Sunday, April 6, 2014

VLOG: 4-6-14 - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Watch Linkara and his brother ramble about pretty much everything except the movie!

NOTE: I was confused about characters. Baron Strucker and Baron Zemo are not the same people. ‎


LucasChad said...

I enjoyed a lot about this movie more than the first despite the plot involving HYDRA corrupting SHIELD is almost head-spinningly confusing. Still, the climax had grasping me to my seat and I can't wait to see where the character goes from there next in Avengers 2 and Cap 3! Can you believe Marvel already has the third film locked on a release date the same time as the Batman vs. Superman movie? I imagine which one you rather watch.

The mid-credits bonus scene is a huge step up from the one in Thor 2. I was hoping for a James Spader cameo, but it's nice to see the first appearance of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. From what I heard, there's another Quicksilver in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future's Past. I don't know if they're the same character, or just two different Quicksilvers but created differently.

Only one thing, is it just me or was that Jarvis in Nick Fury's car during the chase scene? I know it doesn't sound like Paul Bettany, but I can't help but wonder if Tony Stark gave SHIELD a newer Jarvis prototype for their automobiles.

Joshua Ford said...

In all fairness, The Winter Soldier mostly stuck to shadows in the comic this movie is based on. I think he only physically engaged Cap once or twice, with it mostly focused on Aleksandre Lukin as the villain.

Joshua Ford said...

Biggest fanboy moment for me was when Sitwell mentioned Dr. Strange! GIMMIE MY STRANGE MOVIE MARVEL!

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked Captain America: The Winter Soldier, So did I

oh just letting you know in The Amazing Spider-man 2 movie they are kind of using Spectacular Spider-man TV show version of Electro's origin so you might want to watch the Spectacular Spider-man TV show (you might have to buy the DVD sets though since the show is canceled though)

Joshua Ford said...

(sorry for so many comments) I think they could do a FANTASTIC Doctor Strange movie. If they made Loki and Thor's costumes work on screen, I guarantee you that they can make Strange's costume work beautifully.

I don't think they should use Dormammu though, given that Dormammu is one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe, they should start small with Baron Mordo or Nightmare.

In fact, my theory is that Marvel is gonna have Doctor Strange replace Adam Warlock as the chief gatherer of the heroes for the inevitable Infinity Gauntlet adaptation since Adam Warlock got caught up in the Fantastic Four rights, and Fox refused to give him up.

Jonathan Smith said...

You should watch Spectacular Spider-man (watch it on the internet or the complete series DVD coming on April 22nd.)because think of it as Spider-Man: The Animated Series,the good parts of Spider-man's history, and the Sam Raimi Film series done right combined also it has alot of good stuff

and you should watch Avengers Earth's mightiest heroes (like what your brother said)

DeweyFinn21 said...

Lewis, I think that the Winter Soldier subtitle was a clever trick to hide the whole S.H.I.E.L.D. Civil War plot. And while you could call it Captain America 2, I think that it works well. Also, with Marvel movies, have any of the subtitles been the focus of the movie? The First Avenger, not really about Avengers, The Dark World, not really a big part of the actual film, The Winter Soldier, not the main focus. But that's just my thoughts, but then again I'm in the boat that liked the fact that the marketing for Iron Man 3 focused more on Ben Kingsley and not Guy Pearce, since the twist was the big thing. So, yeah. That's my thoughts on the title thing.

PR Venco said...

I'm a huge MCU fan, so Winter Soldier was definitely one of my most anticipated movies of the year.

Discounting the Avengers, I feel that it's probably the best MCU movie so far. It was able to advance Cap's character and give him a good story while having a larger repercussion on the shared universe as a whole.

Looking forward to Guardians, Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, CA3, or any other MCU movie coming out. Going back with the Avengers #200 review, I do agree that Ms Marvel would be a big treat to see down the line. Though unfortunately it would likely be Carol Danvers.

Not that I'm complaining but having just recently gotten into the Kamala Khan Ms Marvel series, there's that possibility that the comics might reflect any changes in the movies. Though that too is unlikely given that Ms Marvel doesn't have as much staying power as with Spider-Man.

I say that if Carol Danvers ever gets adapted into the MCU, she should just jump straight into the Captain Marvel mantle, and leave the Ms Marvel mantle up to somebody else in that mythos, possibly Kamala.

