Thursday, August 11, 2011


More commentaries! First up is from Silent Hill: Dying Inside #5

Next, the 100th episode: Sonic Live #1!


ChaosCroc said...

As someone who draws/writes Sonic the Hedgehog fan content a lot, let me be the first to say that I'm glad you reviewed Sonic Live, as opposed to the mainstream series. I'd hate to imagine you trying to explain years of back-story in the span of a few minutes. XD

I won't bore you with questions on your thoughts about Sonic in general, since your commentary made it clear that you're just a casual fan of the games, but I did have a small question.

If you yourself were in charge of doing a Sonic the Hedgehog based comic series, how would you handle it?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if you want to know, Sonic was created in Japan, but surprisingly, his original Japanese design changed a lot after the North American team changed it.

So the NA team actually had a lot to do with the result that appeared in the games from what I've read. Which may also explain the extreme shift in story and character focus when the games went back to being mostly handled by the Japanese teams, and ended up with Sonic's decline in quality.

SynjoDeonecros said...

Oh, I wouldn't be that concerned about pissing off your Sonic fans, especially considering the sheer number of requests for it. Unless you get hit with some really diehard Ken Penders or Ian Flynn fanatics out there, I don't think you'd be3 getting flak for reviewing any sort of Sonic comics. But, to be fair, here's a list of Sonic comics that, to my knowledge, is also universally loathed:

Mobius: X Years Later - Oh, deer, this is a painful comic. I have not heard any good things from it, and it's a really good intro to the dichotomy of Ken vs. Ian fanboys.

Iron Dominion Saga (issues 200-212) - It's rather continuity-heavy, but I've heard even Ian fans hate the thing, if only for the pacing problems and the snap backs of a lot of events in the comic. If it could be compared to anything, it would have to be Countdown. Yes, Sonic has its own Countdown to Final Crisis.

Of course, you know about the crossover with Image. I think nothing more should be said about it.

Sonic is Japanese, and Yuji Naka is one of the creators. He sadly left shortly after the Sonic Adventure games, after which the games really started going downhill. Must be the loops he insisted on putting into the game randomly (seriously, who would you put in loops in a freaking highway?).

Yeah, the Knuckles stories are pretty good, one of the best stories Ken did for the comic. Unfortunately, it became a point of contention recently when Sega used it to make Sonic Chronicles, and as a result, Ken started suing everyone for copyright infringement. Yeah, the guy's a little cuckoo, now. At least he didn't write a fanfic where Knuckles was Hitler, like Ian did (god Other M was bad...)

Steve said...

Actually, if you're looking for episode 200 suggestions, you do keep saying that the worst comic you've ever read is a closely guarded secret, soooo that'd be kind of awesome to reveal it for ep 200. :D

"Best of Both Worlds" is one of those rare pieces of art that absolutely, positively lives up to literally ALL the hype. If the Borg had been finished for good there I think nobody would complain.

Ohohoho, you haven't played Sonic 2006, have ya? If 3D Blast soured you, 2006 would CURDLE your blood. XD

Anonymous said...

Yo Linkara,

You said that "Multi Modal" whatsis was from the best episode of Star Trek: TNG. Which one is that?

As for Sonic Live, I was surprised that you were looking for a copy of it when I e-mailed you about a donation. I'm hoping that was the one you used in the 100th episode. I was giddy when the Sonic fans were speculating on which comic you were going to review. :P

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"You said that "Multi Modal" whatsis was from the best episode of Star Trek: TNG. Which one is that?"

Multi-modal reflection sorting is mentioned in part of "The Best of Both Worlds," the season 3 cliffhanger and season 4 opener of the show.

Octo7 said...

Congratulations on your hundredth episode! Here's to a hundred more.

Sage Saria said...

