Monday, October 28, 2013

2001: A Space Odyssey #1

 photo 2001-1-Thumbnail_zps29384120.jpg

My God... it's full of- wait, what the hell IS this?

Two people I forgot to give thanks to (and rendering this already takes like an hour and a half):
-Jamie Soar for his musical piece "A New Identity." If you've seen the episode, you know what it is.
-Jackson Marriott for the continued use of his sound effects collection he gave me.


LucasChad said...

Two things in this video blow my mind in this video!

First, the Star Trek bridge! I love the little details recreated from the original series. I myself am still watching the original series on Netflix and is currently on season three. I don't consider myself a hardcore Trekkie, but I'm just watching them for the first time after watching Into Darkness for the fun of it.

And of course, your new look. I know plenty of people will say Cushing's Van Helsing, but I see more of Roddy McDowell's Peter Vincent from 1985's Fright Night even with Halloween approaching. Pro tip: if your magic gun can't strike down your enemy in one or more hits, stake it in the heart. It works!

SMAXZO said...

Damn, NIMUE is cold....and I like it!

Anonymous said...

Loving the new set. Also, since I'll probably never get to do this... FIIIIRST!

that felt good.

SMAXZO said...

BTW, that is a very nice costume. I especially like the Sherlock Holmes coat.

Locuas said...

except for the shoes, i like the new outfit.
Also, man was this show SO much better when linkara hads the old outfit.

Tod Bronsky said...

Called it.

Lazoor said...

After the pants darkening finale to last week, I was expecting something epic for this week. And not only did you not disappoint, you blew my expectations away! Where did you get a replica of THAT!?

As to the comic, all I can say is, "Why"?

That ending. Nimue's freaking SCARY! I love the new outfit, though the duster seems a bit voluminous.

Bit of a fan of Yummy Mummy, or was that just an experiment?

Oh, Poor Harvey!

You just keep getting better, Linkara! Keep it up and I'll keep watching.

SkinnyAy said...

First off, Interesting review of a what-the-hell comic. I do look forward to seeing what comes next from the comic especially Aaron Stat: Machine Man.

Next, the action segments were great. Where did you get the star trek bridge set? Did someone replicate it for you? It's amazing. The stuff of Jaeris and Linkara were great. Kind of figured Vyce would pull that last ditch transfer to a shade. Like that we got to see Alan in this episode, too. Putting a face to the name and idea of the character.

I also really dig the new outfit. A bit more formal than your first outfit but very stylish and eye-catching. The duster coat looks very good on you. Here's hoping to another 5 years or more of your show man.^^

Adam said...

First off, my deepest condolences for your late friend, Marcus. My prayers are with you, Lewis, and your loved ones.

Second, outstanding job on the final chapter to the Nimue storyline. The humor was superb (especially the line "Let me know when you get a girlfriend. I'll throw a parade"). The sight of the fan-made Enterprise bridge was awesome. And your brand new outfit is seriously stylish. Fantastic job to all who helped in making this show. Plus great tease for the next storyline to come.

Finally, I am surprised and, yet, very glad you're reviewing Jack Kirby's 2001 adaptation. I was not expecting it (guess I owe a friend of mine a Coke) but I'm grateful that you're covering this series. Yes, it is weird (which is putting it lightly) but I'm a sucker for Kirby's imaginative artwork. In my mind, there is only one king in comics and Jack Kirby will forever occupy that throne.

Outstanding stuff all around, Lewis. May your show be around for another five years and beyond. We will see you in November for Secret Origins Month.

Anonymous said...

One of the differences between the film and novel 2001 you mention is the dimensions of the monoliths -- 1:4:9 would be a bit thicker and squatter.

Anonymous said...

Wh͏e͝n ̨tick t̸o̕ck ͡me̶n ͘w͘a͏lk a̕ll aŗo̷und
A̢n͝d t͠h̸e͞ ͞hero’͢s ̵h͜e̷art ҉ca͟n n͢ot̡ ̷bé f̸o͡un̴d͏
H̡is̶ ̵fr̶i͢end̷’͝s sǫul h͜as ͢surȩl̴y dro͝w̷ne͘d
A͠nd͞ th̡ę ͟Ki̶ng͞ ̧of͞ W͞orms i̢s̶ ̡cro̵w̛n͠e̴d́

Wade said...

What not top hat? you lied to us. everybody betray me i fed up with this world.

Jesse said...

Good-bye Vyce. You'll be missed. *watches after credits* Maybe not...

New outfit looks a little bulky but other than no issue with it. You kept the hat Linkara so all is well.

Will said...

Linkara Try SCE to AUX.

prawdziwy 666 said...

Tenth Doctor

Shanethefilmmaker said...

Oh wow This is by far the funniest thing I have ever seen. I am surprised I am still alive since I should be dead from laughing so much.

"The One Who Hunts Alone."
Eh it's a good line but what would happen if he met "The One Who Knocks."

Huh I always wondered what a Purple People Eater looked like.

Also was that outfit inspired by Doctor Who, it's got kind of a Tom Baker/David Tennant/Sylvester McCoy look to it.

Anonymous said...

A nine minute story-line introduction...really?

Ake P. said...

Maaan... the show was so much better before you changed outfits! Not to mention the colour of the wall is wrong.
But seriously - great conclusion. But suprisingly King of Worms is not at all Vyce!

Biropg King of Winter said...

so youre actually changing outfit permanently? eh, its your choice, so knock yourself out. though i have to say it looks kinda impractical for shooting(its probably gonna be hell if you ever get to join for another kickassia), and kinda silly. but at least its not reminicent of the clown outfit a certain doctor once wore. looks more like sherlock holmes.

have to say though that this vyce defeat was even more of a downgrade than the last one. the poor guy really needs to do something if we ever are gonna take him seriously ever again. he's becoming team roket like, alwas getting deafeted with no victories whatsoever.

also its great to see lanipator, playing the government guy. he really needs more cameos on other reviewshows on

Nate said...

Awesome episode! I had a feeling you're an Odyssey fan. Glad to hear you talk about the sequel as well.

P.S You explained the film better then Kubrick did! ;P

Anonymous said...

Oh My! That Trek Bridge is so amusing to see! =3
Is that a friends build of that or did you actually construct that in your Apartment or something?

Although, if you had the Bridge, why didn’t you record on that, instead of Green Screen Seat for the Review? Or was it due to Sound Feedback, etc?

Was the 2001 Author and Director still alive at the time of this Adapatation? You would think as for something as big as 2001, you would at least have them as Creative Consultants, so it doesn’t feel like another generic Sci-Fi Story.
Like how with the Live Action Thunderbirds Movie, they fired Show Creator; Gerry Anderson as the creative consultant…and the film pretty much became another Spy Kids want-to-be.

Although, Vyce taking control of the ship and restoring Nimue…Was the Plot of that inspired by; “The Doctor’s Wife”?
I also see how Linkara choosing his new costume is like when the New Doctor gets his clothes…Wait…You’ve got a Colin Baker Jacket too!? Awesome!

Liking the newer costume though! =3
Has a type of Sherlock look to it.