RobHagen said...

Some thoughts/comments:

1. The current theory is that Loki's Staff is actually the Mind Gem as it let him take control of Hawkeye and the Professor in the Avengers. So it might be that Strucker is using it control the "Twins".

2. They reference Operation: Paperclip, which was a real program wherein high-level Nazi scientists were put to work for the US during the Cold War. Conspiracy theorists claim that these folks then helped other Nazi infiltrate the CIA. So it adds a veneer of realism to what Zola did.

3. On the costumes, the Captain one was just the Captain America outfit in all black and no stripes. The "Agent Rogers" was used during his return post-Siege when he let Bucky remain as Cap while he took over SHIELD.

4.They don't need to even mention Magneto in the Marvel Cinematic Movies, as neither Scarlet Witch or Quicksilver knew he was their father until well after they joined the Avengers. Who their father isn't exactly pertinent a fight against Ultron.

5. As for why no Iron Man, he blew up all of his armors in IM3, he's on the West Coast and he'd be the first person HYDRA would expect them to try and contact (he's on their big hit list after all).

6. Ronald Reagan was the one who got turned into a snakeman during a mid-80's Cap storyline, while Richard Nixon was the mysterious head of the Secret Empire who committed suicide during the early 70's.

I had some other thoughts, but it's late and I didn't write them all down during my VLOG viewing.

TimeTravlerJessica said...

Graham (I hope I caught his name right) loves Earth's Mightiest Heroes, thinks Hawkeye is getting the shaft (that pun was bad and you should feel bad lol), and wants Mockingbird in the MCU? He is my new best friend.

Seriously WATCH Earth's Mightiest Heroes!!! I've streamed it twice all the way through on Netflix and it's awesome. It's something I can watch with my seven-year-old second cousin without feeling bad (all though they had some pretty stunning "the censors were dead" moments of getting crap past the radar lol) but it's also mature enough I'm not embarrassed to say I watch it by myself.

If you're going to watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I recommend skipping most of the first half of the season. If I was still watching NCIS (I don't have DVR) I would have dropped it and I'm really glad I didn't because in episode 13 it suddenly got "decent" and then in episode 16 or 17 got "freaking good." There are some good episode here and there in the first twelve eps but most are just maddeningly dull IMHO.

You know what I loved about both end credits scenes of Winter Soldier? They looked like they came from the same movie. The mid credits scene at the end of Thor 2 was super jarring. Like seriously my thought was, "Why are we suddenly watching Star Trek the Original Series?! And why does this look more like Stark Trek the Original Series than the reboot movie?" It actually made me interested in where that's going in Avengers 2 ... previously I did not care about what they were doing with those two characters.

I wasn't even going to see this movie until it was in the cheapo last run theater. I hated IM3 and Thor 2 was just ... okay, so I didn't have a lot of optimism. But one of my friends who also didn't like IM3 posted on Facebook that it was "as good as Dark Knight" and that convinced me to see it and I'm really glad I did. I don't think it's as good as Dark Knight but it is REALLY good. Lots of little things bothered me about it but nothing that was so bad it took me out of the movie. (Okay I lied ... the whole time we were supposed to be sad Fury was "dead" I was thinking of the way he ordered *censored for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spoilers* on Coulson and it was ... kind of hard to be sad. I was more upset because I was thinking that Coulson won't get to confront him now. That did pull me out a lot - Coulson has that effect. I also got really pissed off at Joss Whedon when he died in Avengers ... and then it turned out that wasn't even Whedon's idea. Coulson is kind of my baby lol.) Basically this movie is the main reason I'm excited about Avengers 2 again.

DaveWire said...

Baron von Strucker and Baron Zemo are two different characters.

Keveak said...

I'm actually one of the people who did not know about the Winter Soldier's backstory. I'm European and my only introduction to Captain America before discovering Atop the Fourth Wall was Spiderman: The Animated Series from the 1990s, which did not to my memory include the winter soldier or Bucky. Since then, I've only read a few comics were Steve appears, so I honestly did not know what had happened to Bucky or that there even was a Winter Soldier character (First Avenger referred to Cap, so I presumed this title also did). Having also avoided the trailers, I was legitimately surprised by it.