I think the Sega logo has been embedded in the mind of everybody who grew up with a Genesis. It's certainly been embedded in mine ^^

And yeah, the world of Sonic is a bit scary these days. I hear the games are getting better but hoo boy, the horror stories of some of the fanbase. And then there's Sonic '06. *shudder*

Anonymous said...

Hi Lewis. I know you don't have time to watch other web-show. But do you watch Animation Lookback?

Jeremy A. Patterson said...

You promised 'lots of forces':

Here is the list of remaining 'Force' teams left to cover:
*Action Force (Marvel UK; 65 issues; March 1987 to August 1989; Practically new U.K. stories of G.I.Joe!)
*The American Air Forces (Magazine Enterprises; 12 issues; 1944 to 1952)
*Battleforce (Blackthorne; 1987-88; A Battletech comic book!)
*Starforce Six (AC Comics; Bolt and Starforce Six #1 and Starforce Six Special #1; 1984; A group of astronauts that received powers from a radiation cloud!)
*Captain Nauticus and the Ocean Force (Entity Comics; Two issues; 1994 to 1995; Under the National Maritime Center imprint)
*Codename: Stryke Force (Image; 15 issues; January 1994 to August 1995; A Cyberforce spin-off!)
*Cyberforce (Image/Top Cow; Has appeared off and on since 1992)
*Die-Cut Vs. G-Force (Marvel UK; Two issues; 1993)
*Dragonforce (Aircel/Malibu; 13 issues; May 1988 to January 1990; From the creator of Pitt!)
*Fantastic Force (Marvel; 18 issues; An EXTREME spin-off of the Fantastic Four!)
*FemForce (AC Comics; This book has been published continuously since 1984!)
*The Fifth Force Featuring Hawk and Animal (Antarctic Press; Two issues; April 1999 to July 1999; Part of the big wrestling comics oom of the late 1990s!)
*Fightin' Air Force (Charlton; 51 issues; February 1956 to March 1966; A war anthology!)
*The Force of Buddha's Palm (Jademan Comics; 55 issues; August 1988 to February 1993; Kung fu action!)
*Force Works (Marvel; 22 issues; July 1994 to April 1996; The crappy replacement for Avengers West Coast!)
*Freedom Force (Image; Six issues; January 2005 to June 2005; Based on the hit computer game!)
*Gall Force: Eternal Story (Central Park Media; Four issues; 1995; Based on the cheesy Anime!)
*Global Force (Silverline Comics; Two issues; 1987; A global super-team!)
*Justice League Task Force (DC; 38 issues; June 1993 to August 1996)
*Labor Force (Blackthorne; Eight issues; September 1986 to August 1987)
*Mortal Kombat: U.S. Special Forces (Malibu; Two issues; January 1995 to February 1995; Starring Jax and Sonya!)
*Navy Task Force (Key Publications; Seven issues; December 1954 to April 1956; Another war anthology!)
*Newforce (Image; Four issues; 1996; Practically a continuation of Newmen!)
*Night Force (DC; Dc's Tomb of Dracula)
*Our Fighting Forces (DC; 181 issues; November 1954 to October 1978)
*Phantom Force (Image/Genesis West; Nine issues; December 1993 to October 1994; JACK KIRBY COMES TO IMAGE!)
*Primal Force (DC; 15 issues; October 1994 to December 1995; Essentially the Global Guardians with a more EXTREME name!)
*Psi-Force (Marvel; 32 issues plus One Annual; November 1986 to June 1989; One of the New Universe books!)
*Rai and the Future Force (Valiant; Actually Rai #9 to #23; Even Valiant had to do this!)
*Special Forces (Image; Six issues; 2007 to 2008)
*Strike Force: America (Comico; 1992 to 1995)
*Strikeforce: Morituri (Marvel; 36 issues; December 1986 to March 1990)
*Task Force One (Image; Four issues; 2006)
*U.S. Air Force Comics (Charlton; 37 issues; October 1958 to April 1965; Another war anthology!)
*U.S. Fighting Air Force (Superior Publishers; 29 issues; September 1952 to October 1956; Another war anthology!)
*Ultraforce (Malibu; 27 issues; September 1994 to December 1996; The Avengers of the Ultraverse!)