Who plays Alan?

Nice Video, Linkara.
Looking forward to seeing more from you. ;3

Sabrblade said...

What happened to '90s Kid taking the book from before? Is that gonna play out into the next arc?

Kaze Koichi said...

On a minor chance that that's going to be the first comment and someone gonna read it before watching the video, I'll try to keep spoilers to minimum.

Wasn't Jaeris suppose to be internet rewiewer from another universe? He shouldn't have any surprise about Linkara choosing this time to rewiew a comic book.

Monolite exist to help human evolution? It's all clear to me now! Monolite is the sourse of Getter Rays!

This new costume doesn't strike me as "battle costume" at all. And it looks a bit silly and funny.

Great finale to the story arc, but the most of this arc itself is just a padding. Still, I enjoyed it no less then the previous arc, so it's ok.

Literate Dead said...

Zagreus sits inside your head,
Zagreus lives among the dead,
Zagreus sees you in your bed,
And eats you when you're sleeping.

...Just something this all brought to mind.

And for that matter... Another Halloween, and another astoundingly epic 'season' finale! I really didn't see that coming... or that... Um, I can't say what, I hate posting spoilers in the comments section. But, the major thing that happened in the finale, that was pretty damn fantastic. In fact, the whole thing was pretty damned fantastic!

And yes, I like the new costume, so count one against the naysayers!

Jynx316 said...

Did you make the Aux Control/Bridge set? Looks amazing.

Unknown said...

Ahh that was fun, especially the interruption of the opening theme song. lol.
Oh Lord Vyce(vice?) your a classic lol.

As for the outfit reveal the pants seem a little off, but it seems good.
I was wondering where you going Dr. Who or Sherlock Holmes on us.

& I see that the King of worms question has been answered(maybe)

Poor Harvey, downed by Cybermat.

Keep going for another 5 Linkara.

JDM said...

It looks like Linkara stole judas travelers coat . . . that or him and harry dresdin shop at the same store.

KKDW said...

From my comment for the previous episode: "So, will we get a storyline next year where Harvey goes evil but it turns out he's being possessed by Lord Vyce?"

Well, judging by the end of this episode it looks like I was half right.

Unknown said...

I'm going to go home and watch Firefly now.

But the suit look good, I just know from experience it can be awkward to sit on a couch in a long coat, the tails do odd things behind you, but you strike me as someone who would beta test an outfit and probably have figured something to do to handle that and still get it to look good on camera.

Great job as always, and great job to everyone who worked on this project, it came out great.

damkylan said...

That post-credits moment... Holy hell. Bad times a-coming. And how fitting a form, too.

Nice conclusion to this storyline and decent review. I definitely felt like the story took precedence over the review itself this time around, but that may be in part due to my own anticipation to see the conclusion of the arc.

am050 said...

Well, I have to say that this was all very well done. Congrats to everyone who worked on this episode, you all did an amazing job. And I join you all in wishing the show the best for (hopefully) another 5 years.

Great job on your new outfit too. Who designed it and/or put it together if I may ask?

M. L. Martin said...

That . . . was a whole lot of fun. :)

Love Jaeris' reactions to all of this--he feels like your typical dimension-crossing magic-gun-wielding rebel thrust into a bizarre situation. :) Seriously, the two of you play off each other very well here.

NIMUE LIVES! Although she seemed to enjoy deleting Vyce just a little too much . . .

Like the new look--feels like a mix of the old look, the 'gunslinger' look, and a tuxedo. A bit classier than the old one. Was this what you wore for speech team competitions? :)

The King of Worms corrupted a Cybermat? Dude, that's just wrong. In the words of Linksano, "there are some lines we dare not cross!"

So, what's the next arc? "The Hunt for Vyce", or dealing with the King of Worms?

David C said...

Very interesting end to that arc. I liked how Nimueh got the big heroics this time through.

Considering it was Doctor Who robots on a Star Trek bridge, the cybermat swarm was very Star Wars. Basically the King of the Droids gambit in Solo Command.

The gunslinger was hilarious through out. Especially with the pausing of the intro sequence

Greycat R! said...

Great Episode! And great to see Harvey's back!

As for the costume, I'd say it really suits you, very "The Doctor" style. I'm more concerned if it's comfortable.

Unknown said...

Thank you for making my day AWESOME! Before all the haters get here, I want to say I like the new outfit. It kind of makes you look like a cross between Indiana Jones and Simon Belmont. I shall toasteth thee as soon as I have an appropriate drink. Here's to five more years!
A few questions though:
1: WHAT ABOUT 90'S KID!? Doesn't he still have the book?
2: Was it Lord Vyce putting up all of that weird poetry, or something else?
Anyways, I shall toasteth thee as soon as I have an appropriate drink. Here's to five more years!

Unknown said...

The comment regarding Linkara's plan reminded me of "Bone" —

"This is insane!" "It's stupid!"

"Hey! Nothing we've done so far has been un-stupid, and we're still alive aren't we?!"

"I can't really argue with that, but I feel like I should."

Silver Age Boy said...

Good show linkara. hey with Vyce out here and next month being secret origins month will we finally find out the secret origin of Lord Vyce?

J said...

I loved seeing Nimue's speech to Vyce. After all the crap he put her through, it was extremely satisfying, especially her turning the "Are you afraid?" line on him. Not sure I feel about him escaping though with all the emphasis put on his defeat.

To be honest, I kinda like the new costume. It'll take a wile to get used to it, but it has a nice Doctor Who vibe to it, which I imagine was the intent. Not so much the suit up sequence, which seemed a bit dragged out.

The stinger was great, and I'm glad the King of Worms subplot didn't go nowhere (and that Harvey's back), and it does ope a number of questions... as well as potentially setting up the King and Vyce as a Big Bad Ensemble is fairly interesting... and opens up so many theories if they're both active at once.

Unknown said...

Love Jaeris's attitude and the new outfit. And Nimue kicking Vyce's ass. Comic itself is meh, but what can you do?...


Drowemos said...

The credits were so much better before Linkara changed his costume. The credits used to mean something and now it's just all style over substance.

I mean what's with all the letter "a"s in the credits? You know he's just using that letter because it's popular. Get some damn originality instead of just coasting on the Latin alphabet. How about some Devanagari or Phoenician letters for a change. Hell I'd even take Kanji or Binary at this point, sure they are just as overused but at least it would show some effort.

And "Special thanks to"? Really? Way to suck up Linkara. So your just going to thank people who have help you in the credits now to express gratitude for their assistance. You think I read the credits for your personal love fest. Really self absorbed, man.

I think that we can all agree here that the changing the costume totally destroyed the credits.

Anonymous said...

I watched this over on Blip. When the new outfit was revealed my first thought was "And so, the Wizard Linkara is HERE!"

Unknown said...

what an awesome episode.

New outfit is awesome

gothlolilunatic said...

^_^ That was amazing. It's fascinating how you manage to keep outdoing yourself.

I loved Nimueh and how she was actually pretty scary after she was rebooted.

