewis doing so (and possibly lessening the enjoyability of any new videos), would it really be worth it to have them done fast?

Anonymous said...

I think that what we're all really waiting for after a skim of the comments is RPD. So maybe skip two weeks in July to get through the next two shows? That'll finish out the Kalish era and get you into the shorter Nickelodeon seasons. From there, it would be less time between HOPR episodes (unless you decide to put the Nick seasons together into their Sentai "blocks.")

anima said...

chuck another vote on the pile for putting AT4W on hitaus for a month to get HOTP done or at least caught up.

Anonymous said...

Why are you reviewing 2 DC series in a row? Sci-Spy is Vertigo so it's DC. Is it because there are no DC characters? By that logic the 2 Marvel comics you're reviewing Bill and Ted, and Chuck Norris (also published under different imprints) should'nt count as marvel either and should be put under the independent slot.

James Picard said...

The biggest question I have about HOPR is: do you have the DVDs for the next several seasons? Because if you only have Overdrive, there's not much point to taking the month off until you can get them. My second question is: do you think that if you take a month off from AT4W for HOPR, the HOPR videos will maintain the same level of quality that they had from the beginning? Because if they don't, I'd rather see you do one a year, or every now and again, rather than making a bunch of them to get caught up. Quality over Quantity. At this point, you could probably do an awesome AT4W in your sleep, so that's something to keep in mind. Also, I'm just not very big on the idea of giving up AT4W. Don't get me wrong, I love your HOPR videos, but they're an excellent side dish to the main course: bad comics. Now, it is ultimately your decision, because you make the videos and you're the one who's livlihood is on the line, but in my opinion, you might want to be careful about this, because if you can't make as much money off the HOPR videos, this could end up creating some hardship for you. As I've said about HOPR before, don't kill yourself over it. We'll wait. Some of us begrudgingly, but we'll wait.

Information Geek said...

I see you are reviewing Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 (hopefully, this means you'll review another New 52 comic, Batman: The Dark Knight #23.4: Joker's Daughter. Now that was one every single person hated, from fans to critics)

Interesting fact about Red Hood: I picked up the first trade collection of the run that collects #1-7. Unlike most of the DC trades, this collection does not actually start with issue 1. It instead starts with #6, where Jason meets Starfire for the first time.

Honestly, reading 6 before #1 really changes the tone and perspective of the series for me. It's actually pretty sweet, thoughtful, and I really came away loving the characters. Talk about your drastic tone change when the real first issue started. Very interesting how a simple rearrangement of issues instantly made the book much better.

James Williams said...

Taking a break might be good. It'd be less stressful than doing AT4W every week, it would stop people asking when the next one is (until the next series ;)) and it would be a nice change of pace. And if anyone complains about the lack of AT4W, they've had a new episode every week for like 5 years, I think they can manage.
Honestly, the taking a break idea seems like such a good idea, I'm surprised you didn't think of it sooner.

Shadowmaster13 said...

As far as a viewer's choice for the 300th, I think that maybe just count them down and let people find them on their own.

As far as hiatus for AT4W to finish up HOPR, I wouldn't mind either way really but I can wait for HOPR and I'd hate for your unbroken streak to end.

Fake Er said...

I love AT4W, but HOPR is what brought me into watching your videos, and I still really love them. I always look forward to them, and, together with Todd's Pop Song Reviews, is my favourite TGWTG series. So I think taking a month of the main show to wrap up HOPR would be a graet idea.

red said...

for heavily requested comic book im guessing holly terror as 300 and I woudlnt mind u taking time off so u can complete hopr soon

Des Shinta said...

Honestly? I'd like to see you conclude History of Power Rangers after "Super" Megaforce has finished Airing.
People are patient, but I don't think many would mind if you just slugged through the two, as there's a lot of people that have a vindictive streak towards Operation Overdrive and Jungle fury.
*Googles power force* Wait, you got on that staff? Good for you! But when did that happen?

Poki#3 said...

Will this bring an end to the "When's the next HOPR episode?" joke? Tune in to find out!

Like other commenter I wouldn't mind not having an episode of AT4W and having an episode of HOPR instead at all, but I'm not sure about that lasting a whole month and having the episodes be back to back. Maybe once a month? Or bi-monthly? That would also give you some breathing room and time to think things over maybe.

Zero said...

Now then while I do love AT4W, all the ragging on comics and such there was only one way I was ever introduced to your video's, me doing a random search one year and finding History of Power Rangers, I watched it and thought it was really good, now while I am patient I do like the idea you presented.

I'd be down for you taking some time off of AT4W after the 300th Episode and then focusing on History of Power Rangers until you get up to the point you need to. Plus I'm sure it would also be a nice change of pace for you to work on something weekly aside from your usual AT4W stuff, but that's my two cents.

starofjustice said...

Yes, I would be in favor of taking a break from the regular comic reviews to get caught up on HoPR. I understand it's a side series but one video every eleven months is a little ridiculous. I personally like them because they really show you showing off your skills as a serious reviewer, and no offense, I find that those often far outshine your skills as a comedian...

Rue Ryuzaki said...

I just cringed when I saw Sci-Spy, but yes it must all be done. Even you Chuck Norris can't escape it.

As for HOPR take your time especially since you have to wait on the DVDs footage & etc.

I was missing some Pokemon omicron, especially since my friend plans to let me have Pokemon white after giving me his DS.

& Awesome a ATFW Homepage!
Looking forward to it.

Jenbrait said...

Ok let me see if I'm reading the schedule right, they actually made a comic book adaptation of the power rangers movie? I don't know whether I should be excited or concerned. As for HOPR I don't mind if its a once in a blue moon kinda thing as you did say it was a side project and I do like AT4W more but if you want to take a month off to focus on HOPR more than its fine with me.

Adam said...

I would be OK with a brief hiatus for Atop the Fourth Wall in order to get HOPR back on track. Whatever works for you, Lewis. =)

Falcon Whitaker said...

Damn, you're a hella busy guy. You're making me feel lazy! ;)

I'd prefer to have AT4W and get HOPR when it's ready, but I don't mind either way. Whichever is most popular and most convenient for you, to be honest.

I'm super-excited for the next DVD! Fingers crossed it'll be ready in time for ConBravo – I'd love to buy one direct from you then ^_^

13th Doctor said...

PLEASE, don't take a month off AT4W. I personally don't care about HOPR. Your's is probably one of the only regularly scheduled series out there and that is refreshing. I need that. I know that number of people telling you to finish even though you made it clear many, many, many, MANY times that the series is a side project can be frustrating. But finish it on your own time when you feel it is right like you always have done.