I personally really liked the film, especially with Black Widow in a pretty major role. While they didn't necessarily do much with the grey morality, they did show that Cap couldn't automatically trust superiors or anyone else. Fury lied a lot and even faked death. Despite them being on the same side, it did really show that it was a lot less black and white than Captain America was used to. Even the good people used subterfuge and secrets, after all.

I think Cap's neighbour was actually Sharon Carter, as she refers to her aunt at one point and is set up as a potential love interest. Which I am quite happy that Black Widow was not, being instead just a friend.

Loki's staff is one of the pieces needed for the Infinity Gauntlet story, to my understanding, and was granted to Loki by the Chitauri. The Tesseract is apparently another one.

Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch don't seem to be related to Magneto in the Marvel Studios universe, by the bee. The mid-credits scene establishes them as the survivors of HYDRA's experiments, which means that they are not mutants or necessarily connected to Magneto. They are unrelated to the ones in the X-men films, due to the film rights issue, so it's probable that all X-men related elements were altered.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Baron von Strucker and Baron Zemo are two different characters."

I know.

It says so on the blog post right under the video.

Ringadon said...

My theory as to how they're going to make Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch work going forward in the shared Avengers film universe it to have the events of Days of Future Past force a sort of merging of the x-men films with the others. which would further allow a way to motivate villainous actions at later points, al-la superboy prime (which itself wasn't a bad idea but had just GOD AWFUL execution). Mutants will become a thing in the main cinematic universe but will likely be a more background thing, i.e. not open knowledge.

Side note: I am in total agreement with Joshua and the Geek out at the mention of Steven Strange. I WANT THAT MOVIE TOO!!!

Headshot Bunny said...

Hey Linkara,

My biggest question with the film was where was Hawkeye in all of this, he is a SHIELD agent in this universe and his name isn't even mentioned.

On the question you posted regarding Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, there is a loop hole in the contracts for the two characters, their origins are with the X-Men storyline of course, but they have been Avengers for so long that they technically fit in both fields, hence the reason why we will get two different versions of the same characters. The Avengers contract just requires them to not be called mutants and to not bring up Magneto at all.

The most popular rumor I have run into is that they will make Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Inhumans in the Avengers film and that this will be a set up to an Inhuman solo film.

RedCyclone said...

I'm sorry to say this Lewis, but your brother is part of why "Man of Steel" came to be.

His close minded hatred in a living beacon of hope perpetuates the sophomoric hyperbole that has allowed Zach Snyder and David Goyer to molest Clark Kent the way they have in order to sell tickets to the Batman crowd.

PR Venco said...

Hey Linkara, I have a question regarding Marvel and DC for you.

Watching the vids it's common that you like DC more than Marvel, so the question is, why? What are those elements of DC, be they characters, values, etc, that make you gravitate towards them as opposed to Marvel?

Just food for thought.

Starman said...

Re: Why Steve and Natasha didn't go to Tony Stark for help.

Simple geography. They are in Washington DC. Tony has a building in NYC but his home is on the west coast. Train stations and airports are the first places HYRDRA starts watching for the to turn up. It's too much of a risk.

Raithnor said...

According to an interview by the actor, Falcon's not going to be in Avengers 2, but he will be back in Captain America 3. Hopefully he'll be in Avengers 3.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a really big fan of superheroes, but go to see superhero movies occasionally because they often feature great sci-fi machines(helicarrier reveal in Avengers OHHH MY GODD YESSS). So my complaint about Captain America is there isn't enough tech. The entire reason I was there was I'd heard the phrase "*fleet* of helicarriers*" and ya, technically that was true - but they didn't do anything.

labarith said...

Tricarrier is from the Ultimate Spiderman cartoon.

The idea is that it's a space ship, helicarrier, and a submarine that combine to impress the kiddies.

Also, the Ultimate Spiderman Cartoon is incredibly terrible. Far, far worse than Spectacular and

13th Doctor said...

I really enjoyed this movie mainly because it kinda flips the "we gotta sacrifice some of our freedoms for security" moral on its head and takes it to its logical conclusion. There is not really all that much to complain about regarding this movie since I don't really look for plot holes too hard unless they are staring me in the face.