Also, I adore the new outfit. Classy, stylish and gentlemanly. Perfect fit. :3

Unknown said...

Seeing as I have not seen the movie and just picked this up, I can’t say I would feel too ripped off seeing as there was a caveman on the cover, so I should see them in the comic. Thought after reading I feel like might be confused and would probably give it a few more issues before deciding that.
Not a bad looking set and a change of clothes. Must say I did a spit take when I saw Lanipator. It’s going to be interesting to see what he does in front of a camera and not behind a microphone. Also I’m sorry to hear about your lost.

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"What not top hat? you lied to us. everybody betray me i fed up with this world."

I honestly looked for a brown top hat that I thought would work, but couldn't find one. XD Sooo we're still stuck with old hat.

CaptainJZH said...

I KNEW IT!!! I knew that you'd be reviewing 2001: A Space Odyssey!

Unknown said...

That was pretty good explanation of how Vyce got inside of Comic-Cron 1 from Pollo's new body.

Okay seriously you've owned the ship for almost three years and you haven't destroyed all the remaining Shades that were onboard, what's the in-universe explanation for this?

So that's what Allen looks like, I was wondering if we'd ever see him in person.

That was a pretty interesting cliffhanger, so it looks like the King of Worms wasn't behind Nimue's malfunctions but it looks Harvey has become its clockwork servant.

So now you have Lord Vyce running Earth in a Shade, Finding and freeing Jaeris' homeworld and the youngest cousin of the scariest video game glitch I've seen so far to deal with.

I like the new outfit I'm guessing its based off one of the outfits of the doctors, right? I'm just guessing from the clips of Doctor Who I've seen. I haven't watched any of the series, so I'm asking you as a fan...where do I start?

With all that said I can't for next week for Secret Origins Month!

NeoSilverThorn said...

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Great end to the storyline, and I do like the costume. Intending that to be a permanent change?

The Trembler said...

Wow. I'm intrigued. I had no idea Marvel did this. And this does seem like it could be a good replacement for the Marville reviews, except with some Silver Age style joyful absurdity replacing some of the more ponderous absurdity. So according to the Marvel wiki, 2001 is considered one of those alternate universes, yet apparently Machine Man (Don't know him well, wasn't he prominent in Bussiek & Ross' Marvels?) came form it. Did he just sudden become a Earth-616 character, or did he cross universes? Has the good old 616 ever incorporated any of the monoliths into it?

Unknown said...

The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.

Great story arc. Brings to mind some delightful bits from "The Doctor's Wife." And some bits from Sandman vs. Doctor Destiny.

Do you have any bowler hats? I think that might look good with your outfit as well. Maybe a pair of rimless mirror-shades; or amber-shaded rectangle-lensed sunglasses.

Anonymous said...

its interesting that you mention Arthur C Clarke and Jack Kirby having different interpretations that don't necessarily contradict each other and can both work.

There was a list of top sci fi movies on a British TV channel called channel 4 whose segment on 2001 mentioned it was one of the most watched films films in the Vatican and than it played a clip of a cardinal explaining that he viewed the monolith as the touch of the creator guiding man even though the monkeys evolving and HALL would probably not fit in with his beliefs he still viewed the film that way.

I thought it was a interesting look at it even though i don't believe in any of that myself and think its just aliens looking for new life trying to expand our consciousness and figure out things about existence kind of like Q at the end of all good things

PS good new look

Unknown said...

So let me me get this straight. Not only do you have a cool new outfit, but you're also going to be more proactive against your enemies. Improving yourself based on past experience. Making yourself superior even.

Anonymous said...

Quick review:

Though the review was just "okay" for the most part, the conclusion was still pretty satisfying even if I didn't believe half the internet who called that Vyce was behind Nimue's malfunctions.

What I did call was the 2001 comic even before you whispered it during Sci-Spy.

And the outfit was...okay, though the sleeves look a little bit weired.

But all of that was worth it for the ending! HOLY CRAP, I can't wait until the next one! The poem is creepy, that voice is very well edited and we'll soon actually learn what the heck the King of Worms (man poor Harvey, IT'S 90'S KID ALL OVER AGAIN!!!). Also nice job giving fans a red herring to who is possessing Nimue.

PS I was the one behind the two Longbox of the comments (the first one and yesterday's) and I somehow unintentionally predicted that Vyce was seeking revenge with "the wrath I seek" lines I wrote. Even if I created the Plot Hole on why Vyce would know or care about Moarte...oh what the heck?! It's another fanmade ARG, it's automatically noncanon.

Jillian Hermes said...

Really, a Great Coat? -_- Dear sir, having done that fan vid for your theme song taught me that your first costume was hot enough, now I have to wear a greatcoat when I cosplay as you? Thanks.

I mean it looks great and the new costume is a lot more flattering than the old one. BUT it's a COAT meant to keep you WARM. You might roast under your lights. Just saying.

On another note:

OMG Harvey! Please be okay!

Awesome ending! I wish you had Will do a bumper for your credits but I DIED when he interrupted your credits for the "WHAT?"

And we meet Alan, who's sadly not played by Bruce Boxleiter.

I'll stop Fangirling now.

Note to self: never piss off Nimueh she will end you.

ramses said...

First off, awesome bridge set, awesome animation and awesome outfit. Really good-looking stuff. Again, that outfit. GLORIOUS.

On the other hand, storywise, I thought this felt kinda weak. Don't get me wrong, the story certainly is by no means bad, and the explanation for how lord vyce returned made sense.
It just felt kinda underwhelming as a pay-off to the set-up. The set-up was all about building suspense and references to eldritch abominations. So having it be the guy we're already familiar with felt like a bit of a let-down.
Speaking of that, not sure how I feel re-using Vyce like this. He was a great villain, true, but his plan here felt kinda generic and recycled from the last time we saw him.
Finally, your acting was a bit hammier than usual.

And I absolutely hate to say this, because it feels mean and I do love your show, but I really didn't like the review. While informative, I found it more than a bit lacking in the comedy material that usually make your show so thoroughly enjoyable.

p.s. really looking forward to the secret origins month

Anonymous said...

Hey, Linkara: What was it like being on the Enterprise's bridge?

Breakfateschain said...


Ruesch said...

(In Douchy McNitpick voice) "Ooh, the show was so much better when Linkara had the old outfit, even though he hasn't made any episodes wearing it yet!"
In all seriousness though, I actually like the new outfit for the most part, although I am not digging the new coat very much. Maybe I'll get used it. Good job and I'm looking forward to what happens with Harvey.

Nicolas said...

Funny how Vyce speaks of strengths and weaknesses as if they were attributes to every kind of opponent he would face... Reminds me of some game that relies heavily on the use of strengths and weaknesses in order to beat the opponents...

Not hinting at any fan theory about Vyce... Though this suspiciously specific denial of mine gave it away...

Madner Kami said...

Wow, that was... drastic... I mean, Vice had it coming, but your ship's AI just admited to having devised a number of ways to murder a person and apparently, guessing from her tone and context, choose the most cruel variant of doing that. That totally has absolutely no potential for future conflict whatsoever...