Anonymous said...

Personally I'm happy with the way things are now, with the weekly At4W and HoPR whenever you happen to get one finished. Makes for a pleasant surprise.

Fandango said...

Think about it like this: Do you want to take a month off or do you want years more of "Is it coming yet? Is it coming yet? Is it coming yet? Is it coming yet?"

Lord Seth said...

I want this damn thing done and over with and I wanted it over and done with last year. So let me throw out an idea: would people prefer I take, like, a month off of AT4W (post-300th episode in June) and just finally do all the series that I can and put them out weekly? I can probably marathon each season in a two days, writing as I go, record, and edit in two days each, and release them in place of AT4W. Would that be something people preferred I do so this doesn't continue to be an annual event?

I've been wanting you to do something like this for years now, actually. :)

Doresh said...

HOPR is several different shades of awesome, but I can wait for new videos as long as they stay consistently, well, awesome :3

Still, if you want to silence the people that frequently nag you about more HOPR, feel free to take a bit of time off AT4W.

kirk55555 said...

The schedule is looking pretty interesting. I'm especially excited for Red Hood and the Outlaws.

As for HOPR, while I've always been fine with waiting taking a month off for it sounds like a good idea. If nothing else, it would help lessen the amount of people bugging you over it. Either way you want to go is fine with me, but if I have to choose I'd vote for taking a month off for HOPR.

Matt said...

As far as History of Power Rangers is concerned, it'll end up being an annual thing anyway. Unless you don't plan to cover the new series that come out.

So I really don't mind the annual waiting. Your main show is good enough to keep me coming back.

Of course, if you took a break from AT4W when Super Megaforce finishes up, you could have a big marathon to cover the big Power Rangers anniversary series.

DMaster said...

A couple of things to consider pointing out regarding the Outlaws:
-Damien dies, Nightwing gets screwed over by Forever Evil and is now cancelled, Teen Titans (led by Tim Drake) just ends because, and the only Robin left standing...yeah.
-not only is Scott Lobdell taking over the book again soon, but that cover at the beginning of his second run...EESH

Regarding SCI-Spy (to everyone else): I the only one who remembers the first episode? Or the last one? There are SIX issues, people; this is the penultimate episode.

To Cassie: no, trying to catch up on annual History of Power Rangers updates doesn't work, because the show ITSELF is still doing that; there are still seasons. Like I've been saying, if Mr. Lovhaug is to catch up, he should commit himself to at least two updates a year. That will eventually get us caught up without going nuts. ...though the second Saban era does have what amounts to 2-season arcs that I believe Mr. Lovhaug said he would cover in one shot when he got to them, so what do I know?

Regarding HOPR: I'd rather not completely skip At4W for that long. Maybe take a week off each review schedule (an independent slot at the end of a 5-week month? (annual issues!)), but not an ENTIRE month.

One more thing with Red Hood, Mr. Lovhaug: So, are you planning on reviewing the whole series one issue at a time? Just seems like kind of a waste of DC slots. I'm hoping you'll pick and choose particularly bad issues for future reviews, because without one big slog of issues in a row like with Countdown, it's going to be a long-term drain without getting to anything major for a while.

Oh, yes, titlecards: how many "Classiccards" will we be seeing?

Anonymous said...

I would LOOOOOOOVE if you took a month off of Atop the Fourth Wall. I just simply love that series

gotenks6 said...

If taking a break from AT4W will make it easier for you to complete HOPR, than go for it. Otherwise take your time.

Also, Improv does not have an "e," but I would love to see you and your compatriots play improv games for the livestream. Hell, I was hoping Channel Awesome would do that for one of the anniversaries

Salen Stormwing said...

I would not mind at all if you took a month off to hammer out HoPR. It'll give At4W some time off, and let you post something that folks have been wanting to see. And now that you got the DVDs, you're golden.

Also after OO, it only gets better. Because it's hard to dig any lower than OO went.

Too bad you couldn't livestream some of the viewing, just so fans could see what you put yourself through with HoPR.

Jacob Cardwell said...

I personally would really like to see HOPR replace AT4W for a month.

Aman Mann said...

I am a hardcore Power Ranger/Super Sentai/Kamen Rider Fan because of HOPR....Thank you for taking time to do this

Volvagia said...

Episode by Episode:

04/07: Sci-Spy #5 (I'm guessing this gets finished either this year or next, then)
04/14: Red Hood and the Outlaws (I guess you had to bite the bullet on this eventually, even if you might not have much new to say. Bad comic reviewer, after all.)
04/21: Athena #2 (I didn't know, or care, that this progressed beyond the first issue.)
04/28: Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey #1 (Hmm.)
05/05: Zolastraya and the Bard #1 (This is actually a bit related to Dave Sim, so I'm curious what the inside of it's like. The covers looked...odd.)
05/12: PSA Hell: Superman: For the Animals (So, if I understand his artistic timeline, this is implicitly the start of Mark Millar's "comic book fans are psychos" mode of writing comics fans? Yeah, best to start here and see how it spirals ever more contemptuous.)
05/19: Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandoes #2 (Never thought I'd be seeing this back.)
05/26: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie #1 (So, that April Fool's prank wasn't THAT MUCH of a prank. Cool.)

Anonymous said...


If being a member of the Power Force means that you can only use footage from licensed releases in your videos, does that mean you have to go back and redo the Mystic Force review? That was released after you became a PF member.

Evan Z. said...

Honestly the only thing I'm wondering is if the hiatus would affect the storyline. Aside from that I wouldn't mind marathoning all the way up to Super Megaforce. It seems like a decent plan, just don't go to crazy and burn yourself out.

MasterSeijin said...

I'm surprised you're still doing Revolution of the Mask! You hardly ever mention it in your videos anymore. Perhaps I'll actually but the first 2 issues to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I am really on the fence about you taking a month off to do HOPR. On the one hand I so badly want you by the end of the year tear Operation Overdrive to shreds, examine Jungle Fury( its honestly the series I know the least about as I stopped watching around Mystic Force and a little bit of Operation Overdrive) and get to the Magnum Opus of the Disney Era RPM which got me back into the series after the Kalish Era.
But and I say this with all do respect. I am afraid compacting a couple of seasons all into one Month might lower the quality of the side project. I mean you'd be plowing through something like at a rough estimate 150 episodes in a month and that's disregarding Megaforce. I want to see this series done, but I want it to be seen done right .