That is a lot of FORCES!


Ming said...

Loved your commentaries on this.

Your Silent Hill-style intro and battle against Pyramid Head in Dying Inside, as well as the entire Dead/Alive review, are incredibly better than most of IDW's comic abominations that dare call themselves part of Silent Hill. I do hope we get to see the next bad Silent Hill comic review soon . . .

FugueforFrog said...

You really need another episode in the dark even if you didn't think it worked. I loved the way it was all dark in the final Silent Hill episode considering it made it more interesting even in the midst of all the Christabella/Whatley nonsense.

Oh...just keep Neutro in the spaceship if you need to. Heck, after watching some of Dekaranger (and obviously I know S.P.D. is next in your HoPR), I could even see him powerful enough to make it more powerful and morph into a super mech spaceship to say some super S.K.Y.N.E.T. thingie that created Mechakara.

FugueforFrog said...

BTW: there are other terrible non-Clone, non-OMD Spidey comics you could eventually do if you don't want to go down those paths. What about the infamous "The Other" where he turns into a giant mutant bug, well I hear it's terrible.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lewis. I rather enjoy your videos and I want to ask you a question. Why don't you make a review of a bad Star Wars comic book? As a SW-fan I know, that there's some of them besides Marvel written ones. You can take "My Brother My Enemy" "Slaves of the Republic", or anything tied to Clone Wars series. But I specifically recomend you crossover named "Vector" as the worst SW comic book I know.
Sorry for any mistake I made in that comment, I don't speak English well.

rdfox said...

I'd suggest "WWE Heroes" for a review (God, what a trainwreck THAT was!), but really, that's more suited for NEXT year's crossover with Spoony...

How about Identity Crisis for #200, then?

Unknown said...

hey Lewis 'YOU'RE RUINING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' and of course 'I'll Kill you TO DEATH!'

Unknown said...

My Proposal for episode 200:
Castlevania The Belmont Legacy, it's covers for the 1st and 3rd issue are AWESOME but some of the issues of the comics you have to see for yourself, as fan of the Castlevania series I find it very lack luster and down right forgettable way to price gouging fans who needed a fix (The next Castlevania game was due out a few months after the final issue's release). But instead of an original story or hyping up the new game with a prequel story it's actually covering a (at the time of release) 16 year old game who later got an updated release in 2009 EXCLUSIVELY DOWNLOADABLE ONLY FOR THE WII. I could possibly forgive it if it was some indie comic book company who got the license in the mid 90s and just put something out there but this series is from 2005 and published by IDW, who while not the greatest publisher in the world has never published something like this that I know of.

Wyatt said...

Linkara, since the first commentary is silent hill, did you ever read Silent Hill: Past Life. I remember you brought it up a while ago and you said it interested you since it was the same guy who did Sinner's Reward (Tom Waltz). I'm curious because you're positive review of Sinner's Reward made me buy it, so I'd like to know how Past Life worked out.

Jarkes said...

Yeah, this has nothing to do with these commentaries, but... I've been watching Power Rangers In Space again, courtesy of Netflix Instant, and something about the Psycho Rangers arc bugs me a little. Ecliptor was reprogrammed to be completely loyal to Dark Specter, yet he doesn't seem to care when Astronema reveals that the Psycho Rangers were created to destroy both the Space Rangers and Dark Specter. What are your thoughts on that?

Anonymous said...

Linkara as you said in the sonic live comentary, what was the point in making sonic live?

well the editor at the time felt that with satam being cancled that the comic book should cancel too and so ken penders asked the editor to let him write a sonic story with his kids in it for fun before the comic gets canned.
and so thats why they made this comic..for fun and games sigh.

banjo tooie

BooRat said...