Anonymous said...

I'm actually not going to watch this one because I happen to like Kirby's 2001 series very much, especially the NORTON OF NEW YORK 2-parter where Jack "Bit the hand that fed him" as one reviewer once described. I'll read some of the other comments and who knows? Maybe I'll change my mind and watch it after all!
-Leader Desslok-

Anonymous said...

And even then it wouldn't make sense, since that would mean that Vyce was trying to kill his cousin and everything he said before would be ignored.

Chelsey Magnuson said...

Awesome! The interplay with Jaeris was fun to see, he's been great in all his sections of the arc, and damn that [s]Star Trek bridge[/s] "auxiliary control room".

The new outfit is great! I'm excited to see how it'll look in the usual on-the-futon viewing frame instead of the Dramatic Reveal camera angles. Loving the vest and tie, too. To be honest, I'm kind of glad you didn't find a top hat, I've always been really fond of the fedora.

And belated by a week, but happy fifth anniversary! Hope we get to see a tenth...and a fifteenth...and...

Whisky Tango Foxtrot said...

Why is there a diagram of a Soverign-class ship on a Constitution-class bridge?

Kevin said...

Oh, Nimue... 239 ways to kill Vyce and you couldn't pick one that doesn't give him a chance to get away? Ah well.

So, is Jaeris' universe a sort of parallel one where they also have Star Trek TOS? It's just a bit curious that, in his short time spent on Earth, much of it inebriated, he would come to know all about Trek and its nerd culture implications. (And yet in the time he and Linkara have worked together to try and get him home, the topic of Liz never came up.) Just personally it would have been more satisfying for the obvious resemblance to go unremarked upon.

Finally: the zeroes, sixes and sevens puzzle. Was it just a bunch of randomness caused by Nimue's corruption? Or is this story arc just starting now the one that it actually relates to?

Anonymous said...

I had feeling Vyce would survive in some way, but I figured it would be revealed later. I almost forgot about the King of Worms deal before the end of the episode.

Roach said...

I didn't know Nick had passed until I saw the begin of this episode. I had hoped it was just a coincidence, but his Deviantart confirmed it. I had been worrying since it had been so long since I heard from him, but hoped he was just recovering, or too busy to get in contact. I'm sorry for your loss. We hadn't been talking for too long, but he was a wonderful friend during the time we did.

Gabriel Godinho said...

Congratulations for another great storyline finale.
Also, nice new coat.

Unknown said...

I would actually LOVE to see an AT4W on 2001: A Space Odyssey! Especially if you went hyper in depth like ya do with HOPR

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Finally: the zeroes, sixes and sevens puzzle. Was it just a bunch of randomness caused by Nimue's corruption? Or is this story arc just starting now the one that it actually relates to?"

This was just starting the one that it actually relates to.

I'm playing the long game.

Anonymous said...

I bit the bullet and watched the show after all. Generally, the skit was very funny but I disagree with your review of the comic. I'm not one of those who favor the "Manga" approach of not using captions. Those who can't do it, shouldn't but Kirby's captions were very well done so they didn't seem extraneous to me at all.

The Theme of Kirby's approach to 2001 skirted the edges of Objectivism which suggested that exceptional individuals, who excel or think differently than the average "joe or jane schmoe"-- do emerge and they're the ones who move the human family forward.
Unlike the Ditko\Randian approach, Kirby seemed to be saying that The Monolith or an alien presence has intervened from time to time during the course of human evolution. It first appears when an exceptional "primitive" surfaces and then follows its lineage until a suitable descendant emerges, and this one is selected to become "A New Seed".

The New Seed's "destiny" is to explore the cosmos--for what purpose? No one knows. Vira The She-Demon was just another "exceptional" human.

The series was a lot of fun and is somewhat of a prelude for the ideas Kirby would explore in THE ETERNALS.

-Leader Desslok-

Anonymous said...

Liked the review, though to me the comic seemed kinda typical of scifi movie tie-ins at the time, in that they were...weird (as often in, say, Marvel's Star Wars stuff). Not really good or bad, just a product of the era.

I think it would've been better if Vyce had just been killed outright. I mean, there's already a new threat rearing its head...

As for the new looks kinda like Sherlock Holmes/Victorian cosplay. A little overwrought. Still, I guess I'll get used to it.

FugueforFrog said...

Congrats, Linkara: 5 years...and now you look like a Doctor. What has Peter Capaldi got that you don't?

Yeah...I heard weird things about those 2001 comics. I don't get why Kirby wanted to take on this but he was just going in really strange directions by the return to Marvel in the 70s with this, the Eternals and whatnot...heck even his Black Panther series, which ended up cancelling the good "Jungle Action" series only to make something that really didn't match up to the mature storytelling of the T'challa book it replaced. As for the know if Arthur C. Clarke wanted a space octopus in his epic story about monoliths and mankind's potential, I seriously believe we will all praise his work regardless. Sort of can't wait to see more...and to hear your whole speech on why Kirby is "The King"...when he's not screwing 2001 up.

As for the story: yeah Vyce is one of those threats that will never go away. I highly doubt this got rid of him either but I'm not sure why you'd keep the Shades on the ship, especially with all the Cybermats running around. Somehow Nimue's cyber form seems familiar though...

And yeah, the King of Worms strikes. Hoo boy, I guess it was going to show up after all.

Djiinnrae said...


I'm absolutely blown away by this one. It's almost too much stuff to process. I know this was your 5th year celebratory epic plot episode, but damn... it was intense enough for me when you guys entered that gorgeous set. Even the review by itself was an excellent one. I don't want to give anything away in the comments, but wow, that whole episode was intense!

[At this point can we consider "the closet" to be an important character on this show?]

And we got to meet Alan! He hasn't become crucial yet, but I already am excited.

Not entirely sure about the new outfit. I'm not dissing it or getting down about it... I'm sure I'll get used to it. Part of me says it's a little silly when I think about it, but mostly I also think it's badass. Personally, I think a different hat is in order for it... it doesn't quite fit with the style of the coat and the color is a bit off. I think it'd all look fantastic together if you included a top hat or perhaps a dark or more honey-brown Australian cowboy hat (the more real ones, not the stereotypical kind).

Anyway, you said you couldn't find a brown top hat? Last time I went into the hat store at the Mall of America, they had some things like that. Most of the fancier-style hats, like the bowlers, were traditional colors, but they had some very expensive steampunk hats that fit the bill [which would, frankly, look gorgeous with that getup]. I don't know if they'd still have that, it was about a year ago when I saw it, but the store was still open as of earlier this month (which is a miracle considering it's at MoA). Last I checked their hats were all of good quality and were mostly around $50, though some, like the steampunk ones, were closer to $200. It'd be worth asking if they take special orders, I think.

Waaaa! I just can't help saying again how great this episode is! I've got to give it another watch right now. By the way, am I the only one who was legitimately sad when HAL 9000 was being shut down in the film? Like, I remember I cried a little bit, but it's apparently scary to most people? I have a feeling that he isn't meant to be a "bad guy," especially considering that he was so nice in the film sequel. He was just scared and doing his job in the way he felt was best and nobody was smart enough to write "don't kill people unless they prove that they're actually a danger" into his code. :(

Jenbrait said...

