Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Longbox of the Damned: Terror, Inc.

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Gabriel Godinho said...

Your censor bars missed some of the nudity on the panel at 2:33, Linkara.

Anonymous said...


Movie-Brat said...

Didn't I tell you to stop giving me cool titles that I want to explore? XD

Just, hot damn this also sounds like my kind of Horror story. I'm there!

Unknown said...

I think this would really work well in a modern setting since he has the help, Could imagine him sorting through parts at a morgue lol..

but then again it might not because it may take away from the suspense of the parts beginning to weaken or decay. Especially in a important point in the story such as a battle.

Anonymous said...

I loved Terror Inc. because of the journey the main character went through.

When he loses the arm, he is deeply concerned that he has literally has lost the only good part of himself. At the conclusion, he finds peace in the knowledge that it was that the arm's owner taught him that was important, not the arm itself.

I like to think that his powers forced the savage barbarian to have empathy, as he took on the memories of those whose bodies he assimilated.

There was a beautiful scene in Vol. 2 where Terror recounts to Mrs. Primo how, during the black plague, he took a contract from a dying Countess. The woman's husband, the Count, discovered that she had the plague and unsuccessfully tried to kill her by slitting her throat, taking their children and fleeing.

The Countess survived, and contacted Terror for his unique services: He was to ensure the safety of her children and kill the Count, and the last thing he must see is her face.

Terror takes her head, assimilating her memories and tracked down the children to a church where plague victims were quarantined. The Count abandoned them when he realized they were sick. Terror recounted: "I had her memories. They were my children. I sat there and held them till the end."

The story has a happy ending though, as he tore the Count's scrotum off the next day.

Unknown said...

Moarte: "(Censored beep)ing hell, my children!!"

Okay... did something happen, Moarte?

As for the comic:

The comic has a pretty interesting premise but I have to ask if Terror ever did come in danger of losing all of his original pieces (which I assume would mean that he loses his powers). Just wondering out loud.