Tuesday, October 30, 2012

VLOG: 10-26-12 - Sinister II: Electric Boogaloo

Linkara sees Sinister for a second time with Iron Liz, who sees it for the first time! ‎


zipperintheback said...

It was eerie how Spoony’s vlog on Sinister was almost *verbatim* the same rant I had when I came out of watching Sinister several days before the vlog was released, so if you guys have seen that, I don't think I actually need to go into depth on my general opinion of the film. Even so, the conversation you guys had here got me thinking, and the more I thought about it, the more I think the premise was on to something.

Unstoppable forces are boring. I think a good supernatural horror premise is one where the monster or evil presence has a condition by which they can lose. I would not be doing my duty as an avid fan of The Ring if I did not point this out: of *course* they can't just destroy the tape. It's not enough to just smash Samara’s tape after copying it, you'll still die if you don't show that copy to someone who hasn't seen it before, because the whole point is to propagate the curse. However, if somebody was brave enough to not show somebody the copy and instead destroy all copies of it, then Samara can come and kill that guy, but after that, she's kinda screwed. At first I thought the regeneration of the super 8’s made it seem like there wasn't a way for Bagul to lose; but now, I’m rethinking that.

I know you're a big fan of GX, Mr. Lovhaug (although I personally think that 5D's is a far superior work of fiction, even with card games on motorcycles being really, really hard to buy, but then again, a guy who biologically obtains flight, invulnerability and heat vision eyes from yellow sunlight isn't?), and I know GX and all of its horror tropes thoroughly, so allow me to explain why I think giving the monster a losing condition is important, using GX as an example. The reason that we buy card games as a medium for utilizing magic in that world is because the rules of the game act as laws that regulate magic like the laws of physics; the magical powers of yugioh world can no more break the rules of this game on a whim than human beings can just break the law of gravity. However (and this is why GX works so well when it's doing Lovecraft-type stuff), eldritch abominations that would otherwise steamroll us having to follow the *technically* fair rules of the card game to complete a ritual to emerge in the world (which, to them, is like the filling-out-paperwork step in the world-consuming process) is the only defense this rather heartless universe gives us humans. The opponent can outplay you and cheat in ways that don't involve actually breaking the rules of the card game, like Sartorius or Trueman fucking with their opponents’ heads. Yes, the villains have a losing condition, that being if they lose the card game; it's also possible to fight off that kind of mind-fuckery if you have a cheat like Yubel or a strong enough will. But the horror element is that often times, you won't, and you will have lost even though the game is impartial.

The heroes of a horror movie are playing a game of survival with Bagul or Samara, one in which they could have stopped the monster from winning, but they don't because they got outwitted or outmatched or because of a personal failing. Horrible things happen to them because they lost and the universe just shrugs and goes "you can't say I didn't give you guys a chance"...*that*, to me, is the essence of horror.

That's why my opinion of Sinister has been raised somewhat by having watched this: I think the dad had a chance to save his family and he didn't take it because of his character flaw. I think Bagul was able to regenerate the tapes only because the dude had copied the images onto his hard drive. After he watched the first "extended cut" film, what he should have immediately done was smash his hard drive and burn the super 8's again, but he didn't. He couldn’t stop himself from seeing all the films because his self-control was weak.

Anonymous said...

Did Liz study occultism or theology?
Because she does seem to have quite good knowledge of the subject matter.
I always thought that if the movies stuck closer with the actual source material, we could get some pretty awesome imagery out of many subjects that may be nowadays considered tired

As far as the state of Hollywood goes, I em going to paraphrase a quote from Alan Moore's run on Swamp Thing:
"It's but a rotting carcass that still moves only because it's full of worms" (same thing as the American economy - it is dead, the rest of the world is just too polite to say it out loud)
Seriously, the entire SOPA fiasco and all the other laws that Hollywood's lobbyists are trying to push (the most recent one is supposed to make re-selling old tapes, DVD's, memory disks - you get the pint; illegal), are all just dying cramps
too bad that these are still strong enough to seriously hurt everyone unlucky enough to stand near

I do like the premise of Hansel and Gretel, but I think it needs a different execution
I think Endling from Deviant Art made some great concept art for what was essentially the same premise
(corrupted innocence, why do I love it so much?)