Congratulations Lewis! You outdid yourself here. The reveal of Vyce, the animated battle between him and NIMUE (kudos to your friend by the way), Will's comedic bits as Jaeris, it was all wonderful. Oh and the cliffhanger with Harvey that was creepy. Here's to many more years of comics, storylines and many more awesomeness. P.S. The outfit looks nice. Kind of a cross between the 10th doctor and Holmes.

DaveWire said...

Ah, I love 2001! I sat and watched this with my Monolith Action Figure. It has zero points of articulation! If you don't have one, you should definitely think about looking for them. The box alone is worth it.

I see you were inspired greatly by Neil Gaiman and Doctor Who for this episode. Your banter with Vice reminded me of some of the 10th Doctor's colder moments and the Vice's control of the ship and the use of the auxiliary control room were obvious nods to The Doctor's Wife. Not to mention, your costume change was sort of a regeneration for your character.

Will this be definitive costume change? I like it and the trenchcoat certainly has potential, but I think the Victorian style you're using is a bit silly. I'd go with a more John Constantine look.

Adam Graham said...

Congratulations on five years.

As to the new outfit. It'll take some getting used to, but it looks good. Love the coat and I'm glad you kept the hat.

It actually makes you look more like an adventurer. If you were JUST reviewing comics it might be a little over the top, but now you look the part you're playing in the drama parts.

So everything's good. Wait a second, getting proactive that seems familiar...

Nah, you wouldn't go all Cry for Justice on Us.

Unknown said...

Very satisfying end.

I love the new reviewer outfit!

Am glad you kept the hat of power!

Sorry, that's a lot of exclamation points.

Was awesome you got to borrow the bridge set, it's frickin' AWESOME.

I'm concerned we've still not seen 90s kind for awhile. Last on AT4W was him taking the absent grimore... grimwar, grim.... BOOK, and then he blew up in the cross-over with Erod.

My apologies I'm a terrible speller and the Oxford Dictionary to my left has failed me.

Anyway, fun episode, loved the conclusion, was surprised by Vyce's re-appearance but this made sense and was just enjoyable.

The new reviewer outfit is totally cool. It's got a Doctor Who-ish feel without being the copy of any of the Doctors' costumes. I'll admit for a moment with the panning shot I thought you were becoming the captain from Firefly.

Am curious to see if you'll do full costume for reviews or just tie, shirt and coat, I'd imagine that'd get awkward to do lots of some takes in while sitting on the futon.

Liked the animation for Nimue, hadn't really put a 'body' to her in my head before, this seemed to fit well.

Congrats on five years, Lewis, this has been an awesome ride.

Sijo said...

The finale to Vyce's return was much better than I expected. Even though I was a little disappointed it was him again rather than a Lovecraftian horror, the episode was very well written and acted. Kudos to everyone involved. I was especially surprised by the animated segment. Oh and great new look, Linkara.

As for the comic reviewed, I had heard of it but never got the chance to see it, so thanks for that. One thing you have to understand was that Kirby at the time was just using any comic he got to work on as a way to express HIS ideas- he took over Jimmy Olsen basically just to create the New Gods saga. In fact he created Machine-Man for Marvel in this series, in what I think is the only 2001 story canonical for the Marvel Universe. Not that they ever mention that later of course.

Oh man poor Harvey! Can't he ever catch a break!?

Unknown said...

I'll admit, I was fooled by the Worm King being Nimue. I just didn't want a Vyce fight without a explanation of why he survived to fight another day.I also, really liked the banter between Linkara and Jaeris and Sierra and Pollo. Also,it looks like while the info for the Wormking worked as a redherring for me. The information it looks like is going to be used.
Also, Its nice to meet Alan. Although, I do wonder about what Alan said.Oh, Well.I do enjoy the new look for Linkara.

ThePuppyTurtle said...

Why doesn't Linkare place the protection spell on his clothing?

If he wanted to go all out, he'd put it on an entire outfit, gloves, a ski-mask, and glasses big enough to cover the eye holes. If he did that, he could go into a fight without having to worry about the result.

Also, given that Vyce only conquered planets that the entity was near, won't his conquests cease, because he won't start them up again until he finds the entity, which he never will because the entity is dead?

Lastly, for your amusement, a calculation.

In one of his appearances, Vyce said

"I have found that in almost every universe, there is at least one champion who will attempt to defend it from perceived threats."


"So far in my conquests, I have defeated 16 such champions."

We also know that he has conquered "2 or 3" or an average of 2.5 planets per universe. Assuming that that "2-3" was pretty close to exactish, and that the number of universes with two champions roughly cancel out the ones with none, vice has conquered 2.5*16, or 40 worlds in his time.

One wonders, though, if the benevolent forces in other universe (or the kind of space empire that looks at a liberatable planet and goes "Look, free territory covered in people who will be too grateful to us for freeing them to resist our taking over" so... anyone who has use for the planets) freed those planets soon after Vyce was defeated.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching your videos practically since the beginning and this is literally my first time commenting on here.

Just gotta say I really do love the costume. The way I think of it is this is your next evolution. The old Linkara would wait for the enemy to rear it's head, attack, and you'd retaliate until the final battle comes. Now, you've changed, you've evolved into a being that knows the enemy and is ready for combat at any time. It's not just a change of costume, it's a change of character. It suits you and it looks very fitting for a "champion" who's been at this for so long. Plus, it has a strong "Doctor" feeling to it, which seems to be one of the many themes going on for your character.

For the review, I enjoyed it. I've never seen 2001: A Space Odyssey but have always wanted to. Just could never find it or have been so busy that I forget to even look for it online. :p Sounds like it's best for someone like me to, at least, avoid the comics until I watch the movie itself. Knowing more about what the movie itself is like makes me want to watch it more and more.

For the story It's definitely not bad, more or less on par with your previous story arcs. I honestly thought we'd seen the last of Vyce when he was sent into the depths of space. His return and how he returned is pretty interesting, though I felt the impact wasn't as strong as it should have been. However, this does make me question if this is truly the conclusion overall, or if this is more of "the beginning of the end" kind of scenario. I think what really gets me the most is how Vyce keeps bringing up wanting to defeat the Entity, even though we saw it kill itself. Is Vyce so egotistical that he really thinks the Entity is still alive and that he's the only force in the universe that has enough power to truly kill it? Or is the Entity still alive in some form and Vyce knows this for sure? I did enjoy the battle between Vyce and Nimue though. It's different because, to my recollection, we've never seen an animated battle before, but it's understandable why it's done in this case. Everything else has been a big live-action battle that seems to change every time. As I said, this battle was indeed different, but not a bad different as I feel it shows off Nimue's own power as well as someone else being the one to take down the enemy instead of just Linkara, or Linkara and a few of his allies. I definitely never would have guessed Vyce was the cause of several malfunctions on Comicron 1 for so long, at least. I just wasn't so sure the impact of this ending arc was as strong, or even stronger, than the build-up. Nice job on the use of the Enterprise set though. I actually had the same reaction to seeing it as Jaeris. Speaking of, I also love the way you guys play off each other. That's the kind of stuff I watch your videos for, as well as the reviews themselves.

