Monday, October 14, 2013

The Thing from Another World: Climate of Fear #3-4

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Keep watching the skies... because they're a lot more entertaining than this story.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, nice twist. Making us think we were going to have a comedic “Previously On” Segment (I miss those), but then the file corrupting. Nice set up for this!

The Medical Lady is dumb!
“He can’t be a Monster! I talked to him!”
Wasn’t the entire point of The Thing that since it could take the shape of everyone and may not be aware of it, hence putting that area of paranoia. If Verbal skills are all you need to prove you’re not The Thing, it would have been a MUCH shorter movie.

Although, with the forest burning, this could just as well be a Sequel to; “Just A Spark”.
And when he punches the Tree; you could have made a “I AM A (HU)MAN!” Joke!

Raptor Dude is the Thing? Didn’t see that coming from a Year ago!

This Comic DID have potential, but like you said, its stupidity is what brings it down.

Although…When Nimue yells Liar…we can now tell that it’s not about Linkara, it’s probably about the King of Worms. Wonder what shall happen.

Nice Review though, Linkara.
Looking forward to seeing more from you! ;3

Locuas said...

i have commented this before, but some of the attitude taken by the argentinians can be related to the istuation of argneitna at the time, with the dicatorship and all. Depending of Agapito's political stance, his distrust of the americans is justifiable, since they had taken advantage of Argentina at the time. AND this might have been during, or after, the "Guerra de malvinas" with Argentina fighting britain for the "islas malvinas", and that the united states supported britain other words...the ss Buffalo in the coast of "Tierra del fuego" has VERY bad implications...

Shanethefilmmaker said...

I always thought R.J. Stood for Rotten Jerk. Fits Mac perfectly.

Literate Dead said...

Hate to point out the obvious, but did you forget to put credits in this episode, or are they missing for a reason?

That said... URGH. When I was a little kid, we had a comic store in town (yeah, that was a -long- time ago). They used to have a poster featuring the cover of one of the Thing From Another World comics. I -loved- it, and wanted to read it so badly... But I wasn't even allowed to watch the movie yet (well, I mean, I was seven), so I couldn't even flip through any of the issues. I like to think that it wouldn't have mattered to me, but having grown up to adore the movie... yeah, I can't stand this sort of half-assed followup.

The 'Thing in the jungle' story concept reminds me of something I read about when Tremors 2 came out. They originally planned to do a sequel set in a large city. However, they realized early on that the Graboids were pretty much limited to desert areas, as the fact that one had been killed by a cement wall kept it from anywhere with lots of underground barriers; and that the creatures wouldn't survive five minutes in a paved city.

The Thing comics are kind of in the opposite territory; they prove that doing a sequel in a populated area is stupid because the creature has already won by merit of being in a populated area! The story pretty much has to ignore or hand-wave a massive plot hole in order to continue on. The Thing from the movie? Yeah, that creature would be riding a monkey to the city in a minute if it ended up at the jungle camp. Screw MacReady, it's off to Disneyland!

That said, the covers (for the most part) are still neat, and if there were posters of them out there, I'd totally hunt them down.

Also ...wait, you mean Marlon Brando -wasn't- an alien?!

Lizard-Man said...

I can't seem to find any information on this eternal vows junk. Not even wikipedia or comicvine or the official Thing Wiki has a page devoted to it. Either its too obscure or its too horrible to be recognized by anyone.

Help me out here dude, what the hell is this, for lack of a better term, Thing?

Also, I was waiting for you to use that "You gotta be @#$%ing kidding" scene. Interesting scene by the way, as Palmer is no doubt the thing at this point as well. So he betrayed the little head thing to throw suspicion off himself. Never thought of that until SFdebris' review.

Anonymous said...

It's funny in Kongmic (Hong Kong Comic) fanbase there's a phrase that roughly translate into 'level up by cutting off your arm'. It refers to a character who got his/her arm cut off, but through some other event becomes more powerful or more awesome.