However in the end it is your choice and I will respect you for it. Plus as a lot of other commenters have said , getting this off your plate once and for all might mean a lot less stress for you in the long run. So I might support it in regards to assuring your good health.

Whatever your choice I will support it.

Sword Of Primus

Anonymus said...

Lewis, if you honestly need to take a break to finish HOPR. DO IT. HOPR brought me back into Power Rangers, and I want you to do it as best as possible. DO IT. I can wait for AT4W at some other time.

Ginkasa said...

Regarding HOPR, I would like to see you take a break from AT4W and finishing HOPR. I'm pretty biased, though. I don't really watch AT4W on a regular basis. I'm mostly here for HOPR, so...

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Why are you reviewing 2 DC series in a row? Sci-Spy is Vertigo so it's DC. Is it because there are no DC characters? By that logic the 2 Marvel comics you're reviewing Bill and Ted, and Chuck Norris (also published under different imprints) should'nt count as marvel either and should be put under the independent slot."

I count imprints as different companies because they tend to cover different subject matter than the main company.

Anonymous said...

A Power Rangers comic review?

But I thought you said you only do those when you have a fight with Mechakara?



[delightful scream]

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"If being a member of the Power Force means that you can only use footage from licensed releases in your videos, does that mean you have to go back and redo the Mystic Force review? That was released after you became a PF member"

It only applies to stuff made after the last contract, which was signed a few months ago.

Anonymous said...

"I count imprints as different companies because they tend to cover different subject matter than the main company."
That's exactly what I mean, you reviewed Chuck Norris and Brute Force under the Marvel slot, yet they're both published by Star comics, an imprint of Marvel, and so are most movie adaptations. It just seems arbitrary to consider Vertigo a separate company considering that Vertigo characters show up in DC, but consider adaptations to be part of the main Marvel company. Star comics might as well be Indy.

Anonymous said...

Well Lewis, will taking a month off to do HOPR make it less fun for you and get you to care less? Or will it be more fun because you have more time?

If it would be less fun than I'd prefer you continue, if you would find more enjoyment out of the month of HOPR and will put the same amount of care than you should definitely take the month off and do that.

Anonymous said...

I think a month break after the 300th episode to finish History of Power Rangers would be a wonderful idea. Nobody can put out quality content week in and week out (not even WWE lol)like you do without a break.

GliderGlider said...

I would vote for continuing AT4W instead of pausing it to do HOPR.

Personally, my favorite parts of the show are when you review bad comics. I like the earlier months of the year on your show, when you're picking comics based on their awfulness, more than the last few months, which tend to be themed. The themes are fun when all the chosen comics suck, like the Silent Hill months, but sometimes you use non-terrible comics because they fit the theme (e.g., Secret Origins), and I don't find those as funny, personally.

HOPR month would feel to me like more themed AT4W. Assuming October will be another Halloween Theme, November another Secret Origins, and December more Holidays stuff, that's four months of the year when your show isn't reviewing necessarily bad comics, but is instead reviewing stuff that is better on average (since some good comics tend to get used in the theme months). So that's four months I personally would be less interested in the show. I'd rather HOPR continue to be intermittent to get another month of reviews of the worst drek that comics has to offer.

Anonymous said...

I don't really have a preference for the rate at which you do things. I was afraid that you were too busy to get to HOPR so I'm glad to here you're making progress. Here are a few ideas that I feel might fit for the 300th episode:
Avengers Dissembled, it was the start of Marvel doing annual crossovers, and it led into House of M, which also led to into decimation. It sounds it's just the start of a long line of bad.
Infinite Crisis, I know you said you actually like this story despite the flaws, which to me is all the more reason to review it. Anybody can go pointing out the flaws in something, but what I feel is sign of a really good review is take people's criticisms of something and still explain why you think it's good, like you did with Maximum Carnage.
Civil War, I spent years hearing about bad things about this story from every source on have comics, including you, so I would to see it reviewed, especially since the changes it brought got such a bad reception that Marvel undid them with Siege.
Avengers Vs X-Men, another crossover where the heroes fight each other instead of the bad guys that was mostly intended to undo changes that occurred under Quesada, so you can kill two birds with one stone, mock Quesada, and mock a bad crossover while also stating if you think the story was worth it to undo those things.
300, I admit the movie is a guilty pleasure, but I still wouldn't mind seeing this mocked.
Holy Terror, I've actually heard this thing is worse than you made it sound, maybe even the worse thing Frank ever wrote.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for you taking a break to finish HOPR. I love your consistent release schedule, but man, taking a break would be great for you, you know?

Anonymous said...

The small, mean part of my brain doesn't want you to continue Atop The Fourth Wall. Still, a better part of brain knows that you can do what you want to do. I wouldn't mind if you take a hiatus. Have an excellent day!

Antiyonder said...

Kid of hoping my post would have prompted consideration of patience from more than just that recent Anon, but if the votes are geared towards putting more time into it, I have another suggestion.

I don't know, maybe do an AT4W episode every other week. More time, without the rush job.

Michael said...

I wouldn't mind if you taken some a month off to finish the history of power rangers. You did it last year with your march of the titans.

But when a new season does reach its end will you do that season. Super mega force is still airing, and Dino charge is coming out next year. Dino charge will be something different cause they won't have a yellow ranger for the first time. I heard in japan the reason why they did that was because they were planning to make the yellow ranger a boy, but if you look over the years, they been using the yellow ranger as a girl to much so people think of the yellow ranger as a girl so they got rid of the yellow ranger for that season which was the first time seance the 80's. At least that's what I heard.

But if you seen once a ranger then why don't you care for it. In my mind that's the best team up seance thunder storm.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one suspicious that there are 3 LOTD episodes? Either way, I'm exicted as heck!

Felix Brunschede said...

The month off seems like a sound idea. Then the damn thing is out of the way until after the next season of Power Rangers is released on DVD and you can actually focus on AT4W with far (or knowing the ways of the internet about 50%) less people annoying you about it.

David C said...

Wait, the 300th episode is coming up? What how? About 50 episodes a year and the 200th was only last year.

*looks up 200th episode* July 2012?

It has been nearly two years? What? I swear I didn't think I'd been even watching the show that long.

Congratulations anyway.

As to HOPR if its going to be easy for you that way. Sure, I'd go for that. It does seem from the general tone of your post you're a bit sick of it. Like its not a labour of love anymore. But maybe that's just the fan pressure about the series.

Kth-77 said...

I say stick to AT4W, it's your meant and potatoes while History of the Power rangers is just a tasty side dish that's nice to occasionally get.