If I made take an aside, Iron Man 2 actually grew on me after a while though I did not like it at first. Iron Man 3 is a film I have a strange love/hate relationship with. There are things about it that I really like but there are also plenty of dumb things. I.e. How did Tony get the shrapnel removed even though it was made clear in the previous films that there was no way to remove it??!!! It was something that could have easily been foreshadowed or brought up before and gave a little more context to Tony's decision to destroy the suits at the end.

Anonymous said...

I loved this movie alot. loved the little small things I noticed in the few bits, including Sitwell mentioning Dr. Strange by name.

Also, I really liked the Falcon in this movie, good character done in a good way.

By the way, the guy you were referring to as zemo was actually Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker, the original leader of HYDRA in the comics back in the Seventies.

Patrick Lemke said...

Lewis, you and your brother seem like awesome people to talk about nerdy stuff.

P.S. Ultimate Spider-Man is NOT as bad as people make it out to be. I recommend giving it a watching before blindly hating on it out of spite for it replacing Spectacular. Which IMO is a very petty reason to dislike something for.

Al said...

What about this look for Doctor Strange? I personally love it. Oded Fehr as Steven Strange would be awesome

Patrick Lemke said...

I'm sorry, I could have worded that a little better.

Linkara, what I was saying was to avoid the criticism for the show and judge it for yourself. A lot of the people who dislike Ultimate are spiteful Spectacular fans who will go out of their way to ensure more people 1) Won't watch it 2) Hate it like they do or 3) Have it forgotten. You seem like a very open-minded, mature individual dude.

If you ever get the time you could watch all 26-episodes of Spectacular and a few of Ultimate for compare and contrast. Certainly better than the way Agony Booth reviewed it *shudder* Now THAT was annoying.

KainGerc said...

to avoid the confusion, cap's neighbor in the movie was agent 13\Sharon Carter (she was put there by fury to keep tabs on cap which is why i think he called her a different name at first, but at the end of the movie Natasha confirmed her name was Sharon).

in the comics she's Peggy's niece(or grand-niece not sure about that), which i think she's also in the movie because it was alluded to when cap went home from visiting Peggy, Sharon was on the phone talking to her aunt.

R.Lloyd said...

Deathlok premiered in 1975. The artist who developed him was Rich Buckler. The character was Marvel's answer to the Six Million Dollar Man and was meant to get sales from The Six Million Dollar man comic from Charlton Comics....Marvel didn't have the rights to do SMDM so Deathlok was their version of the character.

R.Lloyd said...

Love this show. Being a kid who grew up in the 1970's, I wish I knew people who I grew up with who appreciated comics and movies like you do. When I watch your show it's nice to see fans who appreciate the genre and don't make fun of the audience. I find myself going to your site more and more for comics reviews. We need more fan sites like this that truly are passionate about the material and have actual knowledge of the subject matter. I'm an old school Marvel and DC fan and it's nice to see fans younger than myself who truly appreciate the history of comics.

Anonymous said...

so no mention of how the winter soldier's backstory both in the comics and the movie were ripped off from rob liefeld's version of speed boy in his fighting american series which came out in 1998

Anonymous said...

your brother was thinking of the second antman named scott lang you were thinking of the third antman eric o'grady

Anonymous said...

Yay! The ads are back. I switched off Adblocker for your site ages ago, but this is the first time I've seen one of your ads in aaages.

I'm pretty sure that in the comics, the Infinity Gems weren't anything else (like the Cosmic Cube / Tesseract as they are here).

Lewis, somebody mentioned Agent Rogers was post-Siege; I'm thinking the name you were looking for was Nomad.

When Sitwell mentioned Dr Strange 'and a high school valedictorian', did anybody else take that as a Spider-Man reference?

I believe it's on the Thor: Dark World BluRay that they fix the Mandarin problem.
(Also, sequels: Dark Knight, Dark World, Into Darkness... Anyone else getting bored with 'Dark' for part 2? No? Just me, then.)

Also, I've seen Amazing Spider-Man 2, and I'll say this much: it was in colour. And mostly set at day.

~ Mik

Anonymous said...

Somebody linked me to this article recently:
Thought you'd like it.

(Though I don't agree with the idea that 'we' want cynical superheroes now, I like most of the rest.)

~ Mik

Captain America Costume Girl said...

Glad you liked Captain America: The Winter Soldier, So did I ...