Guess Acepedo just got leveled up by cutting off his arm.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you on this one, this is a terrible comic.

Well I've heard guys dig crazy chicks, maybe the opposite is true too.

Oh no she's been infected by Daemon, she's going to restrict McCreedy's access to the Net! I hope somebody gets that joke.

Logic, what is this logic of which you speak?

Were you playing the National Anthem during Agapito's speech? I know wonder what the Argentinan National Anthem sounds like.

Huh I just realized, Mac is an Immortal. Its the only explanation for him surviving everything. His knowledge of things is still unexplainable.

I also realized that with you in space, we don't have to worry about whether you and Moarte live in the same place or not.

Schuyler Kreitz said...

Another great video filled with so much stupid. Why would the Childs monster keep his hands on the only weapon that could kill it? What would have happened if it tripped in the jungle or somehow the tanks became damaged. The Aliens quote seemed very appropriate considering the back cover. Any chance you’ll ever be covering the any of the Aliens stuff from Dark Horse?

Also the title card you just can’t do that to a person. I had just taken a sip of water and almost sprayed my monitor from cracking up laughing.

Anonymous said...

With all of these Thing sequels, it wouldn't surprise me if the Thing ends up in the future a' la Jason X.

Then again, Thing 2099 might be an interesting premise...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

So, my guess for a scientific justification for why The Thing can't infect plants is fairly straightforward: animal life have cell membranes which are more flexible, as opposed to the rigid cell walls that plants have.

My guess is that The Thing is not able to infect plant cells without causing enough structural damage to the cell walls to maintain structural stability.

Adam said...

Wait, there is more Thing From Another World comics? Ah crap!

Well, at least these last two issues had some high points like the thing figuring a way around the blood test. But there were certain moments in the books that felt like they belonged in the realm of a cheesy 80s action movie with sci-fi elements.

Great job, Lewis. Best of luck trying to beat the King of Worms.

BTW. I noticed in a past episode that you had Tom Servo in a display case. Is that a working model? If so, I almost want to have Kevin Murphy reprise his iconic role to handle the bad comic reviewing duties. Maybe have him fill in for the last issues of Marville.

ackbarfan5556 said...

"Gentleman, prepare the giant fly swatters and a can of Raid!" LOL

Anonymous said...

"Are you afraid?"
As with all Elder Scrolls players, yes; I get very afraid when someone called "The King of Worms" is near. Though Linkara vs. Mannimarco will be an interesting bout to say the least.

Valter Ă–stberg said...

Yay! A new AT4W! Ahhh. Life is good.

Anonymous said...

With so many Thing series, would it surprise anyone if the Thing hitched a ride with Jason Vorhees to the future?

Then again, how interesting would the premise of "Thing 2099" be?

Anonymous said...

12:00- My God! Viale has summoned Lord Inglip!

Anonymous said...

Agapito is badass!

Dmitri Vigil said...

Maybe the Thing can't become plant life, because plant cells are the only one to have cell walls and central vacuole. That being said this mini-series doesn't have any logic to begin with.

Cannon said...

I think I have figured it out, the one pulling the strings is Vyce. I mean, think about it, he's a being pure data now, and though he cannot transfer is consciousness as of yet, he may have found a way to control others, like say, a certain computer that has control over his former ship, thus allowing him an easy way in.

Anonymous said...

what is the song used at the title card?

Doresh said...

It's a good thing that cliffhanger from issue 2 didn't turn out to be completely pointless <_<

And this mini-series could've done so much more if the Thing would have absorb plants. Just imagine the whole forest being assimilated by the thing, allowing it to turn into a deadly, alien landscape in the blink of an eye. Grass that turns into razor-sharp teeth/claws, trees that become strange tentacle horrors... Junji Itou would have a field day with this idea.

Sure, this would basically doom the whole world, but that's why it was not allowed to leave the Antarctica at all costs.

