Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Longbox of the Damned: MonsterMen (And Other Scary Stories)

Longbox of the Damned 23. ‎


LucasChad said...

I like that one of the squid pirates look exactly like Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Loved that character!

On an unrelated note, I just saw the new Iron Man 3 Trailer and the best way I can say about it is that "s**t's got real son!"

Anonymous said...

Again a great addition to the Long Box. I like it better when the stories are there to read the whole arc but that doesn't happen much in comics. Great line art style.

Finn Hutchinson said...

The evil laugh at the end was weird today. It felt so disconnected from what was actually being said.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, I know you got to make a living, and I have no qualms about sitting through a commercial in order to watch my free entertainment, but is there a way to stop the pop-up ads that keep showing up in the videos. This new one comes over a third of the screen.

Movie-Brat said...

I'm with Lucas on this, that squid pirate definitely looked like Davy Jones. So that's where the design came from.

And I've heard of concepts that might seem wierd but turn out to be awesome but I think MonsterMen takes the cake really.

Tyr Germanic said...

Thanks for keeping up Secret Origins Month. Its better than thanksgiving,as a november celebration. I have a request to make.Im sure others have said this but here goes..

Yeah,you know!

Amazing Spider-man #14
Superman #4
Fantastic Four #5
Batman #1!!

,which introduces The Joker AAND Catwoman(her's is hilarious.)usually you dont read multiple stories but Batman #1 deserves it.
So can you do it?

Anonymous said...

Watching in Full Screen the ads during the show stay almost completely below the bottom for me... But I guess that wouldn't be the case on wide screen monitors.

james cousins said...

Note: the following comment is unrelated to the video above, but I don't have a twitter account to ask there.

To Linkara and ATFW viewers: Out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on Clark Kent leaving the Daily Planet to become a blogger? And yes, I did read your twitter feed, but I would like to know your thoughts. (and also find out where specifically the Clark Kent blogger joke/webcomic is.)

Tetsu Deinonychus said...

Wow, I'm really going to have to check that book out! I love the concept, and the artwork is gorgeous. The presentation (from what I can see) even has a nice bit of elegance to it.

Thank you for spotlighting this book on your show.

BTW I love the way Moarte popped up at the beginning of this one. I really hope to see that character in AT4W or at least in another batch of LOTD next year.

Dragons Dusk said...

I strangely can't tell if I want to pick this one up or not. It's interesting but isn't grabbing me as much as some of the other ones.

Does anyone ever question why he has a knight helmet on his head or by that point people are too wanting whatever he's investigating gone to care?

As to those having trouble with the lower ads, if you pause the video, the ads will still play, just wait for them to slide back down and then resume.

Also if it's a lagging issue letting the video buffer a bit at the beginning seems to keep the ads from causing any hiccups but know the probably was more it covering things.

Anonymous said...

Well that was weird.