Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kickassia Commentary

So Nash, Obscurus Lupa, Phelous, and I decided to do a new commentary of Kickassia!

Why these people? Well, it was 4 in the morning and you'll have to listen to the commentary for more information. Look behind the cut!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6


QuetzaDrake said...

That was a fun stream to attend. Lotta good stuff during commentary and especially between parts (including regarding that show that must not be named).

Also I was the one who accused Lindsay of stealing Goggles' goggles at the end of Part 2 in the chat. :3c (Also Linkara totally said my fake internet name between parts and he said it right on the first try >3< )

But yeah, insightful and fun and a good idea to have non-participants (and Pholos) do a retrospective.

The Horror Guru said...

This was actually a more entertaining commentary than the many from last year. Well done to everyone involved.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts on the titles:

>Part 1: The Withering Eye
The gaze of a greedy, selfish individual turning his gaze to this tiny, innocent region.

>Part 2: Triumph and Treacle
A day of victory! Let's hope it can stay this good!

>Part 3: Inglorious Glory
Truly, this is something wonderful, Channel Awesome's own nation! But...is there something nefarious at foot?

>Part 4: The Beginning of the End of the Beginning
The house of cards begins to fall.

>Part 5: Fall of the Risen
After Dr. Insano's return, he falls, pleading for his life. After the fusion of Christmas icons that is Santa Christ came forth to try and quell the madness, he falls to his death. And the once-promising new nation of Kickassia, begins to dissemble.

>Part 6: All the Really Bad Shit Happens

Ming said...

Loved the commentaries on the epic saga Kickassia from last year. I'm surprised you got Obscurus Lupa and Nash, who never appeared in Kickassia.

You should get other reviewers to do commentaries on some of your previous episodes.