Oh, and awesome use of the Attack on Titan score ^_^

Doresh said...

I just love how the giant spider Thing has three eyes. Remind me of the cute and fuzzy version from the old comic ^_^

FS said...

Oh god. The doctor's name is Sabia....the spanish word for wise...Toss the thing a dictionary, the irony ought to kill it faster than any flame.

The Jovian said...

Well whoever anonymous is, s/he sure is persistent. We have yet another glitchy comment that's guaranteed to give someone eye strain but since I'm already near sighted I might as well keep reposting his/her comments without the static.

This time it appears to be a poorly written poem.

"There must be some way out of here
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There's too much confusion here
Mmm I can't get no relief"

"How does it feel
To treat me like you do
When you've laid laid your hands upon me
And told me who you are"

"I see a ship in the harbor
I can and shall obey
But if it wasn't for your misfortunes
I'd be a heavenly person today"

"Time is so short and I am sure
There must be something more
I think I might be a ghost
I think I might be a ghost"

"King of Worms didn’t go to hell but he lives so close
King of Worms didn't go to hell but he lives so close
I think I might be a ghost
I think I might be a ghost"

What do you guys think about this, am I wasting my time converting binary into text and clearing away static effects because I definitely think this isn't real as I've said several times before.

FugueforFrog said...

Not sure how the heck the Thing started to mutate into things that seemed more silly than horrifying. Seeing Childs as that "ape...thing" was just weird...and the final "Thing" really felt like it went back to the "three eyed thing" from the first "Who Goes There?" treatment we got your Thing from. Agapito was awesome though...and MacCready's still nuts. And really: just put Agapito, stupid woman and jungle squirrel together and you may have a franchise!

As for the story: something tells me trying to shut down Nimue isn't going to solve the problem. Even if you do that, you still have to find the worm within the AI, and even then it could be so well hidden that it probably would just be normal programming hiding it's infection. Good luck with that though.

BTW: I never thought we'd get an "Attack on Titan" reference using the "cute Thing"...

Anonymous said...

Double take: setting fire to a man with a flame-thrower (and a tank full of flame-thrower fuel on his back) in a room full of people.

Nathan said...

"You are being too logical." I smell a new meme...then again so is everyone else.

Always figured the screens aboard Comicron-1 looked similar to the symbol for XANA from Code Lyoko. Nimue looks to be going in that same direction...just crazier.

So...more Thing next year...hope Thing vs Vikings is included.

John Barry said...

Def. another great review Linkara. OH and the whole, the friend zone is a real place thing: Clearly you have not seen the Regular show episode Meteor Moves:,

On another note, Yeah Nimue is starting to get scary.

Anonymous said...

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Gabriel Godinho said...

Personally, I think that the Thing's motivations are those of a parasite, to survive and reproduce at the expanse of the host.

Considering how smart Dr.Viale is she would be a perfect character for the 2011 film, along with Dr. Deseado.

Anonymous said...

Say Linkara just a heads up, I'd tell you on twitter but I don't have an account. In Pokemon X do NOT save the game if you are outside of a building in Lumiose City (the Paris copy) the game could very well freeze according to several players

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, why did the Thing rig MacReady's blood test? If MacReady hadn't run away he would have been burned as a normal human corpse and then everyone would know that the test was faked, casting suspiscions on the Thing.

Anonymous said...

Huh, I didnt know you read/watched Attack on titan. It would be good review fodder for Longbox, if not this year than the next

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I pretty much agree with your review--there were some interesting story elements, like the idea of the Thing actually using the blood test to its own advantage, and of course the badass Argentinian guy...but the thing that ruined it for me was Childs turning into a weird Rambo-ape thing and running around with two flamethrowers. Yeah, as far as I'm concerned, when in freaky-alien mode, the Thing should NOT talk or act like a manic loon. What makes it such an effective creature is how inhuman and inscrutable it is. It going 'Yes, I infected you, bwa ha ha ha!' not only goes against that, but is also unintentionally hilarious.