Vraptor130 said...

I do like the idea of taking a month off the show to do HOPR.

If that's 4 episodes it would finish things up to Samurai/Super Samurai, leaving any future episodes to be done when their respective seasons finish airing.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts: HOPR
-I think I say for a great deal of fans that we can wait a bit longer. A HOPR marathon after 300 would be cool! It would also make for a great summer for us viewers.

-Seeing you play it has gotten me back into handheld games. I finally forked over the money for a new 3DS and Zelda A Link Between Worlds. You have a power Linkara and it's been used for good.

-If you do a stream marathon I'll never to figure out how to wire my computer to my TV again. Yes many of us would sit down and watch a stream of the best, or just any episode, so we can just chat with one and other. At least that's what the RDA chat has taught me. Maybe have some special guesses? Do it link the MST3K Thanksgiving that just happened? Either way I'll clear my calendar.

-Are you doing D20 live again at Con Bravo? I ask because after watching the taped version from last year I'm half temped to take a train from Seattle to Ontario with my multi-camera studio gear and help tape it due to some of the... audio issues. Yes I know you were just playing, but the people doing audio and video could use some help and I have studio gear I can bring over and use to make it look awesome1

... I also have nothing to do that time of the year either.


Daniel said...

Hey, Lewis. Big fan making his first post here to make a point.

Personally, I think you should keep HOPR to a "when it's done" schedule. You shouldn't feel so pressured to do it just because some people are impatient and can't take a hint.

I know AT4W is your job and you love doing it, whereas HOPR is supposed to be fun and a labor of love, so I say you don't need to put it on hold.

...Besides, I can't fault you for having trouble getting through Operation Overdrive. It's really pretty painful.

PopCultureOtaku said...

Oh god sci-spy followed by Red Hood and Outlaws. Oh god. They just put the writer back on the series that started after teen titans was canceled. I think the book will continue to show how out of touch DC is with most comic fans and why this reboot is so worse then the post Crisis one was.
Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey #1? Is that movie adaptation or the follow up comic that marvel published? Not kidding you that really happen. Then finish may off with CHUCK NORRISS!! and first Power Rangers movie. Oh boy. Ivan Ooze such a dumb villain they ignore he even existed.

Anonymous said...

"The small, mean part of my brain doesn't want you to continue Atop The Fourth Wall. Still, a better part of brain knows that you can do what you want to do. I wouldn't mind if you take a hiatus. Have an excellent day!" I misspoke. I should have said that the small, mean part of my brain doesn't want you to stop Atop The Fourth Wall. Also, I forgot to put a "my" in between the phrase "of brain." Apologies.

Anonymous said...

For History of Power Rangers, you could always go the Doug Walker route and do AT4W every two weeks and then do HOPR for every other week, at least until you're all caught up.

Anonymous said...

Well, to be honest, I personally have no interest in the History of the Power Rangers series, so I'd be kind of annoyed if At4w went on hiatus for Hopr.

BUT... I do realize I'm just one anonymous viewer, and a lot of people want to see the Hopr series completed, so if you think taking a break from At4w is the best idea, go for it.

Ratin8tor said...

I say take the month off to do HOPR since you killed two birds with one stone: On the one hand you can finally finish the series and be at peace with it, while at the same time increasing interest in AT4W. I mean at this point you've done the same thing every week for 5 years straight and I (personal opinion here) have gotten bored with it. I mean it's still a good show... but there's so little variation or change that it's become statemented. It's become dull. It's become commonplace and uninteresting.

However if you end with a massive cliffhanger, take a month off to do HOPR, then come back to resolve that cliffhanger you're probably going to get a huge spike in audience interest as they await its return. I mean look at how popular Star Trek TNG got after Picard was turned into a Borg. Or when J.R got shot in Dallas. It'll put you in a situation where people will be wanting more AT4W and eagerly awaiting for its return.

So my advice is to halt the series on a massive, game changing cliffhanger; finish HOPR, then resolve the cliffhanger. That way everyone wins. The people that want to watch HOPR are satisfied, the people that want to watch AT4W have something to talk about for a month and viewship goes up when you come back.

Unknown said...

Hello Linkara,

I have loved and waited waited for the PR videos patiently I know this is your side project and I will wait on it as such, I will wait as long as it takes (Though the vid on OO is taking a bit longer then I hoped for XD). But What made them great was the time you took on them, I would not want you to just ram through the series, so I suggest a way to maybe speed up the process should you feel it has taken to long;

How about You, Linkara, set a time frame to get through a season and make a HOTPR video for it (Say 3months) and if you go over the limit(Such as with PROO) then maybe take a week or so off to work on it.

Anonymous said...

I would say a healthy alternation between AtopTFW and HoPR would be fine. Not a whole month of just HoPR. Like once a month take a full week to work on Power Rangers, then shift focus back to AtopTFW. It will not only give somewhat of a refreshing break for you and the fans, but also allow you to allot more time to making HoPR and AtopTFW as best as they can be. Either way, I know whatever I see will be great. Keep up the great job!

Blackmind said...

I'm in favour of taking a month to work on HoPR. As much as I love weekly AT4Ws I'd rather wait 1 month for a new AT4W than 5 years for the completion of HoPR.

Anonymous said...

I'm in favour of taking a month to work on HoPR. As much as I love weekly AT4Ws I'd rather wait 1 month for a new AT4W than 5 years for the completion of HoPR.

NemesisPrime said...

I stand with the majority on this in regards to HOPR. I personally enjoy the series and what you have to say on the seasons and can't wait to hear your thoughts on the Neo-Saban era so far with Samurai - Megaforce.

I think you should take a break from AT4W and just power on through the rest of HOPR with the Disney seasons.

Lostshadows said...

I haven't watched HoPR, probably never will, but I'm willing to wait a month for new AtFW episodes.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the question about taking a month off of Atop the Fourth Wall to complete History of the Power Rangers, I'd say yes.

Mostly because I think it'd be a great opportunity for you to make an arc about it and leave things on an interesting cliffhanger. Take a "Best of Both Worlds" approach and really have people guessing what's to come next. And even promise to have a "big" review when you come back.

And, hey, a break could help recharge the creative batteries for you. My only concern would be whether or not this would interrupt your revenue flow.

Adam Seccafico said...

Personally, I love both shows. Just keep making stuff and I'll be satisfied.

Sith_Dreamer said...

