Monday, October 22, 2012

VLOG: 10-22-12 - Paranormal Activity 4

Liz and Linkara talk about the latest Paranormal Activity movie! ‎


LucasChad said...

Had to watch the first 30 seconds of the video just for Lewis' small opinion!

I haven't seen it in theaters yet which is weird considering I do have the first three in my movie collection. I enjoyed both the scares and the story I follow mainly this whole family curse that beseeched this one family. I'm sure it does remind some horror fans of Halloween 4-6 and the Thorn legend. I think this series did it better and each new film anticipates a new chapter with new twists.

I already heard about Paramount green lit a fifth film for next year. Like I said, haven't seen it nor watched any of the reviews, but I can assume it ends on a "cliffhanger" similar to 2 and 3. I was thinking of checking this out or Cloud Atlas this weekend as part of my job as film critic for a local newspaper. I'll wait and see!

Anonymous said...

NEVADA is not pronounced Nah Vah Duh You are in the west you have no Excuse. The A's are like in cat. Its a Spanish Word. Nothing else makes me lose track of anything being said more than Nevada being misspoken. Its not like Missoura/Missouri where another pronunciation is correct.

Anonymous said...

Nice V-Log. Great to hear Liz is going to be in the vids again. I could follow most of what you described but seeing as I only know any of the Paranormal movies from V-Logs and have not watched any myself and likely still won't you can guess that I don't have much to comment on.

Nighty night. I still have a copy of the Presidential Debate tonight to edit dead air from and save before bed.

Unknown said...

Glad to see Iron Liz again. Hope the two of you continue to do stuff together; I missed her.

My wife and I are going to see that film tomorrow and then the new Silent Hill on Friday, as I'm a completest for both series and have to see them even if they're bad.

Ozaline said...

Oh wow, it' so great to see Liz again and I look forward to her return to AT4W.

Are her vlogs going up to the foundry or to a new site since she's got a co-vlogger? I don't want to miss those.

Chris Evans said...

Great to see Liz back on the site.

Did you two get back together, or is this like Brad and Jillian, where you're not with each other anymore but are still on good terms?

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Did you two get back together, or is this like Brad and Jillian, where you're not with each other anymore but are still on good terms?"

We're not with each other but on good terms. Always have been.

Anonymous said...

Parasnoremal 4 plot; its essentially: oh look found footage. quiet, quiet, quiet, bang! Quiet, quiet, quiet bang! Quiet, quiet, bang. Fall asleep because its that dull, wake up. Why are they doing that no normal person would do that. Really? Oh you are going to do that. Fall asleep again. Quiet, quiet, quiet, bang! Quiet, quiet, bang!

One of the worse films I will never get back two hours of my life back from.

Kaiju-Z said...

About Katie stalking the mom, standing behind her and stuff.

One quote comes to mind....

"She's just standing there! Being menacing!"

Anonymous said...

Lewis, Liz... I really hope you are able to work together on more videos. You two are both awesome, and you're doing better than I ever have if you're able to maintain a good friendship despite a past relationship.

Liz, people are going to say stupid things, and I don't know if there is any way to avoid that. Please do not let yourself be censored by fear of what random internet idiots will think of you.

MrBNatural said...

The novel "Carrie" was told in flashbacks and & documents so that's why they talked in past tense in the trailer.

ellindsey said...

I know it's old news, but I just found out about you and Liz breaking up while catching up on older episodes. I was sad to hear about it, but I'm really impressed with you two are handling it. It shows a lot of class. Glad to see she'll still be showing up in your videos.

Patrick said...

I think everyone keeps misunderstanding the whole Wyatt/Hunter thing.

I think the implication is that Hunter was switched at birth, but since the demon was supposed to stalk the MOTHER of the first-born, it didn't know something was up until after it was shunted into Katie and then absconded with the baby. She decided to keep the baby because she figured it might become useful later on. Meanwhile, the real Hunter was given up for adoption and renamed Wyatt.

So then Katie has been spending the past few years tracking down the real Hunter and finally found him in this movie.

I'm thinking the implication is that Hunter was being hidden by someone, probably someone who opposes the cult.

Either that or the writers stopped giving a shit.

Airrider1 said...

"Reacher?" I barely knew her!

Unknown said...

Having a low brain evening so if I have already responded to this, feel free to delete this comment, don't mean to repeat myself.

First, Hi Iron Liz! Very awesome to get to see you. Am very excited you'll be in future AT4W vids and that you'll be getting your own stuff up soon.

Second, wanted to say it's completely understandable you wanting to take a break from storylines. Honestly I've no idea how you do it. You tend to have tight writing, insanely good timing both dramatic and comedic and then you have to be usually 3-4 people. You've mentioned on twitter how LOTD sort of took over a lot of your time though it has been successful, I've certainly enjoyed that too.

But yes, thank you very much for all the wonderful storylines and I'm sure I'm not the only one who very much thinks you're beyond do for getting a break.

Was surprised you mentioned wrapping up in January (think it was January) thought you'd be taking the break sooner.

Thirdly, the Paranormal Activity series is weird. Tough that probably goes without saying. No, I don't want the films, as much as I like scary movies I'm uncomfortable watching anything that deals with evil demons messing with children so it's nice to get to hear what was going on with some of it.

Anonymous said...

Always enjoy hearing your thoughts. I enjoyed PA4, but it was not the best in the series.

Also, I just wanted to say it is such a treat to see Liz again! Regardless of whatever RL situation is, you two have amazing on screen chemistry and would love to see her in your vids more.

On a final note, for how I viewed it, Hunter was the one who raised the sister off the bed as his second task to prove himself worth to be the host of the demon.

asdfghjk said...

This movie sucked (just My opinion) Good review though, always nice to hear your opinion. (even if I don't agree with it)