Friday, August 5, 2011

Airzone Solution Bloopers

And it seems not a moment too soon. ‎


Bryan Magsayo said...

News flash: Miles Morales is now the 2nd Spiderman in the Ultimate universe and he will appear on new Ultimate Comics: Spiderman in September this year. He's African-American with a Latino descent. Any questions?

Nice bloopers by the way.

Sage Saria said...

...Lewis, why did you bite Kickassia?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"...Lewis, why did you bite Kickassia?"

I was hoping it was a JILL SANDWICH, but it wasn't. It was ALMOST one, though.

Sage Saria said...

"I was hoping it was a JILL SANDWICH, but it wasn't. It was ALMOST one, though."

The sad thing is I had to look that meme up after you replied because I didn't get it ^^;

I just thought it was a strange thing to want to put in your mouth. So much of it has already been chewed up after all XD

the Chapmaniac said...

This comic has nothing to do with this post! Please don't shoot me with your magic gun.

I have found an evil so bad, so hideous, that the mere name sends me scared shit. So I call upon a fellow reviewer to look at this piece of camel turd.

Super Mario Comics! Yes Super Mario Comics! Between 1990 and 1991, Valiant comics published Nintendo Comics System, a series of comics that included Game Boy, Mario, Metrois, Captain N, and Punch Out!!!

The Mario Series ran for an impressive 47 issues, but as the Mario Super Show clearly shows, if you slap the Mario name on anything, even the worst shit, people will buy it. *coughMario'sTennisforVirtualBoycough*

If you look at even 3 of his comics, or even three of theses series, then you sir, have balls.

the Chapmaniac said...

Okay, I just had an idea.

What if Robo was kidnapped by Insano and turned evil?

Jay said...

ok that provided many a laugh. Also, kickassia is not a sandwich, but Suburban Knights is! but atleast the Cinema Snob was having fun.

something not to do with the bloopers but: i ended up having some problems with my gmail account not long after i sent you an e-mail, I just wanted to know if it got through to you. gmail account: testingitout7. i'm sorry if this is kind of spam, i just want to be sure it made it through..

Ya said...

Ya here. I sent you some actual good fan art that I spent a lot of time on as well as an e-mail that was probably too long and rambling. Ignoring my last two e-mails is fine because they were probably far too words words words, but I just wanted to know if you got the comic book cover, since I was somewhat proud of it. Sorry if I'm bothering you. Also, I have been working on a fan comic for you. 15 pages of pencils so far.

Chris Prime said...


Also I'm currently watching Trial of a Timelord at the moment. :-)

Jarkes said...

This is sort of related to this video: Can you tell me the names of all of the Doctors of Doctor Who, and how long each of them was the Doctor? By which I mean, the first year they were in the role, to the last year they were in the role. I'm really curious.

Anonymous said...