Thursday, October 25, 2012

Longbox of the Damned: Bela Lugosi's Tales from the Grave #2

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Anonymous said...

I'm really glad I saw this one before Dawn. I wonder how many people remember that Lugosi got to be most of the classic horror monsters at one time or another. The tales he could tell. . .

I wonder if anyone would have died if there had been spinach on board the ship in the first tale...

Anonymous said...

Didn't notice before that you respond to comments. Fair enough. A take-out place as a setting actually might have some interesting possibilities.

Can I ask what you use to determine what deserves a mention here? The quality of art and writing? Originality of idea? How disturbing the concept is?

Tyler said...

Braaaaaiiinnnss, and SPINACH!!
I'm Popeye the Zombie Man.

LucasChad said...

Great use of Howard Shore's Ed Wood main theme. That theremin is irrestestible to the ears.

It's easy to say that Lugosi is forever remembered as Dracula and that's it. But if you would to ask me what other films to watch, here's my own personal list of recommendations.

Murders in the Rue Morgue/The Black Cat/The Raven (1932-1935)
Mark of the Vampire (1935)
The Devil Bat (1940)
The Corpse Vanishes (1941)
The Return of the Vampire (1944)
Any of his film serials like Chandu, S.O.S. Coast Guard, and The Phantom Creeps.

LucasChad said...

Oops! Forgot about White Zombie (1932)! Heard it will be on Blu-Ray from Kino. Betcha they found the right 35mm print for its HD release.

Movie-Brat said...

Okay so you talked about Vincent Price and now we have Bela Lugosi. Does Boris Karloff have a comic anthology series too?

And Popeye the Sailor Man as a zombie. Okay, didn't see that one coming really. The Order In/Take Out and Claws of the Werewolf story gets my attention.

P.S. I saw The Vampire Lovers yesterday, you might like that one since it doesn't feel exploitative. Then again it was a co-production between AIP and Hammer.

HSkinner said...

I want to apologize for this, but it's just bouncing around in my head.

He's Popeye the Sailor Ghoul,
so run all you mortal fools.
If he gets you, you're finished,
he'll eat you like spinach,
he's Popeye the Sailor Ghoul.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least now we know where Popeye went after his failed attempt at a comeback

And nice to see Walpurgis wasn't always just beating-up magic-girls

man, the Main Man really let himself go!

Jeff Jacobson said...

I recognize that Rick Baker Popeye image from the cover.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a bit of tweaking HSkinner.

He's Popeye the Sailor Ghoul,
he's draining you mortal fools.
His living was finished,
cause he's out of spinach
He's Popeye the Sailor Ghoul.

Tetsu Deinonychus said...

Nice use of the Ed Wood music (with the Dr. Vornoff comic being a great surprise).

This is another one I might just have to seek out. I love this kind of dark humor.

Unknown said...

Zombie Popeye

You know, I'm almost surprised he didn't show up on a Robot Chicken at some point.

Like the songs, HSkinner & Daniel T. Stack ;)

See kids, this is the NEW face of scurvy, Zombie Popeye. He would have given his life for one can of spinach, now he'll just take yours.

It's ironic that Lugosi is known so much for Dracula when he wasn't the original person intended for the role and then he only played Dracula once more after that. (think it was just the once more).

Odd things one learns watching the once a year run of Dracula on Svengooli.

Wonder if there are any Tales from the Crypt in the longbox.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help myself I had to come up with another version of the song based on the facts of the story told here. That wasn't Sea Weed, But how Spinach would survive down there... So here's how it goes to fit the tale.

He's Popeye the Sailor Ghoul,
he's draining the life from you.
The Sharks he'll diminach,
eating Seaweed for Spinach.
He's Popeye the Sailor Ghoul!

Anonymous said...

All I see is a Luchador Spawn, and it's amazing!