Also, I'll just say it--I liked the 2011 Thing prequel.

Anyway, I'd also suggest perhaps in the future you do some of the older Aliens comics. Seriously, those are some fanfic-level crap from what I've seen. Either recycling the plot of Aliens (Weyland-Yutani up to no good, Aliens escape, Marines shoot stuff, blargh), or coming up with nonsense like multicolored xenomorphs or Ridley's ancestor fighting one in the fifties. Yeah. I can guarantee you'll have plenty to work with.

I will say, going back to this comic, that people 'acting dumb' in situations like this isn't a big a problem for me; I mean, anyone wouldn't be that rational in something as stressful and weird as that. Unless it's something positively moronic, I'm not too worked up with characters being rash or confused in things like this. But...'You are too logical!' also just cracked me up and had it go over the deep end for me. Because of course thinking like a gibbering loon is the best state of mind for such a situation?

Arianne Wingard said...

I got a feeling that only in reviews We're going to get the funny moments.
From the moment Nimue had a redeyes take warning moment awhile back I was afraid for what's to come and of her current state of mind. I wonder where are the others?. I also wonder if the Worm King hails from exactly if isn't hell? Tartarus ? Yggdrasil roots? Hel?. Oh, yeah couldn't they end the comic better than this ?.

David Dauz said...

Is it just me, or is the editing the slightest bit tighter in this review? I feel like some little thing is different because I seem to laugh at the quicker one-liner riffs even more than usual. (Or maybe I secretly find squirrels hilarious.)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the whole month, I MUST know what the music for the title card is. It reminds me a lot of Protomen, which I love.

47ness said...

Can't help but think Viale was put in the comic mostly as eye candy; it kinda nudges the Thing franchise away from its roots towards generic teen slasher (among other reasons pointed out in the review). The not!romantic end panel was great though. :)

Anonymous said...

The comic: ...huh.

Your arc: What is she up to?

Fiery Little One

Julie Paulson said...

I am really curious as to how much of Nimue's babbling is important and how much is just her going crazy.

Fusionater said...

Love that last line with the King..this can only mean 1 thing...Linkara's next big enemy is none other than....Elvis Presley!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Days after I mention Shingeki no Kyojin, that's the opening song. Okay, now I'm mentioning Haiyore Nyarko.

You know, by the point where the Thing (at least one of it) had escaped into the jungle I would have officially declared the mission a failure and ordered the entire place and everything within one hundred miles bombed to ash.

Think about it. The moment any of it got into the jungle, it could infect literally anything and clearly gains the physical attributes of those things (if it didn't have them already). So it would have had roughly two days to run as far away from the bases as possible, and would probably know that the best place to find groups of humans would be by following the river. Unless the entire area is firebombed away we're looking at the entire destruction of humanity from that. All this 'we have to carefully test everyone and hunt the alien down' logic stops working once they left the antarctic.

Anonymous said...

No, Linkara, the friend zone does exist as can be contested to millions of guys who experience it. It is a form of unrequited love. One person (usually a guy) has feelings for another (usually a girl) and the desired does not want nothing to do with him, but does not want their relationship to be anything beyond platonic. In other words, you can have strong feelings of attraction to people who do not feel the same way about you.

For some reason, acknowledging the existence of the friend zone is sexist. I disagree. The sexism (or wrongness) only comes in with the attitude with dealing with it. If one interprets the friend zone to mean the other person actually owes the other to have a change of heart and reciprocate those feelings romantically, you could not be more wrong. Relationships do not work that way; you have to consider the feelings of the other person. Someone who is friendzoned should man up and take control over those feelings instead of being the source of unwanted attention and a potentially toxic relationship.
I should also note someone who is repeatedly friendzoned probably has a terrible approach to dating.

Sol137 said...

King is a liar. Jester. Imposter sits on my throne, hmmm.

Dracomax said...