Hey Linkara, if you do finish HoPR, are you still going to do an annual video for whatever series airs? Like if you did everything up to Megaforce in a month, would you still do Super Megaforce once it's finished? Or Dino Charge next year?

As for my vote, I'd love to see At4W take a break for HoPR, BUT I'd hope you'd still be having fun with it. I understand you love Power Rangers and as a side project it's probably been fun for you, but it doesn't make it sound so much that way if you're marathoning a new series every couple of days just to get through them so you can videos to us. I don't feel like it is easy to soak in everything from watching like that, it sound smore like cramming for a test.

In short, if you think it won't change how you go about HoPR, then I'd love a month of new episodes. But if its just something to keep the fans happy and stop asking about them, while not really making you happy because its not the pace you normally like, then I'd rather wait out however long it takes for the next video.

Anonymous said...

The schedule:

As always, an interesting line up.


Fair enough on having your hands tied on what sources you have to use.

... I would consider myself someone who can go well beyond most people's limits when it comes to patience, but this "Once a year" thing you've accidentally fallen into is testing even my limits. That said, should you take a month off of AT4W just to get them done? I think a better question is 'are you experiencing burnout on some level with doing AT4W almost non-stop since you started?' If you are, then take your month off and do this. If not, fit it in when you can.

Fiery Little One

Anonymous said...

Finish HOPR

Anonymous said...

Take a break and enjoy some good old fashion power rangers.

Anonymous said...

I think that a good idea to finish power rangers. Lots of fans wanna see and hear your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Chuck Norris!

As regards for HOPR, you mentioned in one video that you watched the next series after the current one so that you could gain some distance and perspective. While I have no idea if you are still doing that (I'm guessing not if you haven't watched all of Overdrive yet) I still think the time it takes gives you needed distance so you aren't reviewing them with your first, emotional, reaction. To that end I would rather you not cram all the viewing into a day or two for each series. I've always been willing to wait for whenever they are done.

John said...

I wouldn't mind seeing you take a break from AT4W to finish up History of Power Rangers... but I dunno if it would be a good idea on your end. I don't know the numbers, but I wouldn't be surprised if HOPR has noticeably fewer viewers than the main series and I wouldn't wanna see you take a big hit to your income that month just to appease some of us.

If the numbers aren't that different, then by all means finish up HOPR. But if it's a big enough gap that it might hurt you, I'd say don't do it.

AmuroNT1 said...

Reviewing the Bill and Ted comic? As a fan of B&T I'm quite amused, but as I recall the comic wasn't all that bad other than maybe Evan Dorkin's slightly unusual art style. But then maybe that's my memory acting up.

As for taking a break from AT4W to just blitz through Power Rangers...I'm of two minds about it. I can completely understand that you want to get done with HOPR, especially with all these unintended delays and the constant stream of "When's the next episode?" But I do enjoy your comic reviews as well, and at least from personal experience rushing through a show might not always work. Maybe a slightly balanced approach, where you take one week out of each month off from AT4W to get a new HOPR episode done? But hey, it's your site and your content; all I can do is offer suggestions and hope you find them reasonable.

Cat C said...

Athena's Butt got another comic, this will be interesting.

Also (and I did find word to check if anyone else mentioned this) for some reason the ads on your videos start to play then a couple seconds later it jumps to the start of your vid.

Anyone else having this happen? Not sure if it's hurting your revenue, and it's only vids on your blog.

MrDarth said...

Just to give my opinion, you should take a months break from AT4W, and finish HoPW.

If only for people to stop pestering you about it, and once your are done with all archive episodes, it can be done in more organised fashion. I can't help but feel that overall quality of all shows might suffer if you continue to work on so many projects at the same time, speaking from personal experience, so I would be all for you taking a break from AT4W and finishing HoPR.

Anonymous said...

How about you decide from a purely economic/pragmatic perspective? What gets more viewers and thus gets you more money,the average episodeof AT4W or HOPR? That's another factor you should consider since videos are your bread and butter.

PWBOT said...

I'm in favour of whichever method that does not make either one of the shows you're doing into a chore. If having to rush through Power Ranger episodes will compromise the way you look at it, I really don't mind waiting for it.

Likewise if doing AT4W every week is starting to burn you out, taking a break is fine too.

Maybe you can alternate, with one week AT4W and one week for watching, taking notes and all the things you need to do for HoPR.

Just have fun with it as you yourself has said, "If it becomes a chore for me, I will be disinclined to work on it".

Frost said...

Don't realy watch HOPR so for me the choice is easy. Take your time with it and get it done when it's done.

However, if you feel that you need a break from AT4W after episode 300 I realy can't blame you. Do what you feel is best for the show.

LBD "Nytetrayn" said...

I wouldn't mind a "Month of Power Rangers," or however such a project would pan out to be ("Summer of Power Rangers?").

I figure if it would otherwise be an annual event, it might as well be after each new season comes to an end. =)

minohoro said...

I'm not sure how I fell about your HOPR idea. On the one hand, I do share the same thoughts as you in that I would like the damn thing to be done with after so long. on the other, doing it with the same pace as ATFW makes me feel like the video will come out somewhat half assed and lame, and we wouldn't want that now would we?

Here's a question on my mind though, related to the Nickelodeon series. Since you have been watching the series as it aired, does that mean you've already taken down notes for their episodes, and thus they will come out a bit faster?

mikey said...

Finish HoPR.

And when that one day does happen do a history of something else. You say what got you into comic's was the Teen titans, so why not review the show, you already did it with the comic last year. You did a good job on that by the way.

If not then how about do a history of doctor who, from what I seen you reviewed a comic of the 1st doctor and one of the 5th doctor. If not the show, how about the T.V movie. You say the 7th doctor is your favorite, so seeing him change to the 8th must have been sad to see him go.

Or a history of Pokemon. You did 4 reviews of the movies, so why not the show? Also off topic here, but what do you think of XY? It looks like ash might have girlfriend. And if not of the show, then how about the Pokemon origins.

If not that then do a history of Yugioh with Little kiriboh. You say your a fan of GX so much then why not do something with it. At least a monga from GX's time.

Good luck with the last few season of power rangers.

Micro4 said...

Linkara if you do decide to go on hiatus to finish HOPR id be all for it. As long as ATFW goes into hiatus with a BANG! As long as you think the fans feel satisfied that yes that was an awesome ark, you should be fine. Also for 300th episode you may want to combine a few of these ideas together. Basicly give the people a choice of 3 have scripts written up for them and once the votes have be tallied go for it just like at a convention. and keep the other two scripts for a con or a rainy day. Also you could run it like the old Nickelodeon summer blocks in the 90's. the One with Stick Stickly. Basically have the wrapup or part of the storyline and run that during the stream and have everyone celebrating and of course the review. That seems to be a nice balance of all the ideas im seeing

ChaosOverlordZ said...