I had actually an idea for a "reversed" slasher film
Use the same cliche characters, but this time have all the nice characters die in horrific ways, and have the biggest asshole in the bunch survive, BECAUSE he's an asshole! He survives by backstabbing everyone else, in ways so cold-blooded that they make the sadistic killer look decent in comparison
And to top it all off, the killer looks like a 50s sitcom dad, who treats torturing people to death as if it were gardening work
The rest is just torture-porn, with an added extra level of emotional cruelty (braking the body is not enough, the killing blow shall only be given once their spirits are completely broken)
Oh my, why do these things constantly spawn in my mind

well, this post got dark rather quickly

to lighten the mood
are you still doing the WoD sessions, now that the story-line and Longbox are done, or was that ultimately just a one-shot?
I won't lie, loved Hagan's performance, but still think it's kinda disappointing you ended just as things were starting to happen

Anonymous said...

Pegan basically is anything not of your own faith. So finding evidence that it was worshiped at some point is all that would be needed for whatever to be called a "Pegan Diety"

There is a reason to use the inverted cross. Film Makers who were afraid of tempting real demons had them around to protect them from evil while making movies about such evils. That lead to the ignorant making the association.

Written by a Critic? I didn't know that. Now there is something that makes this worth considering watching.

Red Dawn being Remade is an act of Evil.

Well maybe if I knew the song it would get stuck... But if you don't know it why would it ever stick?

So yeah you got me to the fence in the first review and this one got me curious to see about actually watching. Now if only I didn't currently need my entire remaining budget to do laundry ::sigh:: Being poor sucks.

TimeTravelerJessica said...

Oh my gosh, you guys, I had all the same thoughts about the Hansel and Gretel trailer when I saw it on Youtube! It looks seriously awful. And the worst part is I'll still see it (on DVD) just because Jeremy Renner and his big sexy eyes are in it.

I tend to see a lot of awful movies because they have actors I like in them - I need an intervention, seriously.

Anyways ... since you guys are talking up Sinister so much I might go see it on Halloween. I'm kind of a wuss about horror movies though so I'll probably just end up watching Scooby Doo in my dorm instead.

Anonymous said...

'Pagan' actually means 'non-Abrahamic*'. Incidentally 'Heathen' means 'Abrahamic but not correct'. Of course who would be stupid enough to worship the thing in the movie is another matter.

*As in it is not Jewish, Christian or Muslim coming from the character Abraham.

Mariner said...

Well helloooooooooo Liz.

Great to hear your combined thoughts too.

Aileen said...

yeah, it was written by Cyrus, formerly of spill.com.

Unknown said...

Every time you guys say you're old I feel old and slightly wrong for watching you since I'm older than you both. (No not combined again, think I'm 8 years older than Lewis, give or take a year). Hell I still have VHS and we use them so we don't miss the Ninja Turtle on Saturdays.

Wow that rambling came out of nowhere.

Anyway, was groovy to get Liz's take on the film. Glad she liked it as well, interesting how you both liked it, or at least kind of liked it, but for some different reasons.

Don't see Silent Hill. There's some evil girl in the previews, you'll have flippin' Christabella flashbacks, don't need to start November in a post notSilent Hill rage.

EpicFish said...

Adrien Brody. That's the guy from Predators you're thinking of Lewis. He was also in Splice, that crappy alien movie. But anyhoo, the guy that does the weird eyebrow thing that makes him look worried all the time is Adrien Brody.

Anonymous said...

Positive reactions to the 2nd Silent Hill movie


starts around 1:40

3llense'g said...

Liz is purdy in this one. ^_^ I'll try to see Sinister if it comes out over here, but I might not find anyone to go with me.

Anonymous said...

Oh so that's where you got that quote that Moarte used during the end of the New Teen Titans #12 episode of Longbox of the Damned.

Anonymous said...

Next Wave: Features witch-hunting Hansel and Gretels...and that's not that awesome of a concept you think it is