Saturday, October 27, 2012

Longbox of the Damned: Hack/Slash Omnibus Vol. 1

Longbox of the Damned 27. ‎


LucasChad said...

Funny thing, I saw Child's Play not too long ago and found it pretty good. It has plenty of goofy moments, but it's sorta charming that way for a late-80's horror/comedy. The real highlight is Brad Dourif as the voice of Chucky. He dominates the film as well as the sequels even though I haven't seen them yet. The movie was directed by Tom Holland, who also directed the superior 80's horror/comedy Fright Night. Like I said, haven't seen the sequels yet, but I'm sure they're fun to watch for Dourif alone. I heard they're gonna make another sequel at the same time remake the original. Hollywood is weird!

Anonymous said...

Is it a crime to slash slashers? Chucky isn't the only slasher that could get a Cameo just the only one there so far. I wonder what would happen if this pair ended up in a hotel on Elm Street some night. Or just happened by Camp Crystal Lake. Or maybe even got lost in Texas and happened by a certain worn down homestead?

I almost wish Moarte had given a few more spoilers. After all what happened to the side kick's spirit while that woman possessed his body? It wasn't even said what she was using it for.

Oh well. More reason to have the collection on a shopping list.

Movie-Brat said...

Yeah I've been having an interest in reading these too, it looks fun and seems to be my kind of story.

The movie is taking way too long to get made though. Also, don't take this the wrong way, just that I tend to pay attention to detail; I noticed your makeup job was coming off a bit, I noticed in your forehead seeing your actual skin.

Anonymous said...

Love this series, and I'm pleasantly surprised you liked it too

This is one of the comic series that would be great to adapt into a movie
The origins of the two main protagonists by themselves would make for a great grindhouse-style double-feature, and all the sequels are just offering themselves

I'm really surprised the series did not have more crossovers throughout it's run yet

Arianne said...

Chucky is one of those Slashers that I can't like. As for the comic, It sound like something that I would pick up.

Anonymous said...

"it this pair ended up in a hotel on Elm Street"

Well, 'Freddy' was in the big mass of slashers at the beginning.

Information Geek said...

Hack/Slash is one of two comics to ever make me queasy while reading it (the other being Parasyte). While it certianly wasn't too bad from what I read, for health concerns, I cannot read this series at all. Too bad.

A suggestion for future Longboxes of the Damned (probably not this year, but certianly next year) is Grimm Fairy Tales from Zenoscope. While the series certianly has a cheescake vibe to it (I mean just look at those covers!), this is one distrubing creepy and freaky series.

Frosty said...

Please don't wear a mask sir, we wouldn't see your evil grins. :!

Anonymous said...

"Please don't wear a mask sir, we wouldn't see your evil grins. :!"

But they're terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.