In regards to the 300th, it needs to be something epic, presonaly I would have sugested the 200th avengers, but you already did it.

doing the 1st issues of the new 52 would be a bad idea too since you kind of already did all that.

also avoid doing another from the list of things you will never review.

Anonymous said...

Honest question- Does HOPR take more or less effort than AT4W? Because if less, it might be a good way to lighten your workload around summer. Just a thought.

MR.T said...

Wait a minute, operation overdrive came out 7 years ago. How could the DVD for it only know be coming out? They jungle fury, RPM, and samurai DVD's have been out. Good luck with finding the RPM DVD's there a little hard to find. I don't know how you think overdrive is the worst season, if you watch the first half of mega force you would think half the time the actors aren't trying. In fact I think Troy is the worst ranger in power rangers history. If Blake foster from power rangers turbo did a way better job any day. After episode 1 of mega force it looked like we would get one of the best seasons in the shows history. If anything, this is one of the worst. When Casey returned (this is not a spoiler they confirmed he would return last year.) he showed what being a true red ranger is all about. Not to mention this was the first time Saban wrote a Disney era ranger the right way. Its ironic that the first 2 power rangers to do cameo came from the first 2 power rangers seasons nicktoons had aired in the same order. Super mega force is way better then its first half.

JoeCat said...

Regarding the stream:

Your brother has a good point for some, but Nash has shown that such is not always the case. I and others have loitered in Nash's stream before and after "WTFIWWY" shows and watched whatever past episodes or skits Nash opts to air on the stream. And this is during regular weekly shows.

Just saying if you are having an active interactive stream, people will loiter and watch what videos you air. If you think you need to add new content to keep interest, you could always stay logged into the stream and offer commentary over past episodes. People love commentary.

Paperfairy said...

100% honesty: I'm only here for HOPR - I don't watch or read anything else by you, so my vote is obvious.

But either way, I am in NO rush for you to blaze through everything. This is actually my first time commenting, simply to say: "Do what you want. I'll be happy either way, because HOPR is a quality piece of work and I appreciate it and its free."

William Silvia said...

Opinion - take the month to work on HOPR.
Disclaimer - I am two months behind on all of my webshows and would not be inconvenienced in any way as a result.

As for the 300th episode...I'd love to see a crossover between all of your shows, and I think that a three-way crossover with yourself would be a great way to celebrate 300. (Also, 300? I hope that's what you're reviewing.) As for getting people excited, a series of crossovers on other shows leading both content and plot-wise into you're 300th special would be excellent (and very comic-like). I hesitate to say this because if other people read these comments it might spoil the surprise if you actually liked it, but I would love to see something like a third verse of the theme song sung by Lord Vice, Mechakara, the Entity, etc., plus a smattering of cameos. Maybe a full episode done in MST3K style (as in three hosts constantly wise-cracking).

Well, that's enough pushing my own ideas on you...I look forward to it.

Cyrillus Crower said...

No it wouldn't really, because that comic doesn't suck.

Cyrillus Crower said...

I think it would be good, if you would take a month just for HOPR, say, after the conclusion of this storyline or after the 300 episode.
Also, I think it's good you review some more issues of older Review Comics, that are NOT always the same, like Kamandi, Marville (although that is done now) or Sci Spy. It's kinda sad, that you don't pick up more older series that often, although they would make interesting episodes, like for example, Lunat!k or Superman vs the Terminator (I mean, come on, that is a 4-part series and you ONLY reviewed the first part).
Other than that, everything is looking good.

Shanethefilmmaker said...

First of all Nice to see that you got on Power Force. My envy is greener than all the Green Rangers combined.

Second the idea to take a month off to do a HOPR is a good idea, but don't just do it for the fans, do it for the very reason you started that in the first place.

As for your 300 I would suggest probably a reflection of everything you went through to get to this point all the memories, good and bad, storyline and real life......either that or a house party involving all your friends family and TGWTG characters you can get available.

Nate said...

If it's after the 300th episode then sure! The break is what you deserve, just make sure that you keep the fans at TGWTG assured that the break is only temporary, or they will complain like idiots.

While I see a few people suggesting Frank Miller's 300 as the 300th episode, I personally believe that Frank Miller's Holy Terror! is the real train wreck you should review, as it should give you plenty of material.

Hanyoumaru said...

Lets see, Since episode 100 was the 1st on the list of things you (supposedly) Would never review, and number 200 Was number 2 on the list. Then it would obviously be the third on the list then obviously.

Logan said...

What is Power Force? Not sure what that is.

Steve, Agent of COBRA said...

Personally,. I do thiunk you deserve a break. I think you are bulding too much tension, and it shows in your responses, which are getting more inflamattory and agreessive, especially when someone criticizes something that has a personal connection to you.

If I were you, I would take a whole month off to relax and gather my thoughts and collect myself. If you want to do "History of Power Rangers" in the meantime, go ahead. But regardless of HOPR, you are building up too much stress and you need a break

Daisuke said...

Honestly a month without AT4W might be a good idea to get HOPR out of the way, but maybe after the 300th episode is wrapped up.

On a side note: Went back recently and watched some of the early HOPR, really does make me miss watching Power Rangers as a kid. Also got a friend of mine into HOPR as well, he had been writing a fanfiction that retells the major events in a new fashion and had not seen the show in far too long. So HOPR really helped to get his ideas and memory flowing again, he is only up to Wild Force at the moment in his version and is taking a break to try and come up with how the politics of all the evil empires could work on a larger scale. Anyway...I'm rambling.

Will H said...

I'm all for taking a month off from Atop the Fourth Wall in order to finish History of Power Rangers, especially since Super Megaforce revisits all of these past ranger teams.

You mentioned a change to the website and I hope that you're testing it on mobile devices too. I watch Atop the Fourth Wall on my iPhone. I'm happy with the mobile theme right now, but the big downside is the lack of searching (although I am glad that you're posting links to old episodes when you do a new one in a series). It doesn't have to be a mobile theme, but as long as the site works well on mobile devices, I'm fine.

Sara B said...