Overall, this isn't my most favorite video but it's understandable. I know this is something you wanted to get out of the way soon and take a break from storylines for a while so you could focus on other things. It just felt a little rushed to me, in all honesty. It does make me want to know who the King of Worms really is, and I do look forward to his introduction.

In the meantime, I'll keep enjoying your videos as they come out. ^_^ Here's to another five years Linkara!

GoldenKing said...

Man, anyone remember the good old days, before he changed outfits? Yeah, those were the days. Also, NIMUE is kind of evil. Probably should have that looked at.

Anonymous said...

I really like the new costume. Still no top hat.

Unknown said...

As for the storyline:

As much as I like Nimue, it is a little disturbing that she had thought of all of those ways to horribly kill Vyce... However the feeling became worse when she said that she had a favorite one. Please make sure to keep her on your good side, Linkara.

And here's to another five years (well, if you don't get tired of doing the show), Linkara!

On another note:
Oh crap! Harvey!!!

JFinley91 said...

So, stealing people's souls and turning their hollow shells into minions. Is the King of Worms taking its evil plans from Kingdom Hearts?

Also, assuming Linkara 2099 will somehow become the King and/or His servant, and that Atop the Fourth Wall is still running since 90s Kid said there's a Nostalgia Critic crossover in the future, why is this thing still reviewing comics?

Anonymous said...

The Comic: I've read the book, though not in years. Seen the movie a few times, again not in a long time and this is... Head tilting to say the least.

Your Arc: Huh. Well that was something. Vyce is starting to remind me of a Dalek. Every time it looks like he's out for the count, he comes back. It's just a matter of how and when. Considering what Nimue was trying to do, I think he'll be out for the count for a good long while after this one. I also expect he'll switch targets after that as well. I would if I were him.

Other: The set you used for this one... Jealous... The new outfit... I like it since it gave me a Tenth Doctor Vibe. Keeping the hat from the old outfit, I think, is a good thing. Call it a continuity thing if you like.

Fiery Little One

Lewis Lovhaug said...

"Also, assuming Linkara 2099 will somehow become the King and/or His servant, and that Atop the Fourth Wall is still running since 90s Kid said there's a Nostalgia Critic crossover in the future, why is this thing still reviewing comics?"

Uhhh... it wasn't a crossover - the things he referenced specifically were Linkara's new outfit and trying to sing with the Nostalgia Critic, which was referring to the Les Miz review where Linkara was trying to sing. I slipped those in because I knew specifically I was going to do those. ^^;

Rowan LeFey said...

I want to start out by saying that this is my new favorite episode beating out #1)“Mightily Murdered Power Ringers” and #2)“The Electric Tale of Pikachu” for the top of my favorite episodes.

@ 00:07 – Duh duh Duuuuh!

@ 01:56 – Woot Wolfgram!

@ 02:51 – I gotta ask the question of: What does Vice think that he knows that he hasn’t told Linkara? Because Linkara, my dear, you’ve had some moments where your surrounding intelligence has been called into question. What if Vice is the Entity’s cousin? What do we know of Vice’s origins? Or is this further evidence that the lesson losing your magic was supposed to teach you hasn’t been learned? I’m also wondering if it is at all possible of Vice and Linkara teaming up to fight a reincarnated entity at some point.

@ 03:58 - *enraptured*

@ 04:45 – O… M… G… did you do this Lewis? If so I want to know how. Because I need to learn to make stages. That is EPIC!

@ 05:28 – Lulz Jerris.

@ 06:36 – I… I think I love Jerris. He is the perfect foil for Linkara.

@ 07:06 – Um… he’ll just transmit himself again, this time into something else, likely earth based. Vice isn’t stupid.

@ 07:19 – What? A little sense of urgency here, Linkara. Man you really didn’t learn your lesson when you lost your magic. It’s some bravado to review a comic book while you’re rewiring a spaceship so that you don’t burn up in the sun. Ya know?

@ 07:25 – Thank you Jerris! And remember in his Universe Jerris was an internet reviewer just like Linkara.

@ 15:30 – Have you ever considered doing a “history of comic books” show where you talk about some of the legends of the industry? Or heck top 10’s of why you love or hate someone in the Industry?

@ 15:59 – it’s a Disney font; that’s why.

@ 16:40 – I’m under the assumption that it is the ground upon which the cover cave person is stanging.

@ 17:11 – Actually, yes. Because for whatever reason my brain confuses it with 20,000 leagues under the sea. Long live space Cthulu.

@ 18:01 – now I’m picturing a little kid in the back of the car narrating like this and the parent’s think they are prophesizing.

@ 19:35 – they fight for it. The winner gets the name the loser has to pick something else.

@ 20:13 – *sigh* comic book translation circuits

@ 20:27 – that red thing in the distance is a volcano that just erupted
@ 25:00 – the sun burns without oxygen. There are certain kinds of chemical fires that do the same. Don’t you know anything about science?

@ 33:50 – jerris is realizing he has things to live for?

@ 34:00 – lol Vice. As if you’d let linkara live.

@ 34:20 – a really cool piece of technology that should be able to record a person’s brain one day.

@ 35:54 – yup still a cocky bastard

@ 36:06 - this is neat

@ 41:10 - you look like a cross between doctor #10, Sherlock Holmes, and Malcom Reynold. I like it. you finally graduated into man. And now your look is closer to your logo.

@ 41:30 – oh hi alan nice to meet you.

@ 44:12 – OMG… WTF was that? … I hope Harvey isn’t dead that would be sad.

It occurs to me at some point Lewis, that you should do like an independent movie with all the characters involved in your show showing up and having some grand, epic adventure. See about getting Liz and Spoony involved too. You could make a joke about Liz and Jerris both being blonds. Tie in Pollo by having Dr. Insano ask if he’s a blond too.

Ozaline said...

You truly raised the bar for further stoylines, amazing video.

Julz Chan said...

I am so jelly of your Star Trek Bridge dude ! How`d you put it together ?! Is it really yours ?!!! DAAAAAAAANG !

Unknown said...

Loved the story line, glad NIMUE is back to her old self. I can't help but wonder whether Parts of this storyline ending were in part inspired by the Doctors Wife as it has a few similarities. The ship of our hero being taken over by a hostile Intelligence (House/Vyce). The heroes hiding in a secondary control room that is outside the control of the invading intelligence for a while (The Auxiliary control room/ Archived 9 and 10 TARDIS. The villain threatening to use the ships functions to kill the hero for personal pleasure. The invading Intelligence being overwhelmed and defeated by the ships returning intelligence (NIMUE/The TARDIS Essence).The invading intelligence being compared as small or tiny compared to the ships original Intelligence. I still enjoyed the story its just as I was thinking about it the more of these things I spotted I'd like to know if you had The Doctor,s Wife in mind while making this or whether I'm seeing pattens in things that are not there...

