Saturday, August 27, 2011

Podcast Monkeys

Or, in this case, the Monkey Brodcast, where I was a guest on this podcast. Posted below!


BooRat said...

Wicked interview! You sounded like Steven Hawking's computer voice due to the destortion.

I liked hearing about ya'll's openion on the Captain America movie! I loved that movie it was great. It did have that kind of tan tint to the film that a lot of period pieces have now a days. The Red Skull makeup I liked but I'd liked it better if they when more the rout that his face looked burnt and scarred than what they did go with but I'm still happy with it as is!

So you read FMA too I like that series and unlike the other mangas they descussed it at least had an ending ready and set up at issue one unlike most series. I do like on going stories, but I do like chapters like you said that is basically an open and closed case in a much larger story. Like Knightfall in the grand sceme of Batman or Death of... in the Superman comics!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree on their point about long-running, ongoing continuity

The writers become afraid of changing the status-quo

No matter what big thing happens, it'll always be reverted to the way it was before

Why bother with continuity then?

The Jonin Monkey said...

Hey guys, hope you enjoy the Broadcast and if any of you would prefer an MP3 version, then click here ^_^


Headshot Bunny said...

Who was it that told you the hilarious Voyager joke in the 4th video?

The Jonin Monkey said...

sfdebris. You can find either on blip, youtube, or his own website. He does a lot of reviews on Sci-fi (mostly Star Trek but plently of other series and movies as well).

Headshot Bunny said...

thanks, I had seen some of his reviews before but couldn't find him again.