Thank you for the updates. I really admire your work ethic & am looking forward to the next story line in AT4W. If you need a break, the idea of a cliffhanger in AT4W is intriguing & fans could look at it like a mid season break in Doctor Who. Enjoy the process of HOPR. I barely remembered my favorite rangers until discovering the series & would love to see more later on. The main thing is that you're healthy & happy enough to continue your videos. Your fans love you & truly appreciate your work.

For the 300th episode, a streaming video celebration sounds fantastic! You can ask for fan tribute submissions, BS or riff media with friends, do another cross limits now with Comicron 1 :) Best wishes & here's to the next 100 episodes!

Tim said...

Would it be possible to do one HOPR per month (like the last monday of each month) instead of an AT4W? My main concern is that HOPR will be lagged behind how often new Power Ranger seasons come out. But doing them all in a month? That seems like it would all blend together and it would be too much crossover between the seasons (plus I could see it getting old towards the end and messing up your oppinion). Just an idea!

Jacob Mayer said...

Don't rush through RPM. Though if you do something like this, make sure to do it in between arcs.

RobHagen said...

I genuinely enjoy HoPR, and wouldn't mind an AT4W break following the 300th episode. Plus, it'll give me a reason to get back to my rewatch of HOPR that was stalled by its removal from the Youtube syndication channel...*shakes fists*

NEXER said...

if it has to be a legitimate source for the footage, is it possible to still get your hands on the legacy collection that is MMPR thru Megaforce? its 600 dollars but im people would be willing to donate. just a though i had, i apologize if it's not a very good one.

i really wish i had something to say that wasnt about HOPR...uhh, iguess ill add that i had a dream last night where you had a cameo on "agents of shield" and was wondering, if you were approached, would you be interested in appearing in the MCU?

NEXER said...

apologies i think i accidentally submitted a comment twice, this was not intentional

JaiCSC said...

Read most of the comments and sorry to have to repeat what a good number of people have said.

Honestly I wouldn't mind you taking a break from AT4W. Personally I've found for 2014 AT4W hasn't been consistent, there a number of factors, from the material being reviewed and the absence of storylines for added incentive. But overall I do think you need a break from it.

Regardless of rumours and speculation with Doug and NC. Since he came back from a couple of months away it. He churned out more hits than misses when the year before it was the other way around.

That said. Stepping away from AT4W just to make a dent in the backlog of HOPR to me defeats the purpose of taking time off the weekly AT4W reviews cause that will be just as strenuous if not more so to get through.

If you think you need a break. Take a break, You threw the suggestion out there so you may have considered it little more than you've let on.

While I know nothing about work like you do but if you think you can afford to take up to 1-2 months off. Do it. Recharge your batteries, and if you feel like you need to do some work you'll have plenty of time to get an episode of HOPR out, get on top of AT4W scripts and storyline footage for when you get back.

You've been on a weekly schedule for near enough 6 years. No ones gonna blame you for taking some time off.

Anonymous said...

I say take hiatus from comics to do HOPR. It is fun to see the stuff I missed.

rick007 said...

Well, Doug took a break and it worked out for him.

Dragonranger said...

I actually think you shouldn't take time off from AT4W to finish HOPR. I love knowing when I come home from work on Monday and knowing there's an AT4W to watch, and on the other side I love not knowing when HOPR are up. When I find a new one has been uploaded it makes a bad day great and great day fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I am in favor of the hiatus.

Would that all of us with a backlog of work to do were able to just take a month off to catch up! You're livin the dream for the rest of us lol!

Anonymous said...

I'm okay with you taking a month off AT4W.

Doctor Manta Ray said...

Just for thye record, Doug doidn't willingly take a break. Doug flat out ended the show and focused all his attention to "Demo Reel". It's only because of the massive backlash that "Demo Reel" got that he's doing Nostalgia Critic again. If Doug had his way, he would still be doing "Demo Reel".

Also, wether listening to the fans was a good thing is debatable. In my opinion, the amount of bad Nostalgia Critic episode is a lot higher now than in the pre-To Boldly Flee era. Also, "Demo Reel" was actually getting good when it was cancelled, and seeing Donnie achieve so much and grow as a character only to have that flushed down the toilet just so that Nostalgia Critic can return feels like a punch in the balls.

Also, considering that Doug not only inserted an April's Fool joke in one of his vlogs, but continued said joke in the following vlog, it's clear that he doesn't give a rat's ass about that whole "Nostalgia Critic is just a character" bullshit.

So, make no mistake: Linkara willingly taking a break from "Atop the Fourth Wall" to work on "History of Power Rangers" doesn't resemble Doug's situation at all.

Alex Perez said...

As long as you're okay with it, I wouldn't mind if you took a month to focus on HOPR.

Anonymous said...

Well the only hang up I would have with taking a month of AT4W would be if it'd put a dent in your productivity for doing that. But if you say you can just marathon them in 2 days and get them each done and edited in a couple days for each video then that puts that issue to rest.

All for it!

Anonymous said...

I personally don't care about HOPR. AT4W is what got me to you, and it's become a highlight of my week. If you feel the need for a hiatus for your own sanity, that's fine. But just to rush through HOPR doesn't really seem worth it to me.
But, I'm just one fan among many, so it is up to you of course :)

DMaster said...

Just a thought on the Outlaws: if you're not going to talk about future issues really soon, you might want to ready some counter-arguments for the inevitable tide of defenses for stuff past the first issue. ESPECIALLY regarding Starfire and Roy's trucker hat (I've seriously heard people saying they find it "cool"; what??).

Justin T. Southerland said...

i would prefer if you didn't put AT4W on hold but to be honest i don't think anyone would riot if you did, you have been doing this for so long, we can handle it if you chose to do something like that.

as for the would be cool if you did a live stream Q&A. like we could e-mail you Qs and you and your brother could answer them. or you could just dress in drag and do the hula, that would be entertaining too :-)

oh and i look forward to the new website, i have started watching every episode from the first video and anything that would make binge watching AT4W more streamlined would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

Oh. It was pointless to leave that comment in your HOPR video. I say for one that you should finish the HOPR. Being that your getting close to jungle fury, you can find a few episodes at

Anonymous said...

If you are willing to do it, then yes. I would love to see some new HOPR.

TheHype37 said...

Hey Linkara,

You know, it bites, and sometimes makes me feel ashamed to be a part of your fandom. Oh no, don't get me wrong! You're still awesome, and your work is as amazing as ever! But sometimes, I am ashamed to see how the other fans tend to hound you when it comes to HOPR, and I constantly try to avoid being one of them.

See, like everyone else, I am a HUGE fan of the series, and I appreciate all the work and dedication you put into it. However, the thing that bites is that clearly, you are becoming fed up with the series, and when you have no love for the series, it translates into your work.