Shadowmaster13 said...

OK I love the new outfits sort space cowboy meets The Doctor.

And I liked the follow up on Alan your government contact.

Uraharasensei said...

OK I like the new outfit on the whole, but the shoes look really impractical.

A good finale and loved what you did, even if Vyce was an obvious comeback.

Love the show, look forward to the next storyline.

Shanethefilmmaker said...

"Man, anyone remember the good old days, before he changed outfits? Yeah, those were the days. Also, NIMUE is kind of evil. Probably should have that looked at." Hell Hath no fury like a digital lady of the lake pissed off.

Anonymous said...

Admittedly I didn't watch the entire movie, but I can't help but feel that this is really a betrayal of it. The hunter is regular human instead of their ancestors, the scene isn't about the monolith sparking imagination and giving early hominids knowledge of tool use but rather just giving them everything they need to know, the monolith isn't a figure of reverence and mystery but more like some early science fiction helpful computer that solved all the problems and frankly it read more like the start of a superhero story than like the start of 2001.

And that's where we come to another problem. Kirby wrote hero and superhero stories. So naturally he did so here, even though this was an entirely different genre. Seriously people, just change what the the cave men at the start were wearing and you would think this was either a 1930s detective story, a 1960s science hero story or a 1980s superhero story.

Ignolian said...

This episode was amazing. Can't believe it's been 5 whole years.

"...This job is boring, so I shall amuse myself by reviewing a comic."


"WHAT?!!!" The Best Joke in my opinion. Couldn't stop laughing at this.

Jenbrait said...

One more thing I forgot and I'm calling it now, The King Of Worms want revenge on Linkara after what happened to the Entity. That's what I think anyway.

Gareth said...

Great episode Linkara, another example of why I love your story segments.

It's a shame that Vyce will always be so evil, I'd like to think that at least part of his intentions were good when he started out and that small part could still be reached but then I'm a sucker for redemption stories.

It's funny, when Linkara did his costume changed I was thinking of Doctor Who, and how this is probably the closest Linkara will come to regeneration, then the thing with Harvey fine voice happened and it reminded me so much of how the master cheats death in the TV movie.

JFinley91 said...

"Uhhh... it wasn't a crossover - the things he referenced specifically were Linkara's new outfit and trying to sing with the Nostalgia Critic, which was referring to the Les Miz review where Linkara was trying to sing. I slipped those in because I knew specifically I was going to do those. ^^;"

Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for clearing it up.

Regarding Nimue's fight with Vyce, I'm perfectly fine with her attitude. Considering Vyce was screwing with her for most of the year, I was less unnerved with the sequence and more cheering for Nimue. After putting up with all that, she finally gets to take a stand. Just my opinion though.

Doresh said...

Sweat bridge replica :D

And man, this comic is weird. Like a drug-induced version of this cancelled Gladiator sequel where Russel Crowe gets resurrected as a Champion of God to have adventures in time and space o_O
(Though there is still hope for this series to become awesomely weird)

Is there a reason why do all the cavemen use clubs for hunting? I could just buy that they need the monolith to figure out pointy sticks, but what about throwing rocks at stuff?

As for the caveman speaking English, well, I'm sure that's just a translation of whatever he's speaking. This is Silver Age after all. We have to have someone talk all the time.

And Kirby does realize that there is more than one monolith, right? Why is the comic suggesting that the monolith on Jupiter casually floated to some random asteroid for aliens to build a temple around? Why would it do that if it was waiting for a descendant of Beast Killer?

And I like the new outfit. Very stylish in a retro way, and you can look like a 30's detective by putting off the jacket. Nice :D

(Though I'm severly disappointed in the lack of unnecessary lines and baseball textures to make the outfit look more complex than it actually is XD )

P.S.: And at least the monolith knows that being quiet helps a lot more at being mysterious.

Sage Saria said...

*stares at new outfit*


Just one question;

Are we certain that Linkara isn't secretly a Time Lord? :P

Dan Fawaz said...

.....Crap. It's Giratina isn't it?

ShatteredSanity said...

Hmmm. I must say, the build up for The Entity's story still makes it my favorite storyline. However, this arc's build up was very well done. I enjoyed it. However, I would have preferred if Jaeris (How do you spell that?) had more of a role in it. I know it wasn't his fight, but maybe a snide comment on the comic here or there. I mean, was he just sitting there while Linkara was doing the review?

As for the new outfit... I think it'll take some getting used to for me. The old outfit was kind of iconic, and I don't like the shoulder thingies on the new one. But like I said, I think it'll grow on me! :)

All in all, good episode, good storyline, can't wait for the next one!

Ming said...

Holy crap, that WAS Lord Vyce!!! I knew he could possess machines, but I didn't think he could possess entire spaceships, let alone do what he did to Nimue!!!

Anyway, great finale for a horror-themed saga. I won't say that the 2001 comic actually suck, but I prefer the actual film if only for its realism and minimalist design. I hope we see more of the 2001 comics.

The Vyce vs. Nimue duel -- most epic moment of the year. Unfortunately, Vyce has escaped once again! He's basically replaced Mechakara as the one bad guy who keeps coming back and it's only a matter of time before he strikes again.

At long last, we see Alan the government official. We need to see more of him in the coming weeks.

Hmmm, the assumption that it was the King of Worms that drove Nimue insane was wrong. Still, given the post-credits epilogue, I expect Linkara will soon be facing off against the King of Worms.

PS: Nice costume, by the way.

Unknown said...

Its clear that you were inspired by the Eleventh Doctor costume in series 7 when picking your new reviewing outfit. But you can't deny that suits are cool

plus it would be awesome if you wore a bowtie

The Gallifreyan Historian said...

Can't help but notice the parralels to docto who the final confrontation with vice reminded be of the doctors wife and finding a new outfit is a post regeneration thing

Tantum Ergo 2 said...

A few things spring to my mind.

First, I love the new outfit; especially the vest. I don't think there is a piece of clothing that can make a man look more awesome than a vest, except, of course, for glasses, but you've got those already.

Secondly, I have to admit, I sympathize with Jack Kirby here. As much success as 2001 may have achieved, and as good as the film may be, the fact remains that we really know an awful lot about human beings, and very little about aliens and mysterious, black, domino-y monoliths. It's natural to be more curious about that, even when most of the movie is about something completely different.

Third, I have to say that I'm starting to see some changes in Nimue. Now that she's "back to normal," I can totally understand her anger with Vyce. After all, he pretty much tried to take her inner mind apart, piece by piece, and kill her friends with her "body," which is about as personal, and about as horrible a thing as any one person can possibly do to another, even in theory. Yet, in spite of Nimue's words to Vyce about how cruel he is, it's undeniable that Nimue's desire for him to feel fear is cruelty as well. Is she a hypocrite now? This kind of contradiction probably won't drive her insane on its own, like it would a computer like Hal, but it could be a sign that she's not quite as benevolent as she's seemed in the past; even in the absence of Vyce's tampering. If I were writing the character, this is the direction I would take her; not because I want her to be evil, but because there's enough clues there, that it seems reasonable to expect it.

