Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Longbox of the Damned: Hack/Slash Omnibus vol. 2

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Kaze Koichi said...

I think this part about rock'n'roll concert was written by Batman.

Unknown said...

1. Did I just see drugs being sold involving characters from Archie?? lol

2. Girl had a crazy mom..

3. I guess Vald(sp)has been friend zoned because she's awfully comfortable walking around in the room with him, with just a low cut tank top & short shorts. Like its nothing(I think thats what they are I mean they might have been panties).

4. As for the Lesbian cult, That one caught me by surprise.

5 Did he just revive her mom in a more attractive form?? Cause if he did thats funny. lol

When it's all said in done that was a fun review Moarte.

LucasChad said...

If they ever get around to make that Hack/Slash movie like the cover of the first volume promised, fans will be eagerly awaiting the return of Jeffrey Combs as Herbert West.

Movie-Brat said...

This story still screams me. I mean hell, Cassie seems to be a kick ass character.

Really, I got to get my hands on these books.

Anonymous said...

They have a crossover with the Re-Animator?
And that Archie parody seems fun

Which reminds me
If you want an Archie horror comic, you might want to check "Afterlife With Archie" which came out this month

It's the first Archie title that's not rated foe all ages, and in a way it's a wonderfully sick joke

It opens with Jugghead's dog being run over by a car
Jugghead then brings the bloody remains to Sabrina (the teenage witch), who brings him back as a zombie
Jugghead is then bitten, and infected with the zombie plague, and everything goes down hill for the town of Riverdale from there onward

It's a delightfully gruesome and sickening tale

Frost said...

Hack/Slash is great and the 5 omnibus-volumes collects the entire run. It's clear that the author loves horror movies in general and especialy slasher movies and have a good grasp on balancing cheese and serious moments. While the first was a collection of miniseries and one-shots, this volume begins the ongoing series. Strongly recomended.

Any chance of highlighting Tim Seeleys second creator owned series Revival?

David Herbert said...

A shame the series has ended. Also, I agree with Frost, Revival is a good series, you should check it out.