It's why AT4W is so good week after week. You have a lot of love for it, and it translates picture perfect into the final product. However, if there is no love for HOPR, I fear it may end up not coming out with the same stellar feel that it has in the past.

My advice: just make HOPR an annual event. You already go one season per episode, so why not make it a theme? Maybe...I dunno...every summer, we get an episode of HOPR in place of a AT4W eppisode for one week and one week only (kinda like how March of the Titans was a stand in for AT4W). After all, considering that Saban and Nick will STILL be putting out Power Rangers episodes for the next few years, it doesn't seem that HOPR will ever be flat out "done and over with".

EIther way, you've never steered up wrong, and I'm sure whatever your decision is will be for the best. As always, keep up the good work.


The Hype

RanCossack said...

Personally, I'd be all for a temporary vacation from Atop The Fourth Wall, for more episodes of History of Power Rangers. That's not to say I don't enjoy AT4W, because I absolutely do, but I can't deny that I've been itching to see more History of Power Rangers videos, I think I've gone through the entire archive of em three times total thus far, and it really hits me in the nostalgia feels every time, even for seasons I didn't watch.=)

In the end, it's your choice, Lewis, but I'd be all for t. Plus, it COULD potentially give you a bit of extra time to work on future AT4W projects in the future, such as the 300th episode, and the DVD. I'm sure a number of others would agree that we're willing to wait for quality over quantity with your content, and I know you're eager to make sure the 300th episode is the best it can be, just like every episode, so I'd be more than fine waiting for it, and having some Mighty Morhphin Nostalgia Feels replacing AT4W temporarily. :3

But, in the end, tis your call, and I'm certain I'll enjoy what you release one way or another. Keep up the awesome work man, we all really enjoy what you do here. ^_^

PS: As a side note, have you considered possibly setting up a Patreon account? I can tell you with certainty I'd definitely donate to that, to help make sure the show gets the financial support it deserves, outside of your standard ad-revenue, and I'd bet plenty of others would chip in to such a thing.=) Just a thought!

James Proulx said...

It would be awesome if you took a week off to finish History of the Power Rangers I love that series and if you did a weekly special that would be amazing. Overall these are your own choices and I have no say I what you decide but thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion on the matter. I love History of the Power Rangers and it got me back into watching it so either way I am happy as long as you continue to do it. Thank you for all your hard work and I appreciate your opinions.

narya100 said...

Linkara, excellent news about all of it.I have read most of the responses to the State of the Wall. And yes, I know I'm either brave or stupid telling you this almost 20 days after the post was placed, but honestly, I can see you wanting a vacation, you haven't had one for while, (I've watched AT4W for a long time.) I also do love HOPR, which is ironic since as it stands now, Saban has kinda crushed my hopes for a Ranger series like SPD, RPM or Jungle Fury, to say nothing of the great that came before. Ive watched all of Samurai and Megaforce. I cant watch SuperMega because of my love of Gokaiger. (Although, I do want your thoughts on the costumes being used, from unused sentai teams, ie, the Dairangers, who's zords became the Thunderzords. Overall my vote is to say take the month off, and maybe get Overdrive off your plate, cause lets be honest you're forcing yourself through that. But I don't want you to rush anything, if you cant get to Samurai or RPM don't. HOPR is labor of love. Do what you feel is right about it. The month off is my vote.

Kevin said...

Its to bad you didn't do jungle fury between 2011 and the fall of 2012. Jungle fury along with time force, samurai, SPD, Dino thunder and ninja storm were all being aired non stop on nicktoons. Hey you might have seen it cause you watched samurai during that time. I don't know. I'd say finish HOPR its been going on so long that people keep on asking you (well you know)

Drachegirl14 said...

This is an interesting dilemma that we have. I'm glad you're taking fan interest into account, but then I also need to wonder what you think?

Specifically, you've mentioned wanting HoPR over and done with. To me it sounds as though you just want to get it done - so is it worth it to you to take your HoPR marathon over the AT4W stuff?

You are the one who is putting it out there, Mr. Linkara Sir, and as such, you are the one who should decide what it is you want. You will have people of all sorts of opinions, who want it, who don't want it, who are vehemently against it, who offer compromises (btw I kinda liked the do it every other week thing). In my humble opinion, I feel as though I'd enjoy seeing more HoPR but only to the extent where I can pick up on the enjoyment (or lack thereof, Operation Overdrive was . . . well . . . we don't talk about OO) you get from doing it. It's YOUR project, and you should have fun with it.

If I truly HAD to pick, I'd say try to maybe do like one HoPR a month, instead of a marathon or just taking time off your regular projects; a sort of compromise that might be able to please the vast majority of people . . . but as I am simply one person, that's just my thoughts.

Hope you have a good day,

willow puppy said...

I am not someone who watches your every day things. I come to you for the History of Power Rangers, mainly because I like hearing others thoughts on the Power Rangers. I like your humor and I more than likely will read/watch a LOT of your stuff during the summer. SO, in saying ALL of that, I really do wish you could make HOPR a more frequent event. And I am sure you are tired of hearing people ask and ask when it will be finished (in my head I am one of those people). So do whatever you feel is necessary, take time off and marathon Power Rangers or continue with your usual set up and tell those of us who are to impatient to piss off. Again Love your work on HOPR.

Sabrblade said...

Lewis, you like Power Rangers. You like doing History of Power Rangers, and you want to get it all done and over with. But, there comes a point in doing these kinds of projects where the sheer fun and enjoyment of doing becomes taxing and feels more like a chore and not as fun anymore. This feeling especially occurs when the project goes on for a lot longer than it was intended, and finding the time to get around to continue it all starts to feel like a pipe dream. This is never a good thing, and I imagine that that is the last thing you wish to happen with this. Therefore, I answer your proposal with this vote. You wish to get it done and over with, to have it finally put behind you so that you can not only get on with other things without having it loom over you like a nagging feeling, but also so that you can feel proud for having accomplished the longterm goal of a task that you set upon yourself. And you are also determined to keep up with your routine schedule of keep us, the viewers, up to speed on weekly entertainment videos for us to view. So, if you are indeed able to get HOPR done and completed with each series' video posted every week in place of AT4W videos, then I say go for it. Take a month off and achieve your goal. Let it be accomplished once and for all so that you can bask in the satisfaction of this long time coming. Go and complete it as you wish to. Take off a month from AT4W and make your dream a reality. Go. And may the power protect you.