However, as much as Nimue's words to Vyce got me thinking about her, it actually got me thinking about Vyce even more. Up to now, I've basically viewed him as what Captain Ahab would be if he was an inter-dimensional warlord; willing to justify any horrible, barbaric deed, if only he can get just a little bit closer to that whale. However, when Nimue mentioned Vyce's ego, it suddenly dawned on me; what if Vyce isn't like that at all? After all, correlation does not imply causation. What if I've gotten his motives backwards?

In short, what if Vyce wasn't using his barbaric conduct as a mere means to hunt the entity, but rather, was using the entity as a mere means to justify his barbaric conduct? Is he merely using the entity as an excuse to misbehave?

If so, this might explain why he's been so slow to accept its death. It's not as though there's no evidence of the death of the entity, which would be available to a computerized brain. There's plenty of evidence that he's wrong about this. What if he's simply rejected the entity's death out of hand, not because he believes it's impossible, but because if it were true, he would no longer have any excuse for the way he behaves, and worse; would have to face the fact that all of his past crimes were committed for no greater purpose? Again, I hope you plan to take a direction like this one, because if so, there could be new dimensions to Vyce, that would still be worth exploring.

Excellent episode, and it's nice to see the gunslinger reform as well. I had a feeling he would.

Allan Olley said...

Well I finally catch up with the show (I've been watching the episodes one at a time for almost a year now) and its your fifth anniversary, also I just saw Brows Held High review of Zardoz so I got that reference nice synchroncity for me (ie lucky coincidence)...

I like your new costume as others have noted the change scene was very Doctor Who post-regeneration outfit assemblage and the outfit itself seems like it might have taken something from there (of course there are a lot of strange outfits in genre fiction). The tie and button vest ensemble reminds me of your fellow reviewer Suede's outfit a little (but it may just be because I just watched the Pokemon movie reviews a few days ago).

Like Adam Graham above I'm a bit worried by Linkara becoming proactive, I mean one of the lessons of these reviews is the dangers of that line of thinking. Also I don't think Linkara has been sitting around waiting for things to happen, I thought the an element of the Vyce arc was that Linkara was trying to gauge his enemy and take proactive steps in his defeat and while it did not work Linkara was trying to uncover and find ways to deal with the Entity. I guess we will learn more as it develops.

I enjoyed the story section and the longer arc, nice and tense and some good moments for most people. I think I suspected it was Vyce screwing with Nimue, it certainly seemed natural enough to me. I'm not the techno babble quite adds up (seems like corrupted files would be exactly what Linkara, Pollo, Nimue et al. would have searched for in previous diagnostics), but I can see ways around my quibbles so I will chock it up to the nuances of multi-modal reflection sorting.

Anonymous said...

The Alternate Halloween Ending is Lord Vyce singing that he is "Still Alive".

Unknown said...

Well, time to explain my thoughts on this storyline as a whole.

First off, it was a very good one, though not the best (the best in my opinion is "A Piece Of The World Is Missing"). The building up is good, with all the red herrings and that. And I certainly love that joke at the end with Allen.

The major flaw with this story is that, in my opinion, while you were extremely good with dropping red herrings (though I was half expecting that, even if the King of Worms wasn't the cause of Nimue's insanity, he will be the antagonist for the next storyline since that's too good of a villain to not use), you didn't seem to drop any sort of hints on what was causing Nimue to go crazy. The thing is, with a mystery like this, you have to show clues. Yes, toss in some red herrings to throw the viewers' attention away, but underneath that should be the true puzzle pieces and the audiences, as much as the characters, should be able to complete it. By making us think we were given pieces when we were holding fishes the whole time is not a good sign, especially for a mystery. After all, the most powerful thing about mysteries is, when looking back, we can say to ourselves 'Oh, so THIS is how it connects with the others' or 'Oh, so THAT was a clue all along'. By having a mystery storyline where all the clues are in 'His Blue Soul' storyline makes it a bit of a waste on connecting the pieces.

But then, there might be something I missed. After all, I don't see everything, even with the help of guides. And like I said, it's a very good storyline.

Fusionater said...

XD, your solution to a lot of issues seems to be, "I need new clothing!!!"

:p If we find out that your new suit is actually the Venom Symbiote I would be so thrilled. :D

That said...not sure how I feel about the new outfit yet, I'll give it a few reviews, seems to...over the top, I think I'll absolutely love it for storyline stuff, but I think the issue will come when you're sitting on the couch in that suit, or cutting away from the comic for a joke(it could interfere with the body language, but that may not happen), the former could be fixed if you have a new location for reviewing in the works(do you?0, as for the latter, in the years I've watched your show, I've learned to put quite a bit of faith into your ability to not be stupid, if there's a problem, you'll find a way out of it. :D

Loved the end of this storyline as well...but damn, when we see vyce again...It's gonna be a challenge to make him interesting again if he is to be a main villain, you've covered a lot of bases with him.

As for the current Storyline, I can't wait, looks like Linkara's in for a treat. :D
You know, a villain I've always wanted to see your character face is someone who could outmaneuver Linkara, I'd love to see how the character would respond to someone like that. :D

As for this comic...looks like crap, Don't think I'll be reading this one.

Waezi2 said...

Like the new costume.

Shada67 said...

Awesome episode, and wonderful ending to the story. Glad you could reboot Nimue, and the Secondary Bridge is great!

Question about Lord Vyce's current status though...

If he's in possessing a Shade, and the Shades are all powered directly from Comicron-One; can't you shut off the power feeding him, or track the power feed or something similar?

Just something that occurred to me, re-watching the episode.

Here's to the next five years!

Yuoaman said...

Everything about the comic concerning Beast-Killer's story is just so wrong it hurts.

My best guess for why the comic had an alien structure on an asteroid was that there was a theory, that was disproven later, that the asteroid belt was the remains of a planet destroyed in some manner - this would also tie in with the asteroid being "between Mars and Jupiter."

On the story front of the episode: I really liked Jaeris in this one, some good lines and I like how the comradery between him and Linkara is growing. I also like the new outfit, though I hope you don't wear the duster all the time like you did the old coat, it seems that you could almost become lost in it when sitting down - but I do love the vest and tie, really stylish.

Also I think it would be pretty rad if you had some sort of memorial to the old outfit set up, like Batman had for past Robins in the Batcave or something. They were five good years and I'll miss the outfit.

Tobias van Penname said...

Lord Vyce somehow managed to get scarier than the entity. Unlike the outer god he gets up every frikin' time. o_O

TheWerebunny said...

YES! Reference to Arthurian legend-Nimue! I've been waiting for an outright comment on it since she was first named! =^-^=

DriveByPost said...

Will the end of Lord Vyce come about when once you join forces with Lady Vyrtue?

With all the robots, spaceships, extra-dimensional beings, and magic you have finally shown something that completely destroys my suspension of disbelief... a government agent that listens to a simple request.

Anonymous said...

The singer has joined my court deep beneath the Earth. His sweet voice and sweeter screams echo through the chambers of my palace.