Referencing the storyline:Out of curiosity, why didn't you take the opportunity to quote the 10th doctor? It's a perfect place for the old "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

I know you like 7 more, but still...

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Nimue's babbling and all, did anyone ever figure out that code that Linkara showed us a while back?

Shanethefilmmaker said...

I did figure out why Childs-thing was doing that stupid flame thrower stunt. While it does draw attention to himself yes, he is firing in the air so that when chasing them he doesn't burn himself trying to burn them. At the same time he is emptying the flamethrower eliminating all chance of them fighting back if one of them manages to somehow get it from him.

Djiinnrae said...

You sound kind of like an embittered husband talking about his wife when you said "I'm having a little trouble with my computer."

Anyway... no. No, I still can't get over the fact that MacReady didn't die at the end of the comic before the last one. You just don't survive getting soaked and falling asleep in that Antarctic weather. There's suspension of disbelief and then there's just stretching it. I'm sorry, but you just can't write a convincing survival horror story in a setting when you have no concept of how easy (or not) it is to die in that setting (unless it's a story that is scary because it's an unknown place, which is obviously not the case here).

I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure the terror within the thought that if the Thing got to a more biologically inhabited environment the world is SCREWED went right over the writer's head.

It's also disheartening knowing how rich the source material was with intelligent writing and portrayals while comparing it to this comic. I mean, the best thing the writer could come up with for why the Thing didn't take over plants is basically "LOL, IDK. It's probably not important." I already have a plot fix for that (it could be that the Thing works like Cordyceps and maybe can only attack flesh; then again, perhaps the Thing is plant-like, as it is in the film "The Thing from Another World," it could be some sort of ethical taboo.) and it didn't take very long. I know, generally speaking exposition isn't very "scary," but that type of exposition can really add to stories that rely heavily on science (though the comic deviated from that long ago).

I wish the Thing did infect plants; this comic would take a turn from "lol, an action-packed triumph of human will" to "The Thing infected a blossoming plant while walking; pollen happened. The heroes F'd up. They F'd up so bad by leaving Antarctica." As it is we have, what? We have a version of the Thing that is more interested in being dramatic and going oogie-boogie-boo at the humans than going out and accomplishing something.

What if the Thing is just an apathetic space monster that's dodging responsibility and just sort of infects people sometimes.

Uff da... anyway, I'm really excited to see how this situation goes down with NIMUE. I feel so SAD for NIMUE; I can't imagine how much this must hurt a computer!

Ming said...

Nice twist. Instead of the usual fake previously on recap, we have a file corrupting screen.

Childs turning out to be a Thing . . . Yeah, people saw that one coming a long time ago.

My God, this is an unnecessary and dumb sequel. Most of the characters are idiots (even some of the Things), McReady keeps surviving the most fatal situations, and the series just ends. And there are other Thing comics coming this way . . .

Suddenly, because of the ending, the possibility of the King of Worms
possessing Nimue becomes more and more certain.

So, when you run out of The Thing comics, what bad horror comics are you going to go after next?

Anonymous said...

Just a note to say that I really love the moment where you say, "I'm sorry" to Nimue. Some of your best acting, just because it's so subtle and yet so sincere.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine that animals are preferred to plants because they are sapient and I would imagine that being a key component to whatever they want to do.

But I like your Marville theory more =D

And I have to say: I'm continually impressed with your storylines. I can tell that a lot of thought was put into them on top of the heavy production schedule you have. Keep up the good work there.

Cat C said...

Damn the artwork on people in this sucked. During a review I'm never overly distracted by bad art since I see crap weirdly anyway but this stuff kept making me go 'what in the hell?'

There are more?

Yikes and a half.


ellindsey said...

Those were F-14s dropping that napalm. F-14s can't drop bombs, they're interceptors, for air-to-air use only. Ok, I know that pointing out factual errors in a comic like this is pointless, but sloppy